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Essendon Bombers

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NameType#DOBAgeHeightWeightGmDraftSOORecruited from
Kaine BaldwinFwd-Tall-Key2630 May, 200221 y 267 d193 cm97 kg82020 PreSAGlenelg
Nick BryanRuck-Tall2422 Oct, 200122 y 122 d203 cm101 kg142019 Nat #38VICOakleigh Chargers
Nate Caddy30 193 cm91 kg2023 nat #10VICNorthern Knights
Jye CaldwellMid-Med628 Sep, 200023 y 146 d183 cm83 kg552018 Nat #11VICBendigo Pioneers
Nikolas CoxUtil-Tall1315 Jan, 200222 y 37 d200 cm94 kg312020 Nat #8VICNorthern Knights
Alwyn DaveyFwd-Med-Gen2915 May, 198439 y 282 d173 cm72 kg1002006 Nat #36SASouth Adelaide
Jayden DaveyFwd-Med-Gen3626 Feb, 200419 y 360 d180 cm79 kg2022 F/S #54NTPalmerston
Alwyn Davey jnr3326 Feb, 200419 y 360 d181 cm77 kg10N/AVICOakleigh Chargers
Sam DraperRuck-Tall228 Sep, 199825 y 146 d205 cm105 kg572016 Roo #1SASouth Adelaide
Sam DurhamMid-Med229 Jul, 200122 y 227 d185 cm84 kg492021 Oth #9VICRichmond VFL
Xavier DuursmaUtil-Med287 Jul, 200023 y 229 d186 cm82 kg762018 Nat #18VICGippsland Power
Todd GoldsteinRuck-Tall171 Jul, 198835 y 235 d201 cm101 kg3152006 Nat #37VICOakleigh Chargers
Jade GreshamFwd-Smal-Gen1124 Aug, 199726 y 181 d177 cm81 kg1382015 Nat #18VICNorthern Knights
Matt GuelfiMid-Med3514 Aug, 199726 y 191 d184 cm82 kg942017 Nat #76WAClaremont
Lewis HayesDef-Tall-Key1817 Dec, 200419 y 66 d199 cm84 kg2022 Nat #25VICEastern Ranges
Dyson HeppellUtil-Med2114 May, 199231 y 283 d189 cm86 kg2372010 Nat #8VICGippsland Power
Nick HindDef-Med-Gen1919 Aug, 199429 y 186 d180 cm78 kg802018 Nat #54VICEssendon VFL
Ben HobbsFwd-Med-Gen816 Sep, 200320 y 158 d183 cm80 kg352021 Nat #13VICGWV Rebels
Jaiden Hunter49 196 cm93 kg2023 Mid #8WAPerth
Harrison JonesFwd-Tall-Key2325 Feb, 200122 y 361 d196 cm88 kg312019 Nat #30VICCalder Cannons
Jake KellyDef-Tall-Key2921 Jan, 199529 y 31 d190 cm90 kg1482015 RooVICOakleigh Chargers
Kyle LangfordUtil-Tall41 Dec, 199627 y 82 d192 cm88 kg1322014 Nat #17VICNorthern Knights
Jayden LaverdeFwd-Med-Gen1512 Apr, 199627 y 315 d193 cm92 kg1122014 Nat #20VICWestern Jets
Alastair LordDef-Med-Gen2826 Nov, 200320 y 87 d181 cm75 kg12021 Nat #46SANorwood
Luamon Lual34 181 cm70 kg2023 nat #39VICGWV Rebels
Nicholas MartinMid-Tall373 Apr, 200122 y 324 d192 cm86 kg442021 PreWASubiaco
Cian McBrideDef-Tall-Key4119 Apr, 200122 y 308 d197 cm90 kg2019 OthINTCounty Meath (Ireland)
Anthony McDonald-TipungwutiFwd-Smal-Gen4322 Apr, 199330 y 305 d171 cm78 kg1352016 RooNTGippsland Power
Andrew McGrathMid-Smal12 Jun, 199825 y 264 d180 cm83 kg1362016 Nat #1VICSandringham Dragons
Ben McKayDef-Tall-Key3224 Dec, 199726 y 59 d202 cm104 kg712015 Nat #21VICGippsland Power
Jye MenzieFwd-Med-Gen4728 Oct, 200221 y 116 d180 cm84 kg232022 Oth #15SANorth Hobart
Zach MerrettMid-Smal73 Oct, 199528 y 141 d179 cm83 kg2082013 Nat #26VICSandringham Dragons
Rhett MontgomerieDef-Tall-Key3810 Jun, 200023 y 256 d190 cm86 kg2022 Roo #4SA
Anthony MunkaraFwd-Med-Gen453 Oct, 200419 y 141 d186 cm77 kg2022 OthNT
Darcy ParishMid-Med325 Jul, 199726 y 211 d180 cm81 kg1522015 Nat #5VICGeelong Falcons
Archie PerkinsFwd-Med-Gen1626 Mar, 200221 y 332 d188 cm85 kg612020 Nat #9VICSandringham Dragons
Andrew PhillipsRuck-Tall343 Jul, 199132 y 233 d201 cm101 kg822012 Roo #97TASClarence
Mason RedmanFwd-Med-Gen2726 Aug, 199726 y 179 d187 cm87 kg1052015 Nat #30SAGlenelg
Zach ReidDef-Tall-Key312 Mar, 200221 y 356 d202 cm90 kg82020 Nat #10VICGippsland Power
Jordan RidleyDef-Tall-Gen1420 Oct, 199825 y 124 d195 cm94 kg852016 Nat #22VICOakleigh Chargers
Archie Roberts38 184 cm77 kg2023 nat #54VICSandringham Rovers
Will SetterfieldMid-Tall125 Feb, 199826 y 16 d192 cm87 kg672016 Nat #5NSWSandringham Dragons
Dylan ShielMid-Med99 Mar, 199330 y 349 d182 cm84 kg2122011 OthVICEdithvale-Aspinvale
Will SnellingMid-Smal116 Aug, 199726 y 199 d175 cm79 kg672019 Oth #7SAWest Adelaide
James StewartDef-Tall-Key174 Mar, 199429 y 354 d199 cm99 kg782012 Nat #27VICSandringham Dragons
Jake StringerFwd-Tall-Key2525 Apr, 199429 y 302 d192 cm92 kg1902012 Nat #5VICBendigo Pioneers
Elijah TsatasMid-Med518 Oct, 200419 y 126 d187 cm80 kg42022 Nat #5VICOakleigh Chargers
Vigo Visentini39 203 cm97 kg2023 roo #8VICSandringham Dragons
Patrick VossUtil-Tall3929 Jun, 200320 y 237 d194 cm93 kg2021 Roo #11NSWOakleigh Chargers
Tex WanganeenFwd-Smal-Gen4010 Oct, 200320 y 134 d179 cm78 kg52021 PreSASturt
Sam WeidemanFwd-Tall-Key1026 Jun, 199726 y 240 d197 cm99 kg752015 Nat #9VICEastern Ranges
Peter WrightFwd-Tall-Key208 Sep, 199627 y 166 d203 cm102 kg1192014 Nat #8VICCalder Cannons

Average age of the senior list: 25 years and 131 day/s from 47 senior players.
Average age of the entire list including rookies: 25 years and 131 day/s from 47 players.

Next Game - Round 1
12.45pm AEST Mar 16, MCG: at home to Hawthorn.
Fantasy preview

Fwd: Forward. Mid: Midfielder. Def: Defender. Smal: Small. Med: Medium. Gen: General.
Nat: National draft. Roo: Rookie draft. Pre: Preseason draft. Mid: Midseason draft. Oth: Other draft.
F/S: Father/son selection (in national draft).