Essendon Bombers

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NameType#DOBAgeHeightWeightGmSOORecruited from
Cody BrandDef-Tall-Key3823 May, 200220 y 6 d195 cm84 kgVICCalder Cannons
Nick BryanRuck-Tall2422 Oct, 200120 y 219 d202 cm87 kg4VICOakleigh Chargers
Jye CaldwellUtil-Med628 Sep, 200021 y 243 d183 cm82 kg23VICBendigo Pioneers
Nikolas CoxUtil-Tall1315 Jan, 200220 y 134 d199 cm82 kg25VICNorthern Knights
Tom CutlerUtil-Tall1220 Feb, 199527 y 98 d192 cm92 kg93VICOakleigh Chargers
Sam DraperRuck-Tall228 Sep, 199823 y 243 d203 cm107 kg31SASouth Adelaide
Aaron FrancisUtil-Tall1010 Aug, 199724 y 292 d192 cm90 kg56SAWest Adelaide
Matt GuelfiMid-Med3514 Aug, 199724 y 288 d184 cm85 kg70WAClaremont
Brayden HamMid-Med3325 Apr, 199923 y 34 d181 cm70 kg38VICGeelong Falcons
Dyson HeppellMid-Med2114 May, 199230 y 15 d189 cm84 kg203VICGippsland Power
Nick HindDef-Med-Gen1919 Aug, 199427 y 283 d180 cm71 kg52VICEssendon VFL
Ben HobbsMid-Med816 Sep, 200318 y 255 d183 cm79 kg6VICGWV Rebels
Michael HurleyDef-Tall-Key181 Jun, 199031 y 362 d192 cm94 kg195VICNorthern Knights
Harrison JonesFwd-Tall-Key2325 Feb, 200121 y 93 d194 cm75 kg16VICCalder Cannons
Jake KellyDef-Med-Key2921 Jan, 199527 y 128 d190 cm89 kg119VICOakleigh Chargers
Kyle LangfordFwd-Tall-Gen41 Dec, 199625 y 179 d191 cm87 kg101VICNorthern Knights
Jayden LaverdeFwd-Med-Gen1512 Apr, 199626 y 47 d191 cm91 kg81VICWestern Jets
Alastair LordDef-Med-Gen2826 Nov, 200318 y 184 d181 cm75 kg1SANorwood
Nicholas MartinFwd-Tall-Gen374 Mar, 200121 y 86 d190 cm86 kg9WASubiaco
Garrett McDonaghMid-Med19 Jun, 199625 y 344 d183 cm81 kgVICRichmond VFL
Anthony McDonald-TipungwutiFwd-Smal-Gen4322 Apr, 199329 y 37 d171 cm77 kg128NTGippsland Power
Andrew McGrathMid-Smal12 Jun, 199823 y 361 d178 cm83 kg105VICSandringham Dragons
Zach MerrettMid-Smal73 Oct, 199526 y 238 d180 cm83 kg174VICSandringham Dragons
Darcy ParishMid-Med325 Jul, 199724 y 308 d181 cm77 kg128VICGeelong Falcons
Archie PerkinsMid-Med1626 Mar, 200220 y 64 d185 cm87 kg30VICSandringham Dragons
Andrew PhillipsRuck-Tall343 Jul, 199130 y 330 d201 cm98 kg55TASClarence
Mason RedmanFwd-Med-Gen2726 Aug, 199724 y 276 d187 cm87 kg72SAGlenelg
Zach ReidDef-Tall-Key312 Mar, 200220 y 88 d202 cm82 kg5VICGippsland Power
Jordan RidleyDef-Tall-Gen1420 Oct, 199823 y 221 d192 cm91 kg56VICOakleigh Chargers
Dylan ShielMid-Med99 Mar, 199329 y 81 d182 cm83 kg190NSWEdithvale-Aspinvale
Devon SmithMid-Smal520 May, 199329 y 9 d174 cm77 kg180VICGeelong Falcons
Will SnellingMid-Smal116 Aug, 199724 y 296 d175 cm70 kg45SAWest Adelaide
James StewartFwd-Tall-Key174 Mar, 199428 y 86 d199 cm96 kg75VICSandringham Dragons
Jake StringerFwd-Tall-Key2525 Apr, 199428 y 34 d192 cm95 kg162VICBendigo Pioneers
Tex WanganeenFwd-Smal-Gen4010 Oct, 200318 y 231 d179 cm78 kg4SASturt
Peter WrightFwd-Tall-Key208 Sep, 199625 y 263 d203 cm103 kg97VICCalder Cannons
Brandon Zerk-ThatcherDef-Tall-Key3025 Aug, 199823 y 277 d195 cm86 kg21SASturt
Rookie Kaine BaldwinFwd-Tall-Key2630 May, 200219 y 364 d193 cm89 kg4SAGlenelg
Rookie Sam DurhamMid-Med229 Jul, 200120 y 324 d185 cm75 kg15VICRichmond VFL
Rookie Tom HirdMid-Med4928 Mar, 200121 y 62 d182 cm70 kgVICAjax FC
Rookie Cian McBrideDef-Tall-Key4119 Apr, 200121 y 40 d195 cm84 kgN/ACounty Meath (Ireland)
Rookie Patrick VossUtil-Tall29 Jun, 200318 y 334 d194 cm84 kgVICOakleigh Chargers
Rookie Alec WatermanMid-Med4519 Aug, 199625 y 283 d183 cm89 kg20WAClaremont

Average age of the senior list: 21 years and 80 day/s from 43 senior players.
Average age of the entire list including rookies: 24 years and 70 day/s from 43 players.

Last Game - Round 10
May 21, MCG: Richmond 11.14.80 defeated Essendon 7.6.48.
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Next Game - Round 11
4.40pm AEST May 29, Adelaide: away to Pt Adelaide.
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