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Match Report: 15.13.103 2016 - Essendon 15.13.103 defeated Carlton 10.19.79

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Essendon Player Reports

Zach Merrett
Racked up 14 of his touches in Q2 as the Dons surged... 34 disposals and 4 marks with 3 tackles... helped out by 3FF. Head to head with Gibbs.

Sore David Zaharakis
Right knee knock in Q1 when White fell into his kneecap... 22 touches and 6 marks plus 3 tackles. Leading the inside midfield.

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
Three goals in a massive Q3... 10 disposals and 3 marks with 3 tackles... 4.0 as well. Starting on a HFF.

Brendon Goddard
Tagged by Kerridge... 24 possessions and 5 marks plus 6 tackles. Roaming everywhere as usual.

Andrew Phillips
Starting forward on Dea with stints in ruck
Phillips contributed with 7 touches, 2 marks, 3 tackles and 12 hit outs.

Kyle Langford
Starting forward on Weitering
Langford contributed with 14 disposals, 9 marks, 5 tackles and kicked 3.2.

Jayden Laverde
Starting forward on White
Laverde contributed with 10 possessions, 7 marks and 1.2.

Courtenay Dempsey
Starting at half forward
Dempsey contributed with 13 disposals, 6 grabs and 1.1.

Craig Bird
Doing jobs in midfield
Bird contributed with 22 possessions, 5 grabs, 5 tackles and 0.1 on the scoreboard.

Martin Gleeson
Coming off halfback
Gleeson contributed with 16 possessions, 4 marks and 3 tackles.

Darcy Parish
Playing in midfield
Parish contributed with 23 possessions, 5 grabs and 8 tackles.

Matt Dea
Playing in defence
Dea contributed with 27 disposals, 10 marks and 2 tackles.

James Kelly
Loose at halfback
Kelly contributed with 22 disposals, 8 marks and 5 tackles.

Jackson Merrett
Starting in a FP
Merrett added 17 possessions and 5 marks.

Nick Kommer
Starting in a FP
Kommer contributed with 9 possessions, 3 marks, 2 tackles and kicked 0.1.

Jake Long
Playing midfield
Long added 10 disposals and 4 marks.

Matthew Leuenberger
First ruck
Leuenberger contributed with 15 touches, 3 marks, 18 taps and managed 0.1.

Patrick Ambrose
Has Jones
Ambrose added 12 disposals and 4 marks.

Carlton Player Reports

Dennis Armfield
First goal... 2.0 from 10 possessions. Starting on a HFF.

Simon White
Starting in defence on Laverde
White contributed with 15 touches, 5 grabs and 2 tackles.

Kade Simpson
Loose at halfback as usual
Simpson contributed with 35 disposals, 7 marks and 3 tackles.

Patrick Cripps
Playing inside midfield
Cripps contributed with 32 possessions, 4 marks and 8 tackles.

Sam Docherty
Playing small defender
Docherty contributed with 26 possessions, 8 marks and 1.0 on the scoreboard.

Nick Graham
Starting in midfield
Graham contributed with 20 possessions, 5 marks and 0.3 on the scoreboard.

Jacob Weitering
Langford is his man
Weitering added 17 disposals and 3 grabs.

Sam Kerridge
Tagged by Kerridge
Kerridge contributed with 17 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles and kicked 1.3.

Jack Silvagni
Playing a HFF role
Silvagni contributed with 8 disposals, 3 marks, 7 tackles and 0.2.

Liam Sumner
Playing a FP role
Sumner contributed with 9 disposals, 2 tackles and 0.1 on the scoreboard.

Lachlan Plowman
Standing McKernan
Plowman added 12 disposals and 3 grabs.

Dale Thomas
Coming off a wing
Thomas contributed with 15 touches, 4 marks and 3 tackles.

Matthew Wright
Coming off a wing
Wright contributed with 20 possessions, 7 grabs, 2 tackles and booted 3.2.

David Cuningham
Rotating forward
Cuningham contributed with 13 possessions, 3 grabs and 2 tackles.

Matthew Kreuzer
First ruck
Kreuzer contributed with 10 touches, 4 grabs, 3 tackles, 15 ruck taps and kicked 1.1.

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