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AFL Tribunal Carryover Points & Loading

This page lists all the AFL players who have carryover points and/or loading percentages as part of the tribunal process.

AFL Tribunal Carryover Points
Player Team  Carryover Points  Expiry round  Loading Last Offence

The first table lists all the AFL players who have carryover points. These demerit points are the total left over after a player is suspended. They take one AFL year to expire - an "AFL year" is the time it takes for the same round to come again in the next AFL season, so that points from an offence in round 7 of 2009 don't expire until round 7 of 2010. If the points have not expired and a new offence is committed, the points are added to the points for the new offence.

Similarly, loading refers to a percentage that affects demerit points for future offences. As the regulations state: "A player will receive a 10% loading for an offence for each match that he has been suspended in the previous three AFL years. The maximum weighting a player can receive for offences in the past three AFL years will be capped at 50%."

The second table lists all the AFL players who have loading from suspensions over the last three AFL years as part of the tribunal process, but do not have carryover points.

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AFL Tribunal Loading
Player Team  Expiry round & year  Loading Last Offence