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Chat log from R23 of 2017: Richmond vs St Kilda

Chat log for Richmond vs St Kilda, R23 of 2017

Ben_Gogos: Dunstan receives the muppet after a hopeless miss from 15 on the slight angle.
JButcher: Cmon Sainters do the job
AngryRyno: 2 posters for Dunstan early, sheesh
MattyZ: Jacob townsend going from a hack in and under mid to a super dangerous forward pocket is basically richmond this year
teachrtony: @Butch-you mob better off with the home final imo
Ben_Gogos: Fair summation @MattyZ
SilverLion: If Martin outscores merrett I swaer to god
SilverLion: ***swear
SilverLion: Please stop Martin ;-;
JButcher: Martin stop, stop, stop, stop, stop
Lewysport: Opp got him as C silver?
SilverLion: Nope, I just don’t have him. Merrett vs Martin, Nank vs. Savage for my GF
JButcher: @teachrtony, I’d rather the double chance
SilverLion: Damn Geary injured, wrong defender :/
teachrtony: With the bye week, the double chance is not as important. Home ground and crowd more valuable I think.
teachrtony: Mind you, showdown final is an exciting prospect.
SilverLion: Townsend averaging 4.5 goals a game this season currently. Superstar.
Wends: Oppt has Dusty C + Roberton. My brain literal recreation of The Hangover casino scene.
Lewysport: He’d be averaging 6 wouldn’t he silver?
Haydo: so happy being a tigers supporter lately 🙂
dipstick: youre a burn man roberton ya fack and ye canner get facked for all time
Wends: Hey nice of Begbie from Trainspotting to join us lol
SilverLion: At the very second, that’s true Lewy 😛
daniel87: come on saints make the sick comeback send roo off in style
Wends: My SC 1928 w Martin, Nank, Billings, Jacobs v Oppts Dusty(C), Roberton, Sloane, G-wood. Who wins??
Haydo: if u want his average it’s 9 goals divided by 1 and a half games which is 6 per game at the moment
Raspel31: Good work Haydo-and not a great score Wends
Wends: Oppt. 1785, have to assume oppt has trade up sleeve for G-wood.
Raspel31: Scores that low in a final Wends-I’m 2300 already with 2 to go and knocked out last week.
Lewysport: If Roberton goes under 50 you a chance Wends.
poolboybob: Can probably just go ahead and give Dusty the star now
TheOnyas: onya rooey
Wends: Below par – courtesy Bont, Hibb, Rocky, Heeney, Shaw. We both have Laird to go too.
Wends: Big call @lewy, he can easily go bang!
circle52: I want Roberton to get at least 70 = At the moment unless he lifts will lose 5/7 DT Finals.
SilverLion: Switch Martins and Robertons scores CD. Cmonnnn
Raspel31: Good luck regardless Wends
Lewysport: Didn’t l put he if in capitals?lol
SilverLion: Why Nank’s SC so low compared to DT?
Lewysport: Yeah good luck Wends, l need Basher to go bang!
StuL: Nank getting raped by CD. Winning hit outs and getting 0 because his team mate doesn’t take it away cleanly.
dipstick: @wends ayyy, just chewin on me tongue coz im rrrright rrrrroyaly pissed with burrrrrnman rrrrrrroberton
circle52: 55% D/e and 5 clamgers not helping Nank in SC
poolboybob: Pretty sure I will start with Billings in my forward line next year
Lewysport: I need bachar, butler, greenwood, Sloane and m.crouch to score 438 to win all 5, chances?
dipstick: youre a dirty weed roberton with ryan 105 and newman 81 on my bench. ya fack
SilverLion: @Lewy Greenwoods out, unless late in will be tough
LMartos: greenwood ain’t playing
Raspel31: Good chance-even with Butler.
Fizzy343: considering greenwood isnt playing lol
Raspel31: Whoops-Greenwood out?
Wends: Thanks all. Sorry for the group therapy-never a good idea drinking coffee on GF sunday arve. And lol dipstick!
LMartos: rested
Wends: Apparently Greenwood flew over as E though.
Lewysport: Oh crap!
Wends: But not a late in-game just started.
LMartos: Nankervis getting 4 points for an intercept mark — kick i50, absolute joke, CD have something against him
pcaman2003: Claiming victory in my GF. 3rd Final victory in 5 years. Very Happy with that.
SilverLion: Gratz pca! Still looking for my first ever, go Nank!!!
pcaman2003: Good luck SilverLion.
SilverLion: If Nank outscores Savage, Martin would need 140+ for me to lose. Gunna be so close
feralmong: bruce a bs free
Wends: Good luck @Silver
dipstick: knock yourself out roberton. i dont even want your points you goose
LMartos: Nank won’t outscore Savage, could have 200 touches but only get 4 points for it
LMartos: just got nothing for a tackle, I rest my case
SilverLion: Thanks guys. Sounds bout right Martos
TheOnyas: onya griggy
amigaman: I was sucked in with Roberton 🙁
daniel87: cmon saints keep going
Gotigres: Me too amigaman. Thankfully opponent has him as well.
amigaman: He is single handedly trying to lose me both my GF’s
BigChief: Glad I never picked Robertson.
mardyb: nank getting SC torched FML
Wends: Billings playing a role today??
BigChief: 57% DE and 6 clangers @mardyb.
Ben_Gogos: Riewoldt the champ!
LMartos: @BigChief 3 tackles, 7 disposals, 5 effective, like 3 marks, 1 intercept mark and like 3 HTA for 30 this quarter
circle52: ne too angiman costing me 5/7 DT Finals
daniel87: yes saints go
LMartos: only 1 clanger this quarter which was a free against, and 35 DT to compare
Wends: Yep, Roo nice goal Ben
Wends: Tiges starting the bye early 😮
amigaman: Ah, corrected now
Jukes82: surely roberton gets the mare!
amigaman: Back another 3, what the hell!
Wends: Alot of people benefitting from hanging onto Steele til the last.
Pantsman: Give Roberton the symbol that indicates he’s a useless turd.
AngryRyno: Dunstan Martin combo needs to finish strong
amigaman: Agree Pantsman
SilverLion: Martin is flowering killing me
Wends: If you were in the Tigers cheers squad, wldnt you start a ‘Dusty!! Ahaaaahhah!” chant to Thunderstruck?
amigaman: Roberton – When you score less than half of Brown, you know you are crap
wadaramus: Junk it up Dusty.
SilverLion: I’ve lost. Martin flower you
pcaman2003: Thank you Roberton for helping me win today.
aussie59: Dusty only got 138 for 35 possies at 77 along with 2 goals
pcaman2003: My opponent would be cursing Roberton,Gawn and Beams
pcaman2003: Oh! and the Bont too. lol!
aussie59: lol bloody bont got me knocked outta grand final last week..Grrrrr
aussie59: lost by 4 points
tommy10: Never again Roberton u useless turd
pcaman2003: Damn unlucky aussie59. I won the first final by 1 point so very lucky.
aussie59: tommy10.. im with you. i got a few on my NEVER AGAIN!!! list
Wends: Hardwick time to pull Dusty from the field…
tommy10: Dusty on the other hand 😎
hinsch: SC opponent has Roberton and Sloane, looks like Sloane needs 320 for me to lose, well done Robbo
aussie59: yeh, it no worries now but….if only pac
amigaman: Haha Kennedy spudding it up now!
pcaman2003: @SilverLion. Commiserations!.
LMartos: I could steal a game in my created league because of Roberton
LMartos: did Channel 7 carry on this much about Hodge, Boyd and Murphy on Friday, this has been a bit excessive about Riewoldt
AngryRyno: where has Ross gone?
SilverLion: I need scaling up the wazoo. Losing by 2 points at the second…
Wends: Listening to ABC LMartos, much less painful. But saw they did make a fuss Fri, but not abt Boyd 🙁
SilverLion: This is going to be the cruelest finish to my SC season. Losing by a single figure margin.
SilverLion: Currently an EXACT draw OMG
pcaman2003: SilverLion. Fingers crossed for ya mate.
Wends: Ouch @silver… hold out for scaling though; u never know with CD.
Lewysport: Butler gets 7 points for mark kick and goal
Wends: Stupid channel 7 – let Roo spend last minutes on field w his team mates. Ridiculous.

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