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Chat log from R23 of 2017: Essendon vs Fremantle

Chat log for Essendon vs Fremantle, R23 of 2017

SilverLion: my hopes of a first ever SC grand final win lie largely in the hands of young Zac today.
cusch1: Hooker out for Hocking
amigaman: What score do you need?
SilverLion: I really don’t know amigaman. I have Zac+Nank, oppos has Dusty+Savage. I’m 2 points ahead atm
amigaman: Gonna be close
DazBurg: @silverlion i’m in same boat with zerrett+nank but i’m 26 ahead of his slaone + rance
DazBurg: sloane*
SilverLion: Hopefully Zach has a day out for us DazBurg!
DazBurg: fingers crossed, first ever cash league i have joined, i have better players on paper but they decided not to turn up
poolboybob: Freo to lose by 100 again
Wends: Afternoon all, need merrett to go large, ryan to stay down. Bombers by 120.
StuL: Game over. Zerrett will do it for my opp
Wends: Who do you have left @Stu?
StuL: Sloane, Yeo, nank.
StuL: Nank needs to do something.
Wends: SC or DT? If it’s SC, you never know, SC scoring lottery, after all…
Wends: Fyfe might need SC cape by 1/4 time 😮
Hadouken: lol what was that 50 metre penalty for? super soft
StuL: SC. Giving up too soon prob.
BigChief: 50m was for Heppell encroaching protected area. Correct call.
Ladbrokes_: Stewie, Ryan and Neale. Mint.
Wends: Yep, Merrett DE leaves a bit to be desired so far…
Hadouken: ok thanks
SilverLion: Solid start Zac.
Haydo: of course i benched ryan to get harbrows score, face palm
Hadouken: im cooked in dt anyway. 180 he has crouch and billings. bring on ’18
Jukes82: Ryan you cunt! Even time you’re on my bench you ton up fml
LMartos: Ryan and Withers on the bench for Lloyd and Shaw yay!!!
man0005: Thanks Captain Ryan. Keep it up
Haydo: u put him as captain man0005?????
amigaman: Gotta love that Zac!
TheOnyas: onya zachy
SilverLion: Zac you legend
Wends: No way @man!
StuL: Flower off merret. Was between you beams and Zorko and guess what I did?
Wends: Goddamn it Zac, you could have done this last bloody week!!
frenzy: give sHocking a lil horse to ride the rest of his last game
Wends: Ryan and Withers mid price options in ’18?
LMartos: Sicily D3/4 next yer at like 350k
frenzy: lock em in Wends
Haydo: yeah lmartos, sounds good
Wends: I’m scared frenzy… still traumatised from this year’s dud mid pricer choices.
Haydo: walters should be around 400k next year so if hes playing mid hes in my team
frenzy: Graham from the tigers aswell, wends
Wends: Thought this would be a slaughter; dockers staying with them so far.
NewFreoFan: closer than the boxing is going to be
frenzy: the rookies were abit thin this year Wends, so we needed mid pricers
SilverLion: Fantastic qtr Merrett. Don’t fall away in the second half please 🙂
Wends: Will you be going down midpricer track next season Frenzy?
cusch1: Freo are attacking the centre corridor today. Last 2 weeks, have gone down the wings. Working well for them
cusch1: In saying that, Bombers are on top, just wasting opportunities
LMartos: Realistically, how many people would field Ryan after 32 and 60 in his last 2
teachrtony: Not me LMartos, played Shitenberg over him.
teachrtony: Most of my oppos loopholed Witherden for him.
Wends: Had to in RDT due to Hurley @LMartos, but lost both prelims so no matter…
teachrtony: Fyfe killing me
LMartos: Didn’t have the chance to loophole, had 8 playing defenders + loophole player played same time as Witherden/Lloyd
amigaman: SuperZac
BOMBRBLITZ: Zerrett superstar!
billnats: how Fyfe’s score is anywhere near Merrett is beyond me
BigChief: 11 CP and 4 tackles
Lewysport: Afternoon all, need Merrett and neale to beat Fyfe and Roberton, so far so good!
teachrtony: @billnats, contested possies and tackles
feralmong: agree billnats, handballs, 4 fa, 4 clangers.
feralmong: but sc scores for getting the ball too.
SilverLion: Amigaman, signs are good so far you would say hey?
feralmong: SC needs more value for goals kicked and defensive actions.
Wends: Zerrett on track for 140+ at this rate
amigaman: Gotta love him SilverLion
feralmong: its a game of how many midfielders can i get in FWD and DEF.
billnats: There is such a thing as cheap contested disposals (quick fire handballs) and superb outside possessions (clutch goals
billnats: Zerrett and Fyfe polarised games today
teachrtony: I think the bottom line is Champion Data play SC as well lol
StuL: Who the hell kicks four goals from midfield these days? Kick another 4 Zerrett you flog!
SilverLion: @StuL Beams did last week.
AngryRyno: Zerrett late run for the coleman?
Wends: Could Pops Kelly and Watson produce GF tonnes??
StuL: Which must have papered over the cracks because I got Beams. Z would be avg without the goals. only 6 CPs
Ladbrokes_: Merrett doesnt usually get a lot of contested
Lewysport: Having flashbacks to sydney And Brisbane games!
LMartos: this is tense as, Freo almost cooked
Wends: How’s your fingernail situation @Lewy??
Lewysport: Don’t stop now Zac ffs!
LMartos: way too many Freo players went up there
Haydo: how do you think us richmond fans feel lewysport
SilverLion: Please finish the job Merrett
Lewysport: Got me mittens on Wends!
NewFreoFan: I hope we don’t win to be honest, be good to see the bombers in the finals again
Wends: lol, that’s quite the visual 🙂
LMartos: bombers still make finals if they lose and wc lose
Lewysport: I’m trying not to Haydo, we’re you born pre 1980.
Raspel31: Bravo-NewFreo-fine words.
NewFreoFan: yeah but i wanna make sure WCE don’t even have a look 😉
Wends: Stewart about 50 SC for that
Lewysport: Ulterior motive Freofan, l like it!
poolboybob: Blue moon Baguley
Haydo: nah, but it’s bad enough now being a richmond fan anyway l@lewysport
thommoae: Amazing to see all the love for the Bombers at present.
thommoae: Not so long ago they were the peptide takers and everyone hated ’em.
BigChief: Baguley got 110 last week poolboybob.
Haydo: yeah, now everyone hates GWS thommoae
M0rgs: @thommoae bombers suck!
teachrtony: They took their whack and then some. Amazing resurgance admired by all.
Lewysport: No blame on players thommoae, fans united around them.
thommoae: M0rgs thou woundeth with thy words. Bad cess to thee.
Wends: Blue moon for Bellchambers too?
thommoae: .. and when did we take over from the Pies?

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