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Chat log from R23 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Gold Coast, R23 of 2017

duckky: Yeah HArbrow – play well this week why don’t you!
AngryRyno: Ryder to go big against Brooksby
man0005: Brooksby to go big against Ryder
Gotigres: SC gone back to round 1 teams.
Bulky: Get involved Miller you spud!
AngryRyno: spotted that @Tigres, hopeless!
Gotigres: Ryder spudding it up. Hopeful he can still reach 100sc.
original: ryder please get to 200sc
BigChief: You are dreaming original.
boo!: cmon swallow boner
original: hehe the big chief
original: big chief he is getting his act into gear!
LMartos: Wines 61% TOG? strange
Bulky: Miller epitomises how dreadful a team GC are. Doesn’t want it enough. Afraid he might get hurt.
pcaman2003: Damn SC website stuffed. IT muppets haven’t fixed it yet
pcaman2003: Why have u stopped Paddy?
teachrtony: Back up now Pcaman
LMartos: was on the bench for 6-7 minutes
Gotigres: What are you doing Robbie Gray. Done nothing since 15min mark of 1st quarter
pcaman2003: Suns are pathetic.
BigChief: Ryder might get 130 original, so if he is your C then you will get your 200
original: lol
LMartos: Gray finally off the field
original: gee its not a mark as soon as two hands touch the ball. shouldnt have been called a mark
The39Steps: Gees, there’s a lot of SC coach pts up for grabs!
circle52: Suns have not scored since quarter time.
Lewysport: C’mon Ken, rest up paddy for the finals now.
LMartos: The Ryder — Gray connection is so elite
JButcher: Yes Toddy!!!
original: i know ebert has a few clangers but his sc is lookin low..
Haydo: time to loop harbrow, finally a week were he has done something
Haydo: should i loop him with ryan or rance
The39Steps: This is the worst capitulation ever. They should sack the coach – again.
AngryRyno: bench Ryan @Haydo
poolboybob: Give every GC player a potato. This side is wretched.
Bulky: When Port can beat you by 100+ points you know you are a terrible football team.
J.Worrall: spuds all round
JButcher: Cmon Sainters do the job tomorrow
Costanza: GC merge with Roos and go to Tassie ffs
The39Steps: Tony C stuffed Supercars. He’s also going to kill the Suns.

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