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Chat log from R23 of 2017: Geelong vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Geelong vs Western Sydney, R23 of 2017

Gotigres: Couldn’t risk loopholing Shaw out and Witherden in, in case Laird or Roberton don’t play.
StuL: It could be one of those crazy night. Buddy 184, danger 200!
pcaman2003: C’mon Kelly.
StuL: Come on scooter. Go big
Lewysport: Why wouldn’t Laird play gotigres, you know something?
circle52: I benched Scooter to get Witherdens 104 Could have been a bad move. haha
Raspel31: Indeed Lewy-same question.
pcaman2003: Parsons work rate poor. Should be in the magoos.
Pinkman: kelly yet to get a touch.traded him 5 min b4 start. boy i can pick em
StuL: Go cats!!
pcaman2003: Thanks Pinkman! You mozzin’ me?
Gotigres: Nothing that i know of @Lewy but always a small chance of being a late out.
Umpirespet: Here comes the umps
Apachecats: Thanks Pinkman ,3 opponents have him
Pinkman: sorry pcaman. been that kinda year
Pinkman: no worries Apache
Lewysport: Same apache, 3 opps have Kelly too, thanks pinkman!
Pinkman: Glad i can help so many people out. I’m now going to get drunk
Raspel31: Just find it rather pathetic you’re not drunk already Pinkman.
Haydo: kellys picking up
pcaman2003: Go Josh.keep going
Lewysport: Anything under 100 for Kelly is fine by me.
pcaman2003: Parsons looks totally clueless.Doesn’t know where ball will go.
pcaman2003: Anything way above 100 for Kelly fine by me.
StuL: Buddy’s 184 could be in trouble already. Danger loves the giants.
Haydo: i dont know why everyones saying kelly is doing badly hes on track for 140
NoneyaB: whats going on with sc its gone back to the start and saying I have 30 trades left? lol
Gotigres: SC gone back to round 1 teams.
Haydo: woah, just checked mine nonyaB same
Gotigres: Keep going Scooter.
AngryRyno: Kelly going backwards, they took the HTB tackle off him
Pinkman: yep same Noney. Just reminding me how many mistakes i made at the start
Haydo: lol not as many as me pinkman, I started with Jack Watts!
pcaman2003: Parsons you dud. Living up to expectations. lol!
Apachecats: I’ve only got 12of the 30 left in my team.
StuL: Come on scooter. Gone missing
pcaman2003: AngryRyno. I noticed the missed tackle too.
Haydo: ive only got 7 of the 30 apache
Apachecats: Selwood playing like aky rocket ,mighty launch ,lights up the sky ,dies and plummets to earth.
Apachecats: *like a sky rocket
Apachecats: He actually went up 12sc while I was posting that.
JButcher: Cmon Dunc, 110+ my man
cusch1: Is anyone else’s supercoach stuffed? Apparently its round 1 again!>!
cusch1: maybe I should have read the chat first, hahaha
circle52: @ Cusch yes been like it for last 10mins or so
Haydo: yep cusch
pcaman2003: Duncan gone very quiet last 15 mins.
amigaman: Yep, Supercoach cooked
pcaman2003: SC IT brigade run by muppets.
StuL: SC run by a newspaper son of course it’s eternal amateur hour.
Lewysport: S/C back up again.
TheOnyas: onya smithy
pcaman2003: Kelly gets +3 then score drops 2 pts. Huh?
AngryRyno: it’s called a turnover @pcaman
poolboybob: Give Stevie J the burger
poolboybob: How could Menegola not get a game at Freo?
teachrtony: Yay, Tuohy got a touch.
Thedude24: +3 in dt because dt rewards clangers. Loses points for it in sc though
LMartos: all about injuries and development @poolboy
teachrtony: Defenders have been terrible for me this round.
pcaman2003: Kelly gone very quiet.Lift!
pcaman2003: Tag Ward for me Scotty
StuL: Game over just about. Go us!
TheOnyas: onya lobby
Apachecats: Kelly stopped to a walk.Good.
Lewysport: What’s happened to Shaw this season, does Didak live in Sydney?
Apachecats: Massacre going on across the border
pcaman2003: Any chance of getting the pill Kelly? FFS!
Ladbrokes_: Kelly getting blitzed
Gotigres: Can’t imagine Stevie J getting a game in the finals.
original: heater is past it
pcaman2003: Clearly touched. Ripped off Cats.
Heater: Selwood FFS!! Pulls one out of his backside. Lost my GF…!!
Haydo: is there fanfooty for the finals series, interested to see if the same players score mamoth or what happens?
mardyb: how does shaw kick one out on the full and lose no SC points?
m0nty: yes there is Haydo
Apachecats: these 2 probably play each other again real soon
Haydo: awesome, thanks monty 🙂
LMartos: can’t wait to never see Shaw in my team ever again 🙂
Raspel31: Never say never again -too many nevers.
Gotigres: Me too LMartos
StuL: OK, should have got menegola, not flowering flag costing Beams. But as if you would

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