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Chat log from R23 of 2017: Sydney vs Carlton

Chat log for Sydney vs Carlton, R23 of 2017

Pinkman: ok having a shocker so i need around 160 from Buddy, and a cool 120 from Murph.
LMartos: great… Lamb going to Lloyd
JButcher: I need Lloyd to beat Newman
AngryRyno: carn Nick G, might be the last game make it a ripper
Wends: Just loopholed Lloyd and Withers, so hopefully Nyhuis does not get the late call up!
Pinkman: i need Lloyd to beat everybody 🙂
pcaman2003: Go Buddy,Kreuz and Murph. Big scores please to make up for Hibberd
AngryRyno: carn Buddy, Kreuz, NN, Lloyd and Doch
Pinkman: Lloyd getting it a bit for a change
original: Gee this is gunna get ugly
LMartos: Lamb might be on Rampe actually, was getting into Lloyd at the first bounce though
Wends: Yep, the loophoe option may come back to bite hard…
Pinkman: looks that way@original
pcaman2003: Watch Murphy have a shocker against Swannies.
pcaman2003: Sinclair flogging Kreuz,you’re kidding?
TheOnyas: onya jonesy
mardyb: go away murphy
pcaman2003: Pull ya finger out Kreuz. Don’t play crap this week.
SilverLion: Kreuz, Simmo, Lloyd all pods for me. Whod’ve thought Lloyd would be the best of the 3 hah
LMartos: Pickett isn’t good, was the biggest trust that he played well against us last week
AngryRyno: Pickett great to watch, will be a player
Ben_Gogos: Franklin keen to win this coleman. Going to need 8 or 9 to stand a chance.
mardyb: 13 plz
pcaman2003: Go Buddy! C’mon Kreuz get moving. Sinclair laughing at ya.
Wends: C’mon budouios! Gaargh, Lloyd! Why didn’t I take shaw off?
mardyb: flower off kreuzer
heppelitis: Lol Wends…looks like I am in the same boat as you…spewing
AngryRyno: Kreuzer vs Towers in the ruck, good news for Kreuz owners
Ben_Gogos: Swans rucks dropping like flies.
Lewysport: Put Witho on for Lloyd, was happy, he keeps this up mite slip him back on for Neale?
SilverLion: Nice quarter Kreuz
heppelitis: freos mids always go good against dons
pcaman2003: I must’ve missed something.Where is Sinclair?
Apachecats: 50 metre on Buddy wii hurt ,minus 7 sc
Lewysport: True heppelitis, Murphy law l leave him on and he gets 60,lol, Lloyd stopped.
pcaman2003: Buddy gone quiet now.
Pinkman: tinny arse swans. always get goal against run of play
Pinkman: oh yeah forgot. a r se
pcaman2003: Good one Bud!
Ladbrokes_: Gee I love lloyd and his spud scores…
pcaman2003: Kreuz 2 pts for a mark and kick to own player? WTF
TheOnyas: onya jonesy
Haydo: hey guys
pcaman2003: C’mon Murph. Gone to sleep now?
Apachecats: another promising lloyd game fizzes out to nothing
pcaman2003: Buddy!Stunning stuff!
pcaman2003: Oh yeah! Keep it coming Bud.
Wends: Sorry Hepp, just away for a bit. Atleast Lloyd slowed down a bit (hope I haven’t mozzed us now!)
Wends: What’s up Doch? 😮
Pinkman: whAat the frack. just got back on and everyone’s stopped…bar buddy. Lloyd I’ve had enough, do something man
Apachecats: Lloyd and Buddy were neck and neck at half time.I have Lloyd 2 opponents have guess who.
Pinkman: i nearly vc’d Buddy too. but went Titch. plop!
GJayBee: got cash on doherty to get twenty five possies, damn it
Apachecats: Any guess on buddy SC ,175 maybe?
Apachecats: free against for Lloyd ,proves he is still out there.
pcaman2003: My man Bud. I luv u Buddy boy.
anthsill03: win-win buddy is killing it for my SC team, and carlton just went down a spot on the ladder
Apachecats: but thats the only evidence.
Pinkman: f u Lloyd. been a nightmare all season. Noice buddy but i hate you.
Raspel31: Hmm-evening all. Out of the finals -needed this from you last week Buddy. But still in the draft .
Pinkman: feel sorry for Liam. done such a great job till now. chin up son
Apachecats: Evening Raspel ,looks like we will get Port 1st week of finals.This will get sydney 5th spot.
Raspel31: Agreed Apache-we’re looking good.
LMartos: of course my opponent had Buddy hahahaha
Pinkman: Franklin not really a good match up for him
Ben_Gogos: Buddy!
Rebuild: wow
Haydo: 10 goals for buddy!!!
Pinkman: ridiculous now
Apachecats: Was Buddy in running for the Coleman
Roksta: Pretty happy with buddy vc
Haydo: he’s one behind ben brown now apache
spudaroos: Seems Liam Jones run as an AFL quality defender is over. It was a good run.
Pinkman: 80 from Lloyd, 100 from Kreuz +Murph, and 195 from buddy i’ll be happy
anthsill03: @spud one game won’t determine the players future
Apachecats: thanks Haydo
Raspel31: Those 2 behinds gonna cost me Buddy you spud.
Ladbrokes_: @Apache buddy’s first now with 69, jjk second with 64
BigChief: Franklin leads Coleman by 5.

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