Justice for all: new Tribunal page

Just a quick note, this one.

After many requests for an update on this blog post last year detailing carryover points for the upcoming season, I have decided to pull the finger out and write the code to turn this into a permanent feature. Thus we now have a Tribunal page which will update itself throughout the season with a list of which current AFL players have carryover points and/or loading from previous suspensions.

I will do the same for the Bubble Boy and Rollercoaster features on the blog after round 3, which will save me a lot of naffing around for me in future if nothing else!

I remain open to suggestions for new features like this, which are merely summations of existing data. In particular, I still haven’t seen a good suggestion for a player comparison page. I think I mentioned that in the last housekeeping post. If anyone has any good ideas, don’t hesitate to comment and I’ll probably shoot them down in a ball of flames. No no, I mean I shall be receptive and thankful! Yes, that. 😉


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