Extreme team: Exteam launched for 2010

FanFooty’s main feature for managing your fantasy teams is ready for the new season.

Sydney Swans Intra-Club Match

Those of you who are new to FanFooty may not know all of the features we have tucked away in nooks and crannies around the site. The one thing you should know is that the Exteam feature is the most important of these, and is the one that most FanFooty users want to have to enhance their fantasy footy fix, not only on weekends but during the week. And it’s open for business for 2010!

The Exteam feature allows you to enter in the details of your fantasy team from most major and minor competitions, like AFL Dream Team, Supercoach, MyFantasyFooty, Yahoo and a host of others, which gives you easy access to a list of your players for research purposes via FanFooty’s player profiles. Most importantly, it allows you to see a page each weekend with live scoring for your team, including the possibility of seeing live head-to-head scores with anyone who also loads their team into FanFooty.

Loading your AFL Dream Team or Supercoach squad into the Exteam feature is particularly easy, as you can simply enter in the email and password from the real site and FanFooty will instantly load your team into our databases – without saving any of your login details, of course. Once you have created an Exteam you will also be able to see pages for Dream Team and Supercoach player popularity, as well as browse a list of teams whose owners have agreed to be made public by checking an option on the team list page.

There will be additional features for Dream Team and Supercoach leagues which will be added later on.


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