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Why are so many People involved in Fantasy Football these Days?

Fantasy football is a game that has been keeping people entertained for many years. Originally created to be played in tandem with American Football, it has now expanded across the globe to reach different sports and leagues.

It’s reasonable to assume that due to its massive following worldwide, the English Premier League (EPL) holds the biggest draw for the majority of fantasy football players. Yet, not everyone has an interest in soccer, sometimes preferred sports vary by country.

Just like America has the NFL, Australia itself has a version of football that is wildly popular with the Australian public. It is known as the AFL and besides people actually playing the game, it ranks highly in the viewing figures for Australians.

What is Fantasy Football?

The game of fantasy football is played amongst people based on their own personal picks as regards team selection. These days, there are many competitions to choose from depending on your personal preference.

Each entrant to the game receives a certain amount of money that can be used to buy football players to form a squad they feel capable of being the best. The players of the league are given specific price tags revolving around their level of experience or indeed, football skills.

It has been noted regarding prices that possibly poor standard players at bigger clubs can cost more than players who are their equal yet at smaller clubs. During every game, the players taking part will gain points for things that happen, such as tackles or goals, hereby claiming points for you. If you decided to pick that player!

What is AFL?

Australian Football, although looking similar, is not to be confused with rugby. Also known as Aussie Rules or simply Footy, the AFL contains 18 teams, with the league constantly improving. Each team will have 18 players on the field itself, with four on the bench.

AFL is played on an extremely large pitch. The aim of the game is to move the ball to the opposite end of the pitch and score. This can be done in a variety of ways but kicking the ball forward is the most popular method.

Punching the ball towards a teammate, known as a handball can be used, and it’s also possible to run with the ball although you must bounce it every 16 yards. There’s no offside rule which can make the game pretty entertaining. All the players are pretty tough.

There are four goalposts and by putting the ball in between the centre two, the scoring team will receive a goal, which counts for six points. By hitting a goalpost itself or putting the ball between the centre and outer goalposts earns the scoring team one point.

Give your Luck a Try

Maybe you have been betting online for some time and having no success? This may be a more relaxed way of enjoying sports for you. Sometimes betting can be quite stressful. Do you believe your knowledge of sports is better than your friends and you aren’t shy about bringing it up? 

The appeal of football to both fantasy football fans and bettors is that the unexpected can happen. And it usually does, bringing about scenes of happiness or despair. It’s impossible to predict what will happen from one week to the next.

You may feel it’s easy to pick a team that performs consistently well. But you might be surprised when you actually try it, it’s a bit more difficult than it seems. However, this is a big part of the draw that motivates people to try fantasy football.

How Big a Deal is it?

It’s hard to avoid sport, which is great for people who wish to get involved. The arrival of the internet allowed social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to give people the chance to be heard on a variety of topics. 

With sports being so popular, arguments and debates are raged on every single facet of each game. With people being unafraid to back down on the internet, many entertaining battles were had, a source of fun and amusement, sometimes cringeworthy.

Sadly, the anonymity the internet provides in some places has also led to abuse or nasty comments left online. If you are a victim of this bullying, please don’t be afraid to report it. There is no need for mental health to suffer due to this type of behaviour. 

Specialist Sites

Sites focusing specifically on fantasy football were created. Forums and tipping sites allow competitors to chat freely and exchange information, betting tips about the game, or indeed tips about how you should handle the game.

Decisions on sticking with players on your team or tough choices to discard them became an interesting topic of conversation in these chatrooms, including an ineffective player, can of course affect your score.

Choices regarding team selection can of course be made easier by the fact there is an online community willing to help each other. News of possible injuries, omissions from the squad, or poor form leading up to matchday could be vital to your decisions. 

What’s Good about Fantasy Football?

Many believe fantasy football to be a very enjoyable pastime, certainly encompassing far less risk than actually betting on the sport. While some may involve a fee being paid to enter, the majority are for entertainment purposes only.

Like other sports, to be successful you will need some luck along the way. Each player will be aiming to beat you, especially if friends are involved! The awarding of prizes may indeed spur you on.

It’s more than likely coming out on top will leave you highly satisfied personally though, as you bask in the glory of defeating all competition. The road will be difficult and you must make well-informed decisions if you wish to be successful.

All About Enjoyment

There really aren’t many negatives to playing fantasy football. If you are a fan, it makes sense to get involved. Chances are you will probably be watching the games anyway.

Sport has a way of bonding people together which can be important. It’s possible that once you like a sport as a child, it may follow you through life and these people will play a big part in your enjoyment levels of the sport.

Having fun with your mates can be important, and whether it’s simply live streaming the game on a site like LV BET at home, watching it in a bar, or arranging to see a live game, the fact you have a personal interest in the players makes it much more exciting!


The concept of fantasy football can intrigue all levels of sports fans. You don’t have to be a die-hard AFL fan to enjoy this game, and you may find it gets you to like the sport even more.

You will have to be patient and willing to stick with it, sometimes even knowledge isn’t enough and luck will play its part. Don’t be shy in joining specific sites to help in your quest to be the best. It’s always good to keep an eye on social media for any developments in the sports world.

Playing can be an interesting challenge to your claims of being a good coach. Whatever happens, make sure you have all the fun you deserve by being brave enough to immerse yourself in this tough world of making vital sports decisions.

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