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Why patience could pay when betting on AFL

The AFL is one of the most famous and best followed sporting competitions in the world. It holds its own alongside other major events, including Premier League soccer, UFC and horse racing. Thousands of spectators attend stadiums to follow the season’s biggest matches, with millions more watching the play live on TV. AFL coverage is sold internationally, with interest in the division at an all-time high.

The speed, competitiveness and drama of fixtures make it well suited to online bettors. Gamblers have their say on the outcome of the AFL season outright, as well as every upcoming fixture. The top bookies such as Bovada offer dozens of eye-catching markets on the games, including the winner, total goals and handicap. There’s something for everyone. 

The majority of bets are placed on gambling apps downloaded to Android and iOS devices, with players making their predictions before the bounce. They choose their bet, set the stake and follow the play on TV, cheering on their selections. It’s a great way to add a little extra spice to the occasion. When betting on your favourite teams, you will have two reasons to cheer, one for the team’s victory and again for the profits making their way to your balance.

There’s another way to bet on AFL, and it’s one that could increase your chances of making a profit. One that rewards patience and is best suited to footy fans with a keen eye for the game, paying close attention to the TV coverage. In-play betting is growing in popularity and, in this article, we explain how you can use it to cash in.

What is in-play betting?

When visiting your favourite betting app and clicking on the AFL tab, you’ll find a list of available betting markets. These cover outright, such as the league winner and upcoming games. The top matches will have a selection of pre-game markets attached, giving bettors options on how to use their stake. The betting moves from pre-match to in-play as soon as the first whistle has sounded or the advertised start time passes. 

With in-play betting, the best of the pre-match markets remain live throughout the duration of play. This allows you to place a bet at any stage of the contest, before the bounce, at the break or with minutes remaining of an end-to-end match. An in-play trader updates the odds to reflect the score and flow of play. If a pre-game favourite romps into an early lead, their odds will continue to tumble until it’s not worth backing them at average stakes. If the underdog starts the better of the two teams, then their odds will shift accordingly, and you’ll get a better price on the pregame favourites.

Many of the markets remain the same, but some will change with the game. For example, the first scorer will become the next scorer, the handicap lines will move in line with the scores, and the total points will be updated too. Track the match, and the in-play betting odds, then gamble on any value that catches your eye.

How to bet in-play

You can place in-play bets from the comfort of your own home when watching the match live on TV, or you can gamble using your smartphone from the stadium, sports bar or anywhere in the country. Some bookies even offer registered members a live streaming service that allows you to watch your favourite teams on your mobile or tablet. This is a fantastic feature and one that means you’ll never miss a chance to bet on and watch the team you support. With a betting app downloaded to your handset, you are always just a click away.

You can place an in-play bet just as easily as you would a pre-match bet. Log in to your betting account with your username and password, then click the in-play tab. The list will be organised by sport and start time. Find the AFL section and click the match you want to place a bet on. You’ll then see all available markets with the odds updated regularly. Find the bet you want to make and click the odds to add it to your bet slip before inputting your stake and confirming the bet. Your gamble will become live, and a cash-out value added. Try it today.

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