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New theme for FanFooty

As part of a summer cleanup on FanFooty, I have changed the WordPress theme that runs the site from Gameday to The League. The same company made both themes, and they are pretty much the default WordPress themes used for sports sites – Dream Team Talk uses it as do many other Australian fantasy blogs. The basic layout is much the same, with the particular feature of the scores slider at the top.

Of course, I have worked hard on customising The League for usage on FF, as the site has some specific use cases. The last of these will be moving the Matchcentre page across, which needs to be heavily customised to accommodate the responsive nature of that page. If you hadn’t noticed before the Matchcentre shows different placement of elements depending on the width of the page, and it is a lot of work to fine tune that to make it work on mobiles as well as super-wide desktops from a single bit of code.

Many of the coach features have been revamped to fit the new theme, which is now displayed in a wider box with no ads in the way. They are also in new folders, so the URLs will have changed so your bookmarks must also change if you use those. Enjoy!

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