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Under 18 championships statistics for 2008 AFL draftees

2008 U18 champs draftee stats

Unfortunately I can’t give you full statistics from the Under 18 championships this year. VFL stats also seem to be thin on the ground. If anyone knows of a freely available source, I’d be much obliged. At least we have some numbers to go on with from the Fantasy Freako newsletter earlier this year.

The main thing to remember about the following DT scores is that they were all accomplished in 80 minutes due to the championships having strict 20 minute quarters. Thus the scores should be considered as about 75-80% of what they would be given a similar TOG percentage in the AFL. Of course, it’s a rare first-year draftee who manages to play the same amount of minutes in the seniors as they did in the juniors!

Week 1
Hamish Hartlett: 60 including 11 touches and two goals
Lewis Johnston: 60 with four goals in the second half in only 34 minutes on ground
Aaron Cornelius: 45 with just the one goal from two grabs and 11 disposals
Nick Naitanui: 60 in 54 minutes with 20 ruck taps, six tackles and two marks
Daniel Rich: 63
Michael Walters: 84 from 20 possessions and three goals
Ranga Ediriwickrama: 100
Scott Reed: 66 with 15 touches and six grabs

Week 2
Ranga Ediriwickrama: 108 with 25 possessions and seven tackles.
Kade Klemke: 81 including six grabs and four tackles.
Scott Reed: 58
Jack Ziebell: 71 with 15 touches and five tackles
Steele Sidebottom: 66 in touching the ball 22 times but not many marks
Nick Suban: 25 from nine disposals and two tackles
Lewis Johnston: 68 including 14 touches and 10 grabs
Hamish Hartlett: 45 with only 11 touches
Matthew Broadbent: 44 doing a job on Rich
Matt DeBoer: 89 with nine marks and 22 possessions
Nick Naitanui: 77 in 56 minutes with five marks, 18 disposals and 13 taps
Daniel Rich: 77
Mitch Robinson: 79 from 21 touches
Aaron Cornelius: 67 with six marks playing the first quarter on Watts
Tom Lynch: 102 with four goals from 21 possessions and six marks
Mitch Banner: 77 from 17 disposals in 65 minutes with four tackles
Jack Watts: 57 with just the single goal from seven touches but also five tackles

Week 3
Scott Reed: 79 from 17 possessions and five marks
Kade Klemke: 68 with 20 touches and a goal
Ranga Ediriwickrama: 4 after pulling a hamstring very early
Mitch Robinson: 64 including 15 possessions
Aaron Cornelius: 34
Matt DeBoer: 83
Nicholas Naitanui: 72 with 18 hit outs, 13 touches but zero marks
Neville Jetta: 70 with 15 touches
Stephen Hill: 58
Daniel Rich: 50 with only eight disposals
Jack Ziebell: 87 from 22 possessions
Steele Sidebottom: 49
Rhys O’Keeffe: 68
Hamish Hartlett: 46
Jack Watts: 101 with five goals, seven grabs and 17 possessions
David Zaharakis: 94
Shaun McKernan: 79 including seven marks and 15 hit outs.

Week 4
Mitch Robinson: 104 with 28 disposals and six marks
Aaron Cornelius: 68 including seven marks and 14 touches.
Chris Yarran: 91 with three goals, 16 possessions and seven tackles
Michael Walters: 72 and three goals from just the 12 touches
Daniel Rich: 69 with no marks among 16 touches
Jack Ziebell: 88
Nick Suban: 85 with a lot of kicks among 19 possessions, plus five tackles and four marks
Steele Sidebottom: 72
Hamish Hartlett: 71 from 23 touches
Rhys O’Keefe: 61
Jack Watts: 60 from three quarters of game time
Jordan Lisle: 90 swinging forward for two goals from 16 disposals and five
Michael Hurley: 73 with seven marks
Sam Blease: 60 from 12 possessions
Scott Reed: 80
Kade Klemke: 71

Week 5
Hamish Hartlett: 101 from 24 touches
Lewis Johnston: 97 while booting four goals from 18 possessions and eight grabs
Scott Reed: 75
Kade Klemke: 52
Mitch Robinson: 92 with 24 disposals
Aaron Cornelius: 71 including four goals
Jack Ziebell: 59
Steele Sidebottom: 73
Clancee Pearce: 87 with 26 possessions and six marks
Nick Naitanui: 78 with 22 taps but only nine touches
Daniel Rich: 81
Mitch Banner: 124
David Zaharakis: 101
Tyrone Vickery: 97 with three goals from five grabs

Finally, the Freako published a list of the top DT scorers of the carnival, which went as follows:
Mitch Robinson 85
Jack Ziebell 76
Mitch Banner 75
Michael Walters 73
Scott Reed 72
Matt DeBoer 71
Ranga Ediriwickrama 71
David Zaharakis 70
Nick Naitanui 70
Tyrone Vickery 69
Steele Sidebottom 68
Daniel Rich 68
Luke Shuey 68
Jack Watts 67

Okay, so that’s a lot of numbers. The one that resonates with me is Walters, as it is so different to his WAFL form. With Hayden Ballantyne already pencilled in as the nominal replacement for Jeff Farmer as prime small forward, is it going to be possible for Walters to squeeze his way into the Fremantle… alright, I won’t finish that sentence, it does sound stupid. Of course he can bustle his way into the rabble that is the Dockers! I would liken it to the situation at Hawthorn this year where the presence of Cyril Rioli in the team didn’t prevent the Hawks hierarchy from playing Cameron Stokes, who is almost a carbon copy of Rioli.

Looking back over recent posts, I realised that of the draftees, Port have drafted the top two DT scorers from the SANFL in Hartlett and Broadbent, plus the top DT scorer from the TAC Cup in Banner. These three all figured prominently in reports from the championships. How much can we rely on any of these three to break into one of the best midfields in the competition, arguably second behind Geelong according to the A-B-C midfield rating method? With Hartlett recovering from shoulder reconstruction, Broadbent reportedly looking very comfortable at preseason training but Banner with as much DT potential as either of them, the Power is going to be one of the most-watched teams in the preseason by fantasy coaches.

The name at the top of the averages is also worth keeping a close eye on. I personally don’t rate the bottom of Carlton’s list all that highly, so there’s every chance that Robinson could jump the depth chart and into the starting 22 by round 1. Of course, if he does then most switched-on fantasy coaches are going to do the same, given the early announcement of teams for the Carlton/Richmond match and the uncertainty hanging over just about every other team’s selection until the 160 minutes of maelstrom begin. Just one of the things we have to deal with.

How about you lot, anything take your fancy from these numbers? Let me know in the comments.



  1. dylan

    December 11, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    i think i have figured out how port do their drafting. they come onto fanfooty or any other sites that pop up dt scores and they pick the player with the best dt that would suit there team

  2. panesar

    December 11, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    Do you think Ranga Ediriwickrama will play at all next year..?

  3. Lakey91

    December 11, 2008 at 9:49 pm

    Im actually surprised ranga took the rookie listing and didnt go for the draft. I cant see him getting much gametime next year – geelong is probably the most settled team – barring injury to a few players. From what ive seen of him though he looks to be a great pickup.

    Those numbers are causing me to tempt ziebell now!

    Port is very interesting – but i want davenport to play above them all as i think he can pull the best numbers.

    Any hope of zaharakis fitting into the essendon lineup?

  4. Chad

    December 12, 2008 at 7:15 am

    Yeh certainly a shame that range is down the highway with his fellow ranga in ling. I always keep a clsoe eye on port regardless, but i think Davenport is the best chance to get early games (hopefully).

    zaharakis is an interesting one to consider as well. All have to wait until the NAB cup starts to see where players are.

  5. Simon

    December 13, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    Zaharakis will get some game time this year as Knights is still stating that he wants to give all the kids a go. He’ll probably get a good crack at it during the pre-season comp, so I’d see how he goes there.

  6. James Rose

    December 15, 2008 at 10:06 am

    I don’t know if its because I’m a St Kilda supporter and live in sandy but Tom Lynch really excites me for supercoach in particular- very good with second efforts.

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