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Stephen Coniglio, Greater Western Sydney Midfielder
Injured Stephen Coniglio vs St Kilda, R5 of 2024Sat 13/4, 4:45PM
NEWS: Matched up on Ross... went down clutching left knee in pain in Q4 after twisting it wickedly under an Owens tackle... 20 possessions and 3 tackles plus 1.0... not helped by 4 FA. Playing midfield. 
Sam Taylor, Greater Western Sydney Back
Injured Sam Taylor vs St Kilda, R5 of 2024Sat 13/4, 4:45PM
NEWS: KOed in an accidental clash with Steele in Q1... subbed off for Peatling... 2 possessions. On King. 
Max King, St Kilda Forward
Injured Max King vs GWS, R5 of 2024Sat 13/4, 4:45PM
NEWS: Proppy after a left knee knock just before 3QT... did not return for Q4... 0.1 from 4 possessions. Up forward on Taylor then got Buckley in Q1 after Taylor was injured. 
Christian Salem, Melbourne Back
Injured Christian Salem vs Brisbane, R5 of 2024Thu 11/4, 10:30PM
NEWS: Limped off favouring right leg in Q1... subbed out with hamstring injury for Woewodin... 2 possessions. Starting at half back. 
Scott Pendlebury, Collingwood Midfielder
Injured Scott Pendlebury vs Hawthorn, R4 of 2024Sun 7/4, 8:10PM
NEWS: Copped a knee to the back of the ribs in Q2 and subbed out at HT... 6 touches and 1.0. Leading the inside midfield. 
Thomson Dow, Richmond Midfielder
Injured Thomson Dow vs St Kilda, R4 of 2024Sun 7/4, 6:20PM
NEWS: Right ankle rolled in Q1 when he stepped on the ball... restrapped but did not look right... subbed off in Q4 for McAuliffe... 11 possessions with 9 by hand... also 4 tackles. Rotating in midfield. 
Michael Frederick, Fremantle Forward
Injured Michael Frederick vs Carlton, R4 of 2024Sat 6/4, 7:20PM
NEWS: Right hamstring iced up in Q3... 0.1 from 10 touches and 4 marks. Running off a HFF. 
Elijah Hollands, Carlton Midfielder
Injured Elijah Hollands vs Fremantle, R4 of 2024Sat 6/4, 7:20PM
NEWS: Subbed off in Q3 for Owies with ice on his right thigh... 8 possessions with 7 by foot. Rotating at half forward. 
Luke Edwards, West Coast Midfielder
Injured Luke Edwards vs Sydney, R4 of 2024Sat 6/4, 4:30PM
NEWS: Subbed off in Q2 for Rawlinson with left hamstring iced... 7 touches including 5 kicks... also 2 marks and 2 tackles. Playing an outside game. 
Ryan Maric, West Coast Forward
Injured Ryan Maric vs Sydney, R4 of 2024Sat 6/4, 4:30PM
NEWS: Copped some friendly fire from behind by Darling in a marking contest in Q3... off to hospital with suspected broken ribs... 1.0 from 6 touches and 2 marks. Playing key forward on Blakey. 
Travis Boak, Port Adelaide Midfielder
Injured Travis Boak vs Essendon, R4 of 2024Fri 5/4, 11:10PM
NEWS: Matched up on Kelly... hobbled off in Q2 with a back problem and subbed off in Q3 for Burgoyne... 7 touches including 5 handballs. Playing a wing role. 
Archie Perkins, Essendon Forward
Injured Archie Perkins vs Pt Adelaide, R4 of 2024Fri 5/4, 11:10PM
NEWS: Right hamstring iced up halfway through Q4... 1.1 from 16 disposals and 2 tackles. Zoning up from a HFF to join mids. 
Lachie Neale, Brisbane Midfielder
Injured Lachie Neale vs North Melb., R4 of 2024Fri 5/4, 8:10PM
NEWS: Wardlaw tag cooled him in Q2 after a prolific Q1... subbed off in Q4 for Tunstill and had his right ankle iced up... 27 touches and 3 tackles. Playing inside midfield. 
Dylan Stephens, North Melbourne Midfielder
Injured Dylan Stephens vs Brisbane, R4 of 2024Fri 5/4, 8:10PM
NEWS: Matched up on Fletcher... subbed off in Q3 for Shiels after a big knock... 5 possessions and 4 tackles. Running on the outside. 
Nick Watson, Hawthorn Midfielder
Injured Nick Watson vs Geelong, R3 of 2024Mon 1/4, 6:20PM
NEWS: Twisted right ankle underneath himself with seconds left in Q4 and carried off... 16 touches and 6 marks plus 1.1. Rotating at half forward. 

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