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Ollie Wines, Port Adelaide Midfielder
Cold Ollie Wines vs Brisbane, QF of 2023Sat 9/9, 10:25PM
NEWS: Zero influence... 14 possessions including 11 handballs. Playing inside midfield. 
Josh Daicos, Collingwood Midfielder
Cold Josh Daicos vs Melbourne, QF of 2023Thu 7/9, 10:20PM
NEWS: Matched up on Langdon... 14 disposals including 10 kicks... also 4 marks. Starting on a wing. 
Nicholas Martin, Essendon Forward
Cold Nicholas Martin vs GWS, R23 of 2023Sat 19/8, 7:35PM
NEWS: This role is just terrible... 15 disposals. Playing a HFF role. 
Peter Wright, Essendon Forward
Cold Peter Wright vs GWS, R23 of 2023Sat 19/8, 7:35PM
NEWS: Donuts in Q1... very little supply... 4 handballs among 5 touches. Up forward on Taylor. 
Max Holmes, Geelong Midfielder
Cold Max Holmes vs Collingwood, R22 of 2023Fri 11/8, 10:50PM
NEWS: Matched up on Josh Daicos... barely sighted in first half... 13 touches and 4 marks plus 2 tackles... not helped by 4 FA. Starting on a wing. 
Jake Lever, Melbourne Back
Cold Jake Lever vs North Melb., R21 of 2023Sun 6/8, 4:10PM
NEWS: Gave up three goals to his man in Q1 and did not zone off much for the rest of the game... 4 marks and 13 possessions. Responsible for Ford. 
Todd Marshall, Port Adelaide Forward
Cold Todd Marshall vs Adelaide, R20 of 2023Sat 29/7, 10:40PM
NEWS: Ineffectual... 10 touches with 8 by foot... also 3 marks and 2 tackles. Starting at CHF on Butts. 
Caleb Daniel, Western Bulldogs Back
Cold Caleb Daniel vs GWS, R20 of 2023Sat 29/7, 4:45PM
NEWS: Where is he?... 12 touches and 2 marks. Pushing into midfield from defence and forward. 
Brody Mihocek, Collingwood Forward
Cold Brody Mihocek vs Carlton, R20 of 2023Fri 28/7, 10:50PM
NEWS: Well beaten... 8 touches including 7 kicks... also 3 marks... and kicked 0.2... not helped by 3 FA. Playing forward on Weitering. 
Bailey Humphrey, Gold Coast Midfielder
Cold Bailey Humphrey vs GWS, R19 of 2023Sun 23/7, 4:10PM
NEWS: This impossibly deep role is fantasy poison... 6 disposals. Starting in attack. 
Ollie Wines, Port Adelaide Midfielder
Cold Ollie Wines vs Collingwood, R19 of 2023Sat 22/7, 10:40PM
NEWS: Quiet early on... 13 possessions with 11 by hand... also 2 tackles. Playing inside midfield. 
Oscar Allen, West Coast Forward
Cold Oscar Allen vs Brisbane, R17 of 2023Sat 8/7, 4:45PM
NEWS: No supply early... 1.0 from 6 possessions and 4 marks plus 2 tackles. Starting forward on Payne. Allen also had 2 hit outs.
Bailey Smith, Western Bulldogs Midfielder
Cold Bailey Smith vs Collingwood, R17 of 2023Fri 7/7, 10:50PM
NEWS: Terribly out of form... 11 touches. Playing a forward role. Smith also had 3 tackles.
Jack Riewoldt, Richmond Forward
Cold Jack Riewoldt vs Brisbane, R16 of 2023Thu 29/6, 10:20PM
NEWS: Tried to play decoy but didn't get much supply anyway... 6 disposals. At FF on Riewoldt. 
Bailey Humphrey, Gold Coast Midfielder
Cold Bailey Humphrey vs Hawthorn, R15 of 2023Sun 25/6, 7:40PM
NEWS: This deep role is terrible for his stats... 13 possessions and 2 marks plus 0.2. Starting deep forward. 

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