Bastinac in best 22: North Melbourne squad for round 1, 2010

The Kangaroos have cut their squad of 28 for round 1 down to 25, including 2009 draftee Ryan Bastinac.

North Melbourne Kangaroos Intra-Club Match

FB: Gavin Urquhart, Scott D. Thompson, Brady Rawlings
HB: Michael Firrito, Lachlan Hansen, Scott McMahon
C: Ryan Bastinac, Jack Ziebell, Sam Wright
HF: Daniel Wells, Todd Goldstein, Brent Harvey
FF: Leigh Harding, David Hale, Ben Warren
Fol: Hamish McIntosh, Liam Anthony, Andrew Swallow
Int: (from) Lindsay Thomas, Leigh Adams, Ben Ross, Nathan Grima
Corey Jones, Robbie Tarrant, Matt Campbell

Differences from round 1 projection:

In: Adams, Urquhart, Ross, Tarrant
Out: Aaron Edwards

Tarrant over both Edwards and Smith is interesting.


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