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2014 cheat sheet

Bridge suspense: Giants v Swans R1 team projections

Giants v Swans R1 team projections

The Battles of the Bridge could be more even this year as the Giants improve.

Western Sydney
FB: Josh Hunt, Phil Davis, Nick Haynes
HB: Heath Shaw, Jonathan Giles, Curtly Hampton
C: Will Hoskin-Elliott, Callan Ward, Lachlan Whitfield
HF: Dylan Addison, Jeremy Cameron, Devon Smith
FF: Jed Lamb, Jonathon Patton, Adam Tomlinson
Fol: Shane Mumford, Adam Treloar, Toby Greene
Int: Stephen Coniglio, Rhys Palmer, Tomas Bugg, Dylan Shiel
Emg: Adam Kennedy, Stephen Gilham, Josh Kelly

Injured: Tim Mohr, Sam Schulz

It’s actually hard to fit in some good players to the Giants 22 at the moment. They are struggling a bit for tall backs with Mohr injured and Gilham just not good enough, so I think they will cover with the slightly undersized Haynes, and continue with the experiment of Giles as a tall defender where he looked quite decent in the Saints game.

The additions of Hunt and Shaw to the backline alongside Hampton also means the likes of Bugg and Kennedy may have to survive in midfield if they play at all. Bugg showed against the Saints that he can play midfield, but I think Kennedy might be the odd man out here.

Lamb is one who could easily miss round 1 and his spot be taken by Kelly, Liam Sumner or Zac Williams. I haven’t picked Tom Scully because although he’s not on the injury list, he has had an interrupted preseason so I’m tipping they will start him in the reserves.

FB: Dane Rampe, Heath Grundy, Nick Smith
HB: Jarrad McVeigh, Ted Richards, Nick Malceski
C: Daniel Hannebery, Ryan O’Keefe, Lewis Jetta
HF: Ben McGlynn, Lance Franklin, Tom Mitchell
FF: Craig Bird, Samuel Reid, Gary Rohan
Fol: Mike Pyke, Josh P. Kennedy, Kieren Jack
Int: Rhyce Shaw, Luke Parker, Brandon Jack, Lewis Roberts-Thomson
Emg: Tom Derickx, Jeremy Laidler, Harry Cunningham

Injured: Adam Goodes, Kurt Tippett

The Swans hierarchy could go either way on the second ruck between LRT and Derickx who would be planned to end up with the red vest, as they could with the bloke wearing the green vest who could be either B. Jack or Cunningham. I don’t think it’s as close between Rampe and Laidler for that third tall back spot. Otherwise, this is a settled, senior, serious side as befits a top four contender. Crimmins knows how they will fit Goodes and Tippett into this side – perhaps the same way they fit them under the salary cap? 😉

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jackwatt$

    March 6, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    Very true they might bring in a new rule that Sydney sides can have 23 or 24 players on match day because Sydney has the largest population in Australia. Seems fair, right??? Lol

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