Matt asks in a comment on the last…

Matt asks in a comment on the last article:

Hi m0nty.
Thanks for the excellent article. It is so hard to get someone who knows the AFL fantasy scene as it is changing all the time. I run my own small league and have being doing it myself for a few years now but with time constraints I will be looking for a website to run ours with this year. I was going to go with the new AFL DT they started last year but still felt it was too constrictive and now with this change I’m more confused than ever.
Do you know the differences between Pete’s Dream Team and the new Fan Hub? Ultimately SC seems to be the way to go but we have been using the Dream Team system since we started in 2007. I too play the NFL and MLB fantasy on ESPN and the system there is outstanding. We have such a long way to go here….

My feeling is that it depends on the age and experience of your league brethren. If they are old school and like a challenge, go with Dream Team since it features more of the old rules and represents a more challenging experience – i.e. more difficult. If your league mates are a bit younger and more casual in their fantasy fandom, go with the new AFL Fantasy, as it will suit their tastes more with the added freedom to change things up mid-season.

For even more of a challenge, of course, you could try the private draft games offered by SC and DT (not sure of AFL Fantasy, perhaps Fanhub can advise?), or Ultimate Footy which is arguably the most comprehensive solution. I’d love to hear feedback on all of these systems in the comments!

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