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How To Keep Up With The Footy While Travelling

People who don’t love sports do not understand footy fans. They think it’s ridiculous that we need to watch the footy no matter what, even when we’re relaxing on the other end of the world. While travelling, we’re expected to turn the fandom off and just forget about it.

And that’s just one of the reasons keeping up with the footy is so tough when on a trip overseas. There’s the time difference to take into account, scheduling conflicts, and the fact that most countries don’t show AFL.

The good news is that many fans have done it before you, and no matter where you’re going, you’ll be able to watch matches.

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Get A VPN To Stream Football

Since the advent of streaming, it’s no longer necessary to have an actual television in front of you to watch football. And that should make it easy to watch football even when foreign TV channels don’t show it.

Unfortunately, broadcasting rights make it a bit more difficult. If your computer detects that you’re not in Australia, you won’t be allowed to stream the football. But you can get around this problem and live stream AFL with a VPN. A VPN is a piece of security software that routes your connection through an external server. It makes it look like you are elsewhere in the world.

Simply set your server to somewhere in Australia, and streaming AFL becomes no problem at all.
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Figure Out The Time Zones

An unfortunate reality of being an Aussie traveller, is that we almost always have to deal with large time differences. Jet lag is unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean you have to be confused about what time it is.

However, even those who love maths end up making silly mistakes. And this is going to be a factor in keeping up with the footy. Yes, your smartphone will change the times to wherever you are. But when you see that a match is happening on Sunday, you might not remember to check if it’s Sunday night or early Sunday morning.

Before you go, figure out when the games are, so that you don’t have to rely on your addled mind at the time.


Decide What To Compromise

If you’re travelling with others, chances are that they’re going to be ruining your party. Why do you need to watch footy when you could do that at home? Why would you stay in the hotel when you could be by the beach?

There’s no way to answer these questions, as it’s the kind of thing you only understand if you’re a fan. And so you will need to make compromises. The trick is to figure out beforehand what you’re ready to compromise on. There will be games you cannot miss, but some that you definitely can.

Show that you’re willing to compromise by giving up on the chance to watch these games, then use it to your credit when compromise isn’t a choice.

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