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DT Talk interviews m0nty for #2

It’s going to be hard not to link the DT Talk video podcast every week now because it’s turning into a ripper little show, but this week I have more reason than most, mainly because I appear in it! After a hilarious skit about the Jimmy Bartel/Matthew Scarlett kick-to-kick during round 12, Roy sets out the tough questions starting at about three minutes in. I have a swing at them via satellite, and there are a few shameful revelations along the way.

Most of the rest of the show centres around Roy’s relationship with Nathan Bock, which has broken down after 11 weeks of romantic turmoil with more insults and tantrums than a Hilton family dinner. Uncle Chop Chop takes his schtick to another level with some advice for Simon Black on how to deal with the “Pink Pig”, a.k.a. Cameron Ling. (Note to all Geelong players who live near me: I didn’t give Lingy that nickname, you’ll have to look up Chop next time you play at Aurora.)

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