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DT Talk goes video

I enjoy reading the other fantasy AFL blogs out there, of which there are few and those that are out there tend to be rarely updated. DT Talk stands out of the pack as the second-best (behind us of course!) and they’ve gone the extra yard this week by launching a vidcast. It’s ten minutes of hardcore fantasy action with Calvin, Roy and W-Dog (a.k.a. Warnie), who appear to be Tasmanians who have imbibed too much Cascade Boag’s but in fact are bloody superheroes.

Episode #1 includes features such as “Overachievers, Happy-Withs and Axe Wounds”, “Ten Questions”, some highly appropriate pieces of advice for AFL players on whether to handball and how often to tackle, and “Chop’s Chopping Block” with a cutting cameo from a lovely, pleasant-looking lad called Chop. (Warning: a fair amount of colourful language, especially from Hutchy soundalike Calvin.)

I look forward to seeing more from this crew on their page over at YouTube, although I don’t quite think they’ll get picked up to work for official AFL outlets like Tom did… 😉

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