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A few things

To answer some readers’ queries:

Tom Nightingale, who has been writing the excellent Talking Points posts on this blog every week, has co-founded his own fantasy football Web site called Dream Team Hero. As of this week, he’ll be posting a truncated version of Talking Points to this blog with a link to the full version over on his site. I encourage you go to over to DT Hero and read the articles, there’s a lot of good stuff there. Also, comments will be turned off on the FF blog version of Talking Points, but they’ll be open on the DT Hero site (with some more stringent posting requirements).

That brings me to the other point, which is that while I have been very happy to see that Tom’s posts in particular, and mine to a lesser extent, have become so popular that they get hundreds of comments from all you passionate fans out there… there have been some problems. Specifically, in the last week or so there was some inappropriate language and even some racial abuse in the comments by certain individuals. I don’t know what possesses people to think that a fantasy football blog should be the forum where they can throw about racial epithets and libelous accusations, but let me set it out here. I will not tolerate any poster who uses bad language or racial taunts, I will ban anyone who breaks any laws by posting here (e.g. copyright or libel), and I have no time for anyone who wants to talk about non-fantasy-football related topics. Just because we don’t have armies of moderators like BigFooty doesn’t mean our publishing standards are any lower. (And let me thank Tom for his sterling job acting as unpaid mod for this blog up until now!)

Having said that, I am not going to remove comments altogether. I think that when the trolls stay away, the comments you come up with are very informative and entertaining. Good luck for the fantasy finals!

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