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Chat log from P1 of 2024: Geelong vs Essendon

Chat log for Geelong vs Essendon, P1 of 2024

Manowar: Stewart having a shocker!
Jaypa: when they said Nic Martin had the Daicos role, they must have meant when he gets tagged and can’t get a touch
Jaypa: he must have heard me
Jaypa: Duursma keeps playing like this and hes in for the dreaded preseason mare
beerent11: 2nd fan footy draft league #887524. Please don?t join if you?re already in league1.
frenzy: We in a Mannagh of strife with rookies
mattmac24: Stop Holmes…
exatekk: Dempsey could be bobbing up as an option in FWD
lana2146: In
soup: plenty of forward rookie options anyway frenzy
amigaman: Is that code correct beerent? It says Not Found.
frenzy: only a play with words fellas, all good
beerent11: Yep amigaman. 887524. Just check you?re looking at draft not classic
RockTheCas: how are we all. 18 team draft league needs 9 more teams for next saturday. code is 696222. inv anyone you like
amigaman: Haha beerent, my bad. I have enough draft leagues.
lana2146: Parish abs secret weapon this season lookin good
lana2146: Tink u better ditch Rowell n go back to parish ABS hahaaa
Zutroyz: Dempsey will make way for Henry exa
Hughsy: What happened to Ridley???
navy_blues: quad
soup: just calma down lana
Jaypa: Mannagh living up to the hype, great quarter
frenzy: as a Mannagh of fact, he goes okay
Jaypa: Bowes too, fighting for same spot?
soup: nah jaypa they’re different roles

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