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Chat log from P1 of 2024: Port Adelaide vs Fremantle

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Fremantle, P1 of 2024

bhg26: All aboard the Nat Fyfe train (he will be injured by round 3)
Zutroyz: He’ll need 125+ here for me to go back on my word bhg
bhg26: I see Fyfe attending most CBAs and im prepared to get hurt
exatekk: 40 trades its worth the punt. i wont be tho LOL
bhg26: 5 touches already…
Jaypa: I saw Fyfe get run down last year Round 1 vs St.Kilda with nobody goalside ahead of him and made my mind up then
bhg26: Yeah i wouldnt be going for it if we didnt have as many trades as we do now
Jaypa: if anyone needs Fyfe contraception I suggest going back and watching that game
bhg26: Completely different role this time around Jaypa. Not saying hes a must have but the upside to Fyfe is there
NewFreoFan: Hate seeing Taberner out there
Jaypa: I just can’t see it bhg, was expecting a retirement announcement last year, his body just isnt there any more
Ash777: woah didn’t realise mcdonald is back
NewFreoFan: Fyfe has a crazy work ethic, he was always gonna give it a go, wait and see how he handles weekly workload though
bhg26: In both preseason games a dual brownlow medallist is playing exclusively inside mid
bhg26: Not saying hes getting 120 like he did but even 75-80s is enough for the value
TheLegend6: We’re all gonna jump on Fyfe and he’ll injure himself early in round 1
Jaypa: he’s a shadow of that brownlow medallist, the bloke hasnt played 20 games in 2 years
bhg26: Wouldnt surprise me Legend but we have so many trades now
NewFreoFan: If we jump on he’ll get injured, if we pass he’ll dominate. We all know how this works
TheLegend6: Speaking of former brownlow medalists, Wines is looking good too and presents value
bhg26: Think hes going to be at every stoppage so should go 95-100+
beerent11: I?m with you bhg. Worth the punt now that SuperCoach has become dt.
beerent11: 2nd fan footy draft league is full.
TheLegend6: we have draft leagues here? I had no idea. Where do FF people chat outside this forum?
navy_blues: think i will wait til fyfe 1st 2 games are done b4 i decide to get him or not
beerent11: Can create a third if there is enough interest.
frenzy: how many trades we get in SC ?
bhg26: 40 frenzy
TheLegend6: 40 frenzy
frenzy: Lol, my goodness, thanks
beerent11: I put the league codes on these forums in the preseason games legend6
Jukes82: looks like a fantasy spud
Ash777: Burgoyne going to be sub round 1 guaranteed
frenzy: what is the point of this round zero
beerent11: Fanfooty draft league 3 #107142. Draft on next Tuesday night.
DANGERous: im in beer
Stu7: Cool
exatekk: i just realised Jackson isnt playing???
bhg26: Delayed concussion from last week i believe exa
exatekk: ahh k cheers!
nbartos: do freo ever finish higher than 10-10 place each year FFS
nbartos: 10th to 13th i mean – fuck off you lot
nbartos: I once met a man who was paranoid about dying, so i shot him
exatekk: ok neville
JockMcPie: wines sucking heaps in tonight hey :’)
nbartos: id be locking in young Youngy in you SC teams lads
valkorum: Short memory nbartos, freo were 5th in 2022

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