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Chat log from P1 of 2024: Western Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Gold Coast, P1 of 2024

soup: budarick idea might be dead niw
soup: now
superb1rd: not sure he was really an option
soup: not for me but saw a lot of commentary on it
superb1rd: exactly, we get easily influenced by the chat. Not saying he can’t but….
soup: sexton locked in now
superb1rd: yeah i agree. Lots of chat about Powell too
Jaypa: sexton locked into 90% of teams now
superb1rd: Priced at 24 he is a must have. No guarantee but just pick him and move on.
Jaypa: particularly with very few forward certainties this year
superb1rd: exactly. How many are going to pick Lukosius after tonight?
Jaypa: sure to suck a few in
Jaypa: excited to see Cadman’s progression this year, looks to be moving well and getting to contests
superb1rd: would be great to see him make an impact. Another victim of the number one draft pickthe
superb1rd: Would hate to be no 1 draft pick. So much pressure for a young player
Jaypa: looked very underdone last year, a bit of consistency will help him find his place
original: is sexton on kickouts?
Jaypa: taking some, if not most
superb1rd: taking some. sorry not sure how many
original: drat league held draft the other night..cmon flanders LIFT
superb1rd: the fwd line is just a raffle at the moment.
Jaypa: Bailey Humphrey is going to be some player
Hughsy: A good one?
original: should i keep lipinski in my draft fwd line or l=pick up Alex Sexton..reckon gc will have the ball in def a lot
Jaypa: get Sexton, playing that Ziebell rebounding role, looks very sc friendly
original: should i keep lipinski in my draft fwd line or pick up Alex Sexton..reckon gc will have the ball in def a lot
original: thanks for tip. not sure why poste dtwice
superb1rd: agree with Sexton but Lipinski could be anything so not writing him off.
Jaypa: lot of scoring players at the pies tho, cant see him scoring consistently out of nowhere
original: ahh someone else grabbed sexton off the FA pile 10 mins ago. ahh well
superb1rd: damm
Jaypa: damn unlucky, I grabbed him in my draft at QT
superb1rd: Not into draft but Lipinski could?? be a pod choice.
Zutroyz: Stupid unsexy flanders
bhg26: Hes doing nothing at all zutroyz
Zutroyz: He’s my F1 at the moment big. Might swap to Caleb Daniel
bhg26: We’ll get another look round 0 at least
Jaypa: I moved him up to Jackson, just depending on the fit with Shrek
Jaypa: the ruck cover for Gawn’s bye is handy
bhg26: Think he averages mid 80s with shrek in the team
Jaypa: his bigger scores last year were with Shrek in the side iirc
superb1rd: I would check DFS Australia re Daniel. Concerned about the bevo influence.
bhg26: Cant wait for Sanders to line up at full back this year superb1rd
Zutroyz: Mr Magnets is the reason I have but 1 dog in my team superb
Jaypa: me too Zutroyz, and I cant even be sure with Bont
Zutroyz: Libba for me. Bont usually starts slow, so I’m hoping to pick him up 100k cheaper
superb1rd: yes bhg26 he could be exactly what we need to generate the cash
Jaypa: I just can’t go past that Bont scaling
bhg26: I actually found something on that Jaypa, it has something to do with points from 1%ers where he gets 11 points per game
superb1rd: bont still captain material even if he doesn’t match his BE
bhg26: Among top premium mids the next highest is about 5-5.5 points per game
superb1rd: From what I am reading most premiums are going to lose value so I am going with the points.

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