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Chat log from P1 of 2024: Carlton vs Melbourne

Chat log for Carlton vs Melbourne, P1 of 2024

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
navy_blues: just no injuries plz!
bhg26: Imagine getting tagged in a practice match
pcaman2003: Evening! Plenty of skill errors. Hope it improves next 3 qtrs.
bhg26: Gawndy is so back
exatekk: anyone else just looking for a replacement for F. McRae? LOL
bhg26: Windsor, Lazzaro and Sexton (if he plays) exa
exatekk: already have Sexton (atm) i actually wanted to be a bit cheaper, but Windsor looking ok so far
bhg26: Cadman has North and West Coast first two games exa if youre feeling brave
Troglodyte: Darcy Wilson is another FWD option
bhg26: And him trog, but most probably have him already
exatekk: did think that bhg but its a fine line with all these duel bye players
bhg26: With rookies it shouldnt matter i dont think since its best 18 anyway
exatekk: yeahq i currently have a nice mix that doesnt really impact me with the early byes.
exatekk: think we really have to pony up for rookies again this year.
navy_blues: pittonet = pitiful
bhg26: Windsor looks worth paying up for at least
bhg26: Billings looking solid
DANGERous: Go Crom
beerent11: Fan footy draft league #803831
exatekk: in Beer, the keeper league still going?
bhg26: Ive joined beer but dont think ill make it to the draft
Jaypa: Windsor making a case to take F.Macrae’s spot
Ash777: Fin should never be considered
beerent11: Gawn in 90%+ of sides
bhg26: Lowballing there beer
Jaypa: Righto Ash, you must have forwards the rest of us don’t have access to
DukeNewc: Hello guys, Im a bit late to the party and am back for 2024
Ash777: Fin if selected will be sub for sure. He’ll lose money.
beerent11: Sour milk will be sucking a few in
beerent11: Fin McRae would be lucky to get a game at the eagles, let alone the top team.
Ash777: You can start windsor until the their injured players return
bhg26: Billings and Windsor tick
beerent11: Exactly my point bhg
bhg26: Both always been in my team beer
beerent11: Billing is known as sour milk in some circles
Ash777: Wouldn’t be surprised Windsor is sub once pig returns
bhg26: Looked solid this game, got 80 fantasy in other match sim, get a good look round 0 as well
bhg26: Again everyones forward line is going to look depressing this year
beerent11: So how does it work? Can we just not pick our teams
beerent11: So can we just not pick our teams till after round 0?
beerent11: Nothing counts in round 0?
bhg26: Round 0 doesnt count beer, supercoach says it commences round 1
beerent11: Cool

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