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Chat log from P1 of 2024: Collingwood vs Richmond

Chat log for Collingwood vs Richmond, P1 of 2024

m0nty: I’m thinking we are back
Troglodyte: That pies guernsey is dreadful, needs a dash of colour
Mattzo: we are back
Kidult: Thank you! King M0nty
Pav300: no stats yet?
benty691: and we are back, elite
navy_blues: hey m0nty
Hughsy: This being scored?
navy_blues: cant type
Nurfed: hello all, go pies!
navy_blues: so much for dusty playing on ball
pcaman2003: My goodness! That time of year already? Hi all!
pcaman2003: Fortunately we got rid of Kosi.
exatekk: Gday everyone!
m0nty: first game of the year bugs, always happens
TheLegend6: Hi all!
navy_blues: sc team still up in the air
frenzy: howdy
pcaman2003: Good to see so many familiar names.
TheLegend6: Bolton gonna end up back in a few teams after this haha
The Hawker: koSHITzke is back
pcaman2003: Hey Legend! Naismith may be good for SC ruck bench
TheLegend6: Yeh I think he’s a lock for the bench, should play a fair bit this year too
pcaman2003: And hopefully injury free after his rotten run.
Ash777: fin not getting any gametime does not bode well
TheLegend6: Can’t wait for Kmac and Pickett to not be our wingers
Zutroyz: I am the only one not taking Naicos this year
navy_blues: havent got naicos or harley reid
TheLegend6: Johnson is shocking
Zutroyz: I’ve got Reid Navy. Struggling for forwards
TheLegend6: Go have a rest Dow, you’ve shown enough
navy_blues: i look at it like i get 2 free games to see wether i bring him in
Zutroyz: Anyone riskin Walsh or Sinclair? Not a fan of soft tissue issues
TheLegend6: Nope

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