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Chat log from GF of 2023: Collingwood vs Brisbane

Chat log for Collingwood vs Brisbane, GF of 2023

pcaman2003: Afternoon all! What a great day for footy. Kiss spectacular opening.
navy_blues: arvo pca
pcaman2003: G’day navy! Hard luck for your boys ,but still did well regardless of last weeks result.
navy_blues: collingwood by 30+ yes thought we would lose to dees last week cant just play 1 qtr
pcaman2003: Would like to see Lions win for D Rich.
navy_blues: i think this will be over by 3 qtr time
navy_blues: the “facts” say bris no good at mcg lmao
Gotigres: Great performance by Kiss. Let’s hope for a good game.
frenzy: the heat verses the venue
Gotigres: Hahaha. First bounce.
circle52: Ump fell for the duck again
bhg26: Not quite Dom Sheed
navy_blues: lol dripwood
pcaman2003: Lions really need Hipwood to fire for a change.
bhg26: Bailey so good
pcaman2003: Lions are moving the ball well. In with a good chance I think
bhg26: Again Bailey so good
navy_blues: how was that not 50 against bailey?
Gotigres: How do Cox’s glasses never fall off? Does he glue them on?
TimT14: Coleman got his own footy?
pcaman2003: Coleman looking really good yet again.
Bulky: N. Daicos looks at the ball. Equates to 15 SC points.
pcaman2003: Keep going Lions. Where is Dredd and Seuss? Thought they’d be here.
Bulky: High quality game so far.
pcaman2003: Hipwood is a liability. 4 touches and 4 clangers already.
circle52: When will umps pick up on Daicos dropping knees to draw frees
navy_blues: yes he seems to do well with umps circle
bhg26: Another one
circle52: Yet again
pcaman2003: Lol Daicos! Right on cue.
Gotigres: Lyons getting some sc points on the bench.
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Nick Daicos to draw a third high contact free before HT. Get up, Nick!
Hooks: Fletcher is lost
pcaman2003: Lions are looking rather impressive. Ramping up the pressure a bit too.
navy_blues: mcCarthy and bailey doing well
navy_blues: think collingwood playing for frees instead of winning the ball
Gotigres: If Neale won the Brownlow then he is on track to win the Norm Smith medal
navy_blues: lol tigres what a joke that was
pcaman2003: Lions need to find a way of replacing Hipwood with Lyons.
clay007: That mark was for you Navy. Go Bobby!
navy_blues: actually took 1 clay he is playing well
navy_blues: coleman = norm smith atm
Hooks: Lmao Daicos taking kick ins. “Leather Poisoning”
Raspel31: Neale Norm Smith for mine.
Gotigres: lol Raspel
circle52: 3 goals to pies in time on need to tighten up.
valkorum: Bobby Hill is clearly the best on the ground right now
circle52: Make that 4
DrSeuss: Too many lapses from Brisbane in crucial moments Circle – quality game so far though
circle52: Mids need to man up more as well 2 goals after the siren deplorable. But great game as you say
circle52: Di we need to bring Lyons on for Fletcher early
DrSeuss: Need to bring Lyons on and get him to reduce Mitchell’s impact. Also if Starcevich could win a contest or 2
zadolinnyj: Good game
clay007: 4 goals by Hill trumps Coleman at this stage Navy. Impact is the key in these games, not possessions. Bailey is a chance
clay007: The Pies need to lock down on Coleman though.
navy_blues: hill didnt have 4 when i said that clay
Gotigres: Neale already with 7 kicks. Brownlow form.
navy_blues: new protected species found today
pcaman2003: No high tackle against Maynard?
Bulky: L. Neale. 3 votes.
Bulky: I reckon Strauchanie would have put in a better performance than Frampton. No joke.
Gotigres: Cox will get off for that bump, but Sicily would get 3 weeks.
wadaramus: You’d think Neale would want to make a “not lucky to win Brownlow” statement.
pcaman2003: Hipwood and Berry doing their best to help the Pies.
wadaramus: Hipspud has had an absolute stinker, time to get Lyons on.
bhg26: Frampton returning the favour pcaman
bhg26: Anyone going to stand in the general vicinity of bobby hill?
pcaman2003: bhg. Very true! Hipwood spuds it in most big games. Surprised he’s still contracted.
circle52: Ah Chee subbed for Lyone – Thought it may have been someone else
Gotigres: 1,024 people at the gf according to BT
bhg26: Dont know how those pies fans missed out on seats tigres
Gotigres: Oh wow. Big finish coming up.
bhg26: Dumb Berry, very dumb
lana2146: Game over
pcaman2003: Berry having a cracker of a game . Given 2 goals away .Ouch!
lana2146: Bobby Hill BOG
Bulky: Frampton will have to go close to being the luckiest player to ever win a premiership medal.
lana2146: Neale useless today
bhg26: How can you pay advantage there fucking ridiculous
bhg26: And dropped to his knees
lana2146: Better team won and deserved
circle52: Thank you ump[s for the last minure
beerent11: Best team all congrats clay and all other toothless.
thommoae: Best team all year won.
bhg26: Berry for Norm?
beerent11: * best team all year
Bulky: Frampton played his role as BT kept saying. BOG for mind. LOL.
Harambe: Berry should be delisted for that 50m penalty. Cost his team a premiership
circle52: And think it was more 60 metres than 50 as well
circle52: Umps for Norm Smith gifting Pies in last minutes
Harambe: I’d love to buy real estate off that ump circle
pcaman2003: Harambe. Berry gave away 2 50’s resulting in goals. Cost his team the GF . Very undisciplined!
pcaman2003: Hill gets the nod as the Norm Smith medalist. What a joke.
navy_blues: will pendles and sidebottom retire now?

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