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Chat log from SF of 2023: Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney, SF of 2023

navy_blues: who wins tonight?
frenzy: Vale Ron Barassi, RIP
navy_blues: butters ran a mile lol
clay007: Giants I think Navy. Great game last night, amazing result.
navy_blues: nailbiter thought our run would co e to end against dees well my c
navy_blues: coll v dees went out the window
clay007: Melb better team all night, but blues just kept at it.
navy_blues: yeah we would of given up in the past
clay007: Melb were sooking all week, glad they lost.
navy_blues: pretty happy with 15th to prelim run
clay007: Blues been in good form, could challenge the lions.
TheFlagger: would love a pies gws prelim – no zac williams this time unfortunately
clay007: no mummy or grundy either flagger.
clay007: Greene is a freak
naicosfan: Toby Bedford is a star
navy_blues: going to be the 2 greens win this i think
clay007: Rioli is no mug.
naicosfan: I thought he changed his name from willie to junior, back to willie is he?
Social: Is anyone else suspicious of the umpiring this finals series?
clay007: Don’t pay the Perryman?
clay007: Explain social.
Social: Softest of frees to Rioli to start preceedings, then Toby etc head heads pulled off for no free. Motlop, Hill…
naicosfan: Expected frees this game, its in Adelaide.
stocko12: Rozee tackled to ground after bouncing in at no holding the ball. Lead to a goal for Port.
naicosfan: Carlton needs umpires to get anywhere close to the grand final, but I think the AFL wants a Carlton v Pies GF, because
clay007: Not suspicious, but the umpiring is suspect. Tough game.
naicosfan: Of how much money it will bring in.
Social: spot on naicos, that’s what I’m getting at
clay007: I dont believe that is the case social, but I can imagine some would have that view
TheFlagger: whats that got to do with rioli’s soft free
naicosfan: Talking about umpiring in general in this finals series, @TheFlagger.
TheFlagger: fair enough
clay007: Umpires don’t wins games of footy, it always comes down to best team.
Social: you’re a righteous dude clay
Beast_Mode: don’t think either of these teams will win next week but Giants will have a better chance
beerent11: Evening, I see we?re complaining about umpires for a change. Don?t ever change fan footy.
Hepatitis: Can see a repeat of 2019 if giants get through
clay007: My Under 12 team is playing a gf tomorrow, and we focus on our actions not the flower umpires.
Pavs: Turning into a conspiracy theorists website.
Beast_Mode: based on your comments this season at times, being under 12 makes a lot of sense
TheFlagger: why is Lachie Keefe playing. Surely Callum Brown could do chop out instead
clay007: Have you taken your pills beast?
Beast_Mode: young fella go to bed, past your bed time
clay007: Beast-I love how you play the man, not the game. I think you know how the community feel about you. Sleep well.
Hepatitis: Why r pies fans always average blokes ?
beerent11: Cracking game going on here.
Pavs: Giants ball movement elite
clay007: Giants are a real threat pavs
beerent11: Don?t feed the beast clay. The beast loves it.
clay007: Thanks beer, good advice.
Pavs: I didn’t think so Clay but I am starting to believe
bhg26: Is Butters playing?
clay007: I wanted Port to win, cos I think the giants are looming large.
Pavs: Port need a time out.
clay007: They need something pavs
beerent11: The majority of the giants team is in their prime. Makes a huge difference
beerent11: * are in their prime, I should say.
naicosfan: That?s bs, Rioli clearly holding the ball, bs umpires
navy_blues: think port being torn apart better get a new song
TheFlagger: tear the pear
Pavs: So good Sam Taylor
clay007: 18 pts…can they do it?
frenzy: here come da pear
navy_blues: power turning on in adel
Pavs: That’s better physically.
sfenda1: cant believe giants havent put them away. so wasteful infront of goal
navy_blues: game over
Hepatitis: Haha going to be so good when pies lose next week
navy_blues: at least pies are playing lolol
Pavs: He’s fishing Navy.
navy_blues: thats fine pavs but its true lol
frenzy: port has turned pear shaped
Hepatitis: Haha navy when was ur last flag?!
navy_blues: another straight sets exit
navy_blues: we have more than you
Hepatitis: Head up champ, enjoy ur loss in Brisbane chief
duckky: So we are looking at a GWS vs Brisbane GF?
navy_blues: thats fine hepa who do you play??
wadaramus: How good is this?
wadaramus: Orange tsunami.
Hepatitis: Finally on the bandwagon navy
Pavs: Team in form Wada
wadaramus: We’ve got the…
wadaramus: Spot on Pavs.
navy_blues: 15th to prelim great effort id say hepe
frenzy: the port powder puffs
Hepatitis: Haha U were lock one of the plots screaming abuse at ur players
wadaramus: Straight sets 🙂
wadaramus: Cheap tix to get the “fans” to come.
navy_blues: yeah i scream at my players lol making things up as you go hepa??
frenzy: pies are quiet ?
TheFlagger: go giants knock those flogs out
Social: love to have seen Travis get a medal round his neck in the hoops

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