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Chat log from SF of 2023: Melbourne vs Carlton

Chat log for Melbourne vs Carlton, SF of 2023

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
navy_blues: here we go again
J.Worrall: Go Dees!
PAFC4eva: evening all blues tonight ?
circle52: Go Dees as I prefer to play Dees rather than Blues.
navy_blues: hope so maybe dees experience get them over the line 1st 10-15min will tell if blues are on
bhg26: Footy wins tonight PAFC
navy_blues: all commentators going for dees lol
PAFC4eva: Straight set losses for dees and port
navy_blues: mark tdk
PAFC4eva: Cmon blues game started
TimT14: High pressure game
wadaramus: Carn Carlton, go the Giants 🙂
PAFC4eva: Giants supporter this week wada ?
Rilian: MRP icon not working? Pickett gone for next week after jumper punch.
Ash777: forget jumper punch just got cripps in the chin too
navy_blues: pickett gone
circle52: Pickett definitely in strife for that bump
Yelse: one week picket out of lions game
Hepatitis: Imagine a Collingwood Carlton final – two disgusting clubs
TheLegend6: wake up dees
DaicosQB: Forgot your login grimes?
Ash777: pickett having some mare
circle52: Docherty shoulder popped
bhg26: Big game from Pickett
oc16: why is schache the sub?
TimT14: Walking wounded
davywap: AFL clearly want Carlton to win this
davywap: Hope it comes true just for you hepatitis
Beast_Mode: is docherty cooked?
davywap: McGovern is a staging turd
circle52: Docherty strapped and good to go
Yelse: apparently taylor adams done a hammy at training
circle52: Noble would do anything to get back in team Yelse.
Yelse: adams out noble still not in prob allows diacos in without another sad player missing
circle52: Was tongue in cheek Yelse as Adams apparently in matking contest wi
circle52: Was tongue in cheek Yelse as Adams apparently in matking contest with Noble
Yelse: haha didn’t realise that lol
TheLegend6: Both teams forgot how to kick
navy_blues: carlton trying to lose this
EvilMonk: Surely you just drag Pickett.
EvilMonk: Comment didn’t age well.
Beast_Mode: why would they? pickett is tha goat
Ash777: time to bring in hollands
DaicosQB: Gawn really getting toweled by Carlton rucks but is ready to chat mad shower haha
bhg26: Theres only one goat beast and thats dean towers
Ash777: Doc must be on some good painkillers
Yelse: hoping for a draw
Raspel31: Oh come on Demons!! I mean really
Beast_Mode: game over
EvilMonk: be nice if the umps put the whistle away for a bit
Social: Blues getting plenty of maggots help here
EvilMonk: Free kick Carlton lmao
Raspel31: Oh dear.
TheLegend6: Don’t mind blues winning if it means they lose the prelim
Ash777: what a game
navy_blues: yessssssssssssss
TheLegend6: some game tho
Social: man the afl hate Melbourne almost as much as they hate Geelong
ballbag: o.o.o.o.o.o..o.o.o.w.w.w
navy_blues: great effort boys
EvilMonk: Feel for the dees right now, wow that was horrible
circle52: shit kicking Dees thgough helped
ballbag: you little crippa blue boys. its been a long time coming
frenzy: we love geelong social
SydneyRox: 9.17 – melb was their own worst enemy
Social: thanks frenz, luv youz too
navy_blues: 15th to a prelim not a bad effort
bhg26: Dees could have really used mckay tonight
ballbag: 25 years+ baby… the path lays in our own hands now

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