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Chat log from EF of 2023: Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Brisbane vs Port Adelaide, EF of 2023

TheFlagger: go pear
pcaman2003: Bring it on. Port to win.
PAFC4eva: been waiting 2 weeks for this bring the heat pear
PAFC4eva: voodoo front and centre pcaman ?
pcaman2003: Yes!
Beast_Mode: brissy will choke tonight
Maroonies: lion gods are watching beastie boy
pcaman2003: Seuss and Dredd gone missing?
navy_blues: soft free
Beast_Mode: lol who dis? welcome mate
DrSeuss: I am here Pca – just nervously and hopefully watching so far
pcaman2003: Haha! Kind of figured you would be nearby.
circle52: I am here ad well
beerent11: Westhoff a late out?
navy_blues: SPP on fire!
DrSeuss: Good to have you here Circle
circle52: Surprising this final series the lack of holding frees
navy_blues: nice in here tonight
DrSeuss: Would be nice to see Charlie get a touch – getting owned so far
Beast_Mode: good contest so far, port missed some sitters
Raspel31: Poor old Neale must be so sick of the tag- but go Port.
circle52: Charlie is continually held no free
Beast_Mode: here we go, already started lol
thommoae: Umps have pretty much muted the whistle so far for the 1st three finals. Shout out to them.
beerent11: It?s a different chat when people aren?t constantly complaining about their SuperCoach players.
beerent11: Good to see your boys get up thommoae
circle52: Agree Tl
Raspel31: Carn Rozee- need you to ton up!
circle52: Agree Thom umpires seem to have left whistle in pockets this final series. Hope it continue
clay007: Evening all.
navy_blues: fletcher thinks finals is easy atm flying
thommoae: It’s been building, beer. Thought they were good things today. Briggs huge v RoMa and the defence was great.
Raspel31: ause beer was feeling nostalgic
wadaramus: Brisbane are a rabble.
clay007: Kicking for goal has been bad this final series. Is Travis Cloke helping all finals clubs
TheFlagger: Lord classy goals
Beast_Mode: ports bad kicking keep brisbane in this
thommoae: Wonder what TT and Mr Hopper are thinkin’ …
navy_blues: nice goal that
navy_blues: lol thommoae
clay007: Thommo…they went to greener pastures, then it turned brown real quick
beerent11: James Manson is ports goal kicking coach clay.
clay007: A blast from the past beer. He had an interesting style of kicking. Two hands on ball on release.
navy_blues: lord will be ports saviour
Beast_Mode: lol they got 7 year contracts, thats why
clay007: Lord getting assistance from above.
thommoae: Well summed up clay 🙂
Yelse: cmon lyons get on already
clay007: Game on lads.
Yelse: didn’t see the incident is butters in trouble?
Ash777: now that saints are out I’m hoping for port or blues go all the way
Maroonies: Lion Gods will take care of the Lord
beerent11: Far out, Gil?s brother is painfull.
clay007: Fine for butters Yelse…not much in it, just off the ball.
TheFlagger: carn power
Beast_Mode: geez someone tells the brissy players they ain’t playing at the mcg
navy_blues: zorko flopped tho
pcaman2003: Voodoo doll says Port wins. End of story.
clay007: Rozee cheeks has lifted.
navy_blues: omg marshall
frenzy: was it another poke in eye for zorko
clay007: Todd Marshall will be at North next year if he keep kicking like that.
frenzy: they owe us clay
beerent11: Drive by for norf
clay007: Sorry frenzy, did not know you were here.
frenzy: all good bud, we’ll take him
PAFC4eva: this is not looking good need a couple more drinks
DrSeuss: Imagine if Hipwood could kick straight
Beast_Mode: imagine if hipwood was a good footballer
BigChief: Imagine if Marshall kicked straight.
pcaman2003: Imagine if Marshall was a good fooballer
Ash777: over before 3qtr time
DrSeuss: I am glad my comment has everyone’s imagination running
Pavs: imagine not having Rozee in your supercoach side next year
Ash777: lol port talk about bad luck
pcaman2003: Imagine if the world was round.
BigChief: Imagine signing Harry McKay to 7 year deal. Oh wait…
pcaman2003: Imagine if Boak kicks the winning goal.
DrSeuss: Fletcher playing a great game – solid, mature youngster
PAFC4eva: imagine if we resigned hinkley oh duh
Maroonies: The Lion Gods have the Power to Win and the Power to Lose
Yelse: Lions too good at home 3 years in a row 31wins in 34. They going to GF
beerent11: Your mob will take care of them if they do yelse.
BigChief: This has turned into a thumping really quick. Great call Beast_Mode on the Bris choking.
DrSeuss: Good to see Starcevich winning his match up with some confidence – will help if he keeps that up
Manowar: last win for the season Brisbane!

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