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Chat log from PF of 2023: Collingwood vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Collingwood vs Western Sydney, PF of 2023

wadaramus: Carn the Orange Tsunami.
frenzy: lights are on, but nobody home
pcaman2003: Go Giants! Hi lads!
DANGERous: Go Orange
Tangent: Hope everyone seeks highground, don’t want the Orange Tsunami causing casualties
beerent11: Gws just need to survive the first 15 minutes here.
navy_blues: advantage?
m0nty: and we are back
wadaramus: Giddy up m0nty.
duckky: Thanks Monty
navy_blues: need at least 1 melb team in GF bris v gws be so boring
wadaramus: I disagree navy 🙂
Ash777: hard disagree
duckky: Never select an injured player for the finals. When Briggs makes Cox look like a ruck.
navy_blues: 40000 at mcg wada lol
wadaramus: There would still be 90, it’s all fucking corporate anyway.
wadaramus: The GF ain’t for the fans that’s for sure.
FlaggersXD: Couple doughnuts out there
wadaramus: Shit kicking is shit footy.
Beast_Mode: gws dominating, pies cooked
beerent11: Great to see gws settle into it. They?re different this year.
Beast_Mode: maggots thats deliberate
bhg26: Not against Collingwood at home beast, umps want to continue living
Hepatitis: Moore looks like a caveman
Ash777: Naicos bought back too early
Beast_Mode: only one week left lol, they had to role the dice
beerent11: Dumb and dumber on special comments
Hepatitis: Haha poser daicos
Gotigres: Luckily I drove from Melbourne to my home village today. Things could get ugly in Melbourne tonight
FlaggersXD: what do you live in the 1800s
Gotigres: With all the power outages we have it seems like it Flaggers
Hepatitis: Such a shame – pies such a ghastly club
Ash777: I’d like a mute crowd button
Hepatitis: Reckon they get looked after as well as anyone Collingwood
Ash777: what a game
beerent11: Finals footy! How good!
clay007: Hepatitis is a virus.
beerent11: You come across as a bit of a knob hepatitis.
Raspel31: One almost hopes for a Co;llywobble win. Almost but not quite. Carn GWS!
Ash777: steele you muppet
Getup: Go pies!!!
beerent11: Damn. What a bad week to vc naicos.
navy_blues: htb degoey
Hepatitis: That no holding the ball on de goey a disgrace
Gotigres: Could still ton up beer
Hepatitis: Getting a good helping now the pies
bhg26: Umps have put the whistle away
Gotigres: When was the last Collingwood-Carlton GF?
beerent11: Umpiring has been ok
Hepatitis: Lol beer have u watched the last 10 mins
Pavs: Agree beer been good
Beast_Mode: umpiring has been vital for th epies, those pre-game gobbies have been vital
bhg26: Has been good until this quarter, 4 giants frees missed in last 10 minutes
Gotigres: Wonder if Del Boy and Rodders are at the Nag’s Head.
Hepatitis: Daicos just dragged it in lol
beerent11: Feel your not exactly watching with an unbiased eye hepatitis. Judging by every comment you?ve made tonight.
navy_blues: wow gws been unlucky with few non calls by umps
Ash777: the draw!
frenzy: earth to m0nty, come in m0nty
Hepatitis: Such a scum group lol
beerent11: Might be the best two teams in it
Gotigres: Great game.
Hepatitis: Gonna be fun watching the pies lose another one lol

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