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Chat log from P1 of 2023: Brisbane vs Geelong

Chat log for Brisbane vs Geelong, P1 of 2023

exatekk: Hey monty, any way to change the background/font colour like past years for our teams? The blue on white is hard to read
m0nty: I am still fine tuning things so yes that will be available at some point
exatekk: no worries all good mate. Keep up the good work 🙂
m0nty: that blue is a bit bright, I agree
exatekk: im 44 mate. my eyes are cooked LOL
Ash777: use a purple.
navy_blues: even a navy blue lol
PAFC4eva: perhaps teal
exatekk: Is Bruhn in their best 22? like really?
exatekk: gross PAFC lol
PAFC4eva: better than maybe fruit loops exa
exatekk: jeez its started early lol
PAFC4eva: never to early for a bit of crosstown rivalry ha ha
exatekk: never a truer word spoke
beerent11: Evening
exatekk: allo beer
frenzy: beer
beerent11: Set up a 20 team fan footy draft league # 922508 for anyone who?s interested.
bhg26: beer
exatekk: when for beer?
beerent11: 14th of March
beerent11: The Tuesday before the 1st game
TheFlagger: bruhn very nice wont stay a secret
bhg26: Count me in beer
beerent11: Go and register on the app if you?re keen
exatekk: joined
beerent11: Won?t take long to fill up.
bhg26: Way ahead of ya
beerent11: Great. Let others know over the weekend. I?ve got a busy one so won?t be on Fanfooty much. Cheers boys and girls.
Fatbar5tad: Ha ha get lucky.
Ash777: My midprice watchers are Bailey & Bruhn.
bhg26: Too many mid pricers to choose from this year
TheLegend6: Bruhn in my team before tonight, hoping he would sneak in as a POD, guess not anymore

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