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Chat log from P1 of 2023: St Kilda vs Essendon

Chat log for St Kilda vs Essendon, P1 of 2023

beerent11: 4 spots left in the fan footy draft league. #922508
m0nty: well this is a bit turgid
bhg26: Riddler impressing, Steele not
Baldfrog: Won’t be playing this year Beer
Baldfrog: Phillipou going alright
Cottees: Marshall making my team choices easier!
Bulky: Who’s going to be the new Zac Dawson for St. Kilda this year I wonder..
navy_blues: dont mind young owens but cant have every1 lol
TheLegend6: Nic Martin on my watchlist all pre-season but don’t think he’s done enough, awkward price too
TheLegend6: @monty can we have names in the chat bold/stand out so it doesn’t get lost with normal text?
RuffLeader: Do we think Setterfield as an inside mid could be worth $350k in SC?
TheLegend6: Not with the other options around that price Ruff (Sheed, Hopp, Holmes etc)
Hazza09: Do we take much out of this with Parish & Steele?
TheLegend6: Wanganeen-Milera on the other hand… 300k in SC, role looks very tasty
RuffLeader: This performance is very tempting though Legend, only going at 58% and still on 109. That is very enticing
TheLegend6: @Hazz I did! haha, already Steele gone.
TheLegend6: It’s true Ruff, I guess it’s up to you and whether you care about players who have done it before or not
RuffLeader: Did Steele to LDU after last week, Steele just doesn’t look like he cares at the moment @Hazz
Ooost: Evening all. Can someone give me the SC league code please?
Hazza09: I had Parish in at M3 and now he becomes Neale lol
TheLegend6: Ridley back on the radar
bhg26: Brayshaw became Steele, who then became Macrae
Ooost: I’ve got Stewart and Ridley + mid pricers and rookies.
bhg26: Thats my backline too Ooost lmao
TheLegend6: Ooost I went Stewart/Daicos then similar, Ridley throwing a curveball though
Ooost: Yeah I had Daicos until last week. Decided to try out Ridley for a POD. Nice bhg26!
bhg26: I was tossing up between Daicos and Young but they did not impress me at all
bhg26: Now its between just Daicos and Ridley, but Ridley has the upper hand at the moment. Daicos too prone to a tag

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