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Chat log from P1 of 2023: Fremantle vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Fremantle vs Port Adelaide, P1 of 2023

Urbs: All eyes on the other game it seems… But we’re back for another season!
PAFC4eva: pafc on board a win would be nice
PAFC4eva: cmon boys rally dont want to start season no wins
TheFlagger: get JHF out of the midfield
PAFC4eva: low scoring affair compered to other game
navy_blues: butters not impressing
bigpens: Why is Brodies TOG so low?
Ash777: come on Lachie Jones. Give me a reason to pick you.
Ash777: Powell! Darcy got smashed.
PAFC4eva: serong pod?
bhg26: Young is a fraud
TheFlagger: 8 touches 5 clangers JHF spud
Fizzy343: you realise 6 of his clangers are just frees against lol
PAFC4eva: why is brodies TOG so high
Ash777: Liam Henry is rookied priced and playing a wing/fwd role.
TheFlagger: lol preuss level
frenzy: gotta get Brodie

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