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Chat log from R1 of 2023: Port Adelaide vs Brisbane

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Brisbane, R1 of 2023

zadolinnyj: Made the mistake of Cunnington and only Sloane owner so will see if I?m an idiot
Ash777: I was going to go sloane but he’s playing outside mid now and too old.
Baldfrog: Brisbane allergic to sun?
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Junior Rioli to milk a free on Brandon Starcevich.
MrWalrus: Another good game so far to watch
feralmong: willie iced it….too soon?
Baldfrog: Brisbane so loose on opponents
Baldfrog: Fantastic by Rozee
BRAZZERS: Samples Rioli up and about
feralmong: Got the C on Dunkley. Happy so far.
zadolinnyj: Ashcroft a worry
Baldfrog: Least we have time to flick him Zad before prices change
LuvIt74: VC on dunks is looking quite a swifty move
navy_blues: dixon lol
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Charlie Dixon gobs off twice to gift Daniel Rich a goal.
BRAZZERS: lol classic fake tough guy, top notch flog tho
MrWalrus: Well this is fun
TheLegend6: Ashcroft role? Looks lost.
Baldfrog: Haven’t heard Gobs off for years well done M0nty
Ash777: playing on the ball
sMiles: Nice one Hippy
sMiles: Ashcroft a Star – just quite distantly
bullet08: evans not l plater monty – has played at geelong
LuvIt74: Ashcroft DT & SC points sums it up perfectly 7 DT & 2 SC points worst 2 cards in poker & i tend to agree, not much chop
GJayBee: Pepper could be pulling the finger out this year.
FlaggersXD: noob if you think he is no good
TheLegend6: Hahah Ashcroft, here he comes!
wadaramus: DBJ tried to kill him and missed!
sMiles: How did he do that? looked too easy?
zadolinnyj: He has drew the tagged on him
zadolinnyj: Why do port fans boo. Was a mark to brisk anyway
TheLegend6: Class from Rioli
Ash777: Jnr did a hutchy lol
wadaramus: How is that a mark?
Gotigres: Do something Wilmot
Ash777: why did I choose wilmot over mckenna 🙁
frenzy: wilnot get another game
BRAZZERS: idk really, he is a lot cheaper tho. But McKenna is proven
circle52: by 2 Ash
Ash777: 4 to 21 frees. no wonder the crowd is extra feral.
wadaramus: It’ll even up in the 2nd half Ash 🙂
Jaypa: wouldnt fret on McKenna, the kind of bloke to go missing in the 2nd half
wadaramus: Bah, he just got a +2 while in the rooms for half time Jaypa!
RooBoyStu: JHF it might take a while but the karma bus is coming
Gotigres: omg Wilmot
BRAZZERS: spudmot
TheLegend6: JHF playing like a young Danger
TimT14: Wilmot looks like a lost puppy
wadaramus: What happened to Brisbane at half time?!
Ash777: lions mids getting beaten by rozee, butters n JHF.
Baldfrog: Lions don’t work hard enough
wadaramus: They did in the 2nd quarter!
navy_blues: wow no goal there
Baldfrog: Wow thought that came off defender last
wadaramus: Umps squaring things up after the 21-4 diff in the first half.
Jaypa: when I said McKenna would go missing, I actually meant Brisbane would go missing
Baldfrog: Thought the review used all angles but apparently not
RooBoyStu: Worst review decision imagine in a GF
Baldfrog: Well if this is brissy away from home with pressure on they won’t win prem
Raspel31: Might buy me a Senior Rioli at this rate.
navy_blues: dunkley neale stopped
navy_blues: no frees for bris this qtr yet
circle52: This will be Lions 3rd first round loss in 4 years. Port danger.
circle52: This will be Lions 3rd first round loss in 4 years.
Ash777: the 1 thing port do well is their pressure.
navy_blues: site down lol
frenzy: frozen???
BRAZZERS: good to see McKenna didn’t go missing 😉
mattmac24: Why does Evans have an L plate? Not his first game
Jaypa: 2 touches in the 3rd qtr?
TheLegend6: Keep pushing Rozee
BRAZZERS: 5 nackers
frenzy: m0nty’s feet fallen off the pedals
Baldfrog: This is a fair dinkum belting
Ash777: Dunkley sabotaging the lions from the inside.
Cottees: I look away to get dogs dinners. And lions have been slaughtered lol
pcaman2003: I’m late to the party, but evening ladies. WTF!!
Pavs: Evening pca
pcaman2003: Hi Pavs. Hope all is well
TheOnyas: onya richy
Pavs: Enjoying watching the rookies but looking forward to a few premiums tonight
navy_blues: only cos of ports kicking onyas lol
Pies20: No doubt Hinkley gets offered another 5years Tuesday with performance 🤣🤣
pcaman2003: I may have to take more notice of JHF. Obviously a great game. Not been watching.
Jaypa: will be interesting to see if JHF can do this often enough to be viable
pcaman2003: @Jaypa. Indeed! They say a change as good as a holiday. Maybe this is his time.
BRAZZERS: good boy C-Mac
Jaypa: 12% of owners braver than I thats for sure
Baldfrog: Gee Horne francis was playing against men b4 going into the afl the kid is good
zadolinnyj: Remember he started well last year then faded fast
pcaman2003: Jaypa. I’ll take another look next week to be convinced..Scores another ton and he’s in.

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