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Chat log from R1 of 2023: Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs, R1 of 2023

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Baldfrog: Bont your it fail and i’m fecked this week
zadolinnyj: Should be a good game
bhg26: Carn the Bont
bhg26: And Macrae and Jones
J.Worrall: Let’s go, Clarry!
Baldfrog: M0ntys monkey must need a break
bhg26: What a shocking turnout
exatekk: C on Bont too bald
Cottees: Jones. I could of chosen McKenna over you. Please get going!
Baldfrog: To be fair BHG most demon sups will be getting ready for ski season
bhg26: Ski season is all year round for them
pcaman2003: Happy with Gawn so far. Hope he keeps it up. And, go Bont.
Bulky: Has Luke Beveridge got new chompers? They look pearly white.
Baldfrog: God who is this commentator
zadolinnyj: Smith terrible
MrWalrus: Feeling pretty good about going with English R1
BRAZZERS: first time i didnt pick gawn in for forever, went with english
Pavs: Oli on the ground please
pcaman2003: English looking very sharp.
Ash777: english has been roving gawn’s taps
Raspel31: Ollie scores much better off the bench.
TheLegend6: Kozzie will get a week
Ash777: pickett off for weeks >:(
Grimes Jr: 3-4 weeks for that
zadolinnyj: Smith killing me
casey22: 2 weeks
pcaman2003: Bye bye Pickett!
zadolinnyj: A lot of chest as smith was leaning bck
Grimes Jr: lift macca
bhg26: I miss the old macrae
navy_blues: if it was as bad as it look smith still be on the ground lol
Gotigres: Stewart might not be my lowest defensive score
TheLegend6: Man cmon Jones
BRAZZERS: Smith got lined up there
bhg26: Also wtf jones
pcaman2003: C’mon Gawny. Don’t let Timmy do this to you.
Raspel31: No Dunks will free up Macrae they said- hmm?
pcaman2003: I’m sure Jones sucked in a few. Was always hot and cold and unreliable.
Harambe: Bevo always likes a 5 mid rotation. No Dunkley just means Treloar returns to the midfield.
zadolinnyj: He got me but low price
BRAZZERS: novax jones, this isn’t surprising
Depressed: I took a risk and made Gawn Captain, at least I still have English
Gotigres: Jones down
PAFC4eva: Just got back from game how good was the Power
Harambe: Novax Jones looks hurt, might have covid
Ash777: I blame sc for their stupid info snips
Cottees: That makes it easy. Correct Jones to McKenna or something lol
TheLegend6: Wow
frenzy: can see why you’re Depressed
Harambe: What did the info snip say Ash?
Grimes Jr: they get a good run, the dees
BRAZZERS: no way come back on, he’s done
pcaman2003: Jones! That’s going to hurt some SC scores. Youch!
PAFC4eva: Not to mention JHF
Cottees: pca only missing out on 10 points max anyways lol
BRAZZERS: some ppl have jones and stewart
Grimes Jr: i had stewart and no jones so hopefully this evens it up a bit
Harambe: Ed Richards leading contested possessions for the match, unexpected from a back flanker
pcaman2003: Cottees. Lol!
Depressed: I have Stewart and Jones. Who’s next I want to do more trades
pcaman2003: @depressed. Gawny looking the goods. Happy with him and Biont.
BRAZZERS: ppl with Baker, thoughts?
Grimes Jr: do something baker
Cottees: Macrae getting the ball, just kicking it to opposition lol
Depressed: I believe in the Maximum Gawn
Raspel31: Hmm, perhaps I should have coughed up more for rucks- therein lies the rub.
MrWalrus: Gawn is just a good player whatever position he plays isn’t he
Depressed: Mmm 89 & 95 to half time feels like a reasonable return on investment
TheLegend6: Dale not my favourite selection
Grimes Jr: macrae was a mistake
Depressed: I’m glad Jones made it out of the negatives
Harambe: Oh I’d love to be an Oskar Baker Wiener
Grimes Jr: lobb is a cancer to any side he plays in
thommoae: Steady, Grimes. Lobb did well at GWS – that’s why Freo lured him back, not just so he could play ‘Happy Families’.
bhg26: What the fuck macrae
bhg26: And extra what the fuck jones
Grimes Jr: what is the free kick count, dees getting a good run as usual
navy_blues: not any prior opp there
marls: what happened to Jones? I missed it
Grimes Jr: carn doggies
Grimes Jr: was plenty navy, and he dropped the football
mattmac24: Jones a neck/shoulder injury, got hit in the head in a contest but seems to have hurt his neck/shoulder
pcaman2003: Treloar improved since leaving Pies. Was clanger king there,but none tonight yet.
Bulky: Grundy is a shell of the player he used to be.
Harambe: Macrackhead is back!
bhg26: Bont stopped
Grimes Jr: macrae champion
Harambe: Gee Chandler’s been good tonight
Grimes Jr: dogs too far away now. bugger
Grimes Jr: reckon hunter suits the dees, a real flog
RuffLeader: Chandler 86 SC points total since drafted in 2018 (before tonight). Tonight 71
Depressed: Petracca’s DE hurting my points
Gotigres: Thanks for those 5 points Jones
pcaman2003: A 180 would be a nice start Maxy.
Gotigres: Laurie subbed out
pcaman2003: Get going Bont and show us your stuff.
frenzy: goes poo poo at 3/4 time every game m0nty
Raspel31: Well, that was a long break.
beerent11: Cmon Ed nearly there
beerent11: Good boy
bhg26: Bont failed captain
Depressed: Pickett’s breakeven was 66
Bulky: Beveridge’s new fangs. 3 votes.
Grimes Jr: not bad from half time mr macrae, onwards and upwards

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