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Chat log from R1 of 2023: North Melbourne vs West Coast

Chat log for North Melbourne vs West Coast, R1 of 2023

frenzy: Clarko era begins, nice
Dredd: Any advice please.. removing Yeo but tossing up between H.Clark, N.Wilson, J.Hunt or maybe down to C.McKenna. Thoughts?
JockMcPie: Clark or McKenna imo depending if you want extra cash for correctional trades
Yelse: Are ppl thinking of putting in W Phillips since he on sub duties today?
Yelse: mc lean or goater is another big decision
KelCO: McLean isn’t playing as he is listed as emergency
don key: be good to watch ginbey and sheeza play !
Dredd: Chesser or Constable?
TheLegend6: @dredd loop if you can
Dredd: I meant in terms of picking one or the other for the bench
Cottees: went Constable for my team
Ooost: Constable on field, Chesser on bench for me.
TheLegend6: I have both but Constable on field, Chesser M9
TheLegend6: Sheez, love him already
MrWalrus: Big game for rooks, everyone would have at least 3 in this surely
Dredd: Sheez on fire
Pav300: Gday lads – the Cheezel off to a great start
Cottees: Yes Sheez!
Ooost: Sheezel ‘
Que Cerra: Afternoon. Sheezel off to a flyer!
Cottees: Sheezel this years daicos? Hot take!
Baldfrog: Sheezel aint no weasel
MrWalrus: Ginbey looks like he can play a bit too
Cottees: Got Sheezel and Ginbey on field. So very happy so far.
Baldfrog: Rebecca Gibney looks like she can play to
wadaramus: I didn’t want to pay 200K for a rookie forward!
wadaramus: Did we know he was going to play at half back?!
MrWalrus: That’s a whole different game Baldy
Pav300: lmao Baldy
TheLegend6: @wada he dominated off half back in pre-season, was playing mostly half forward though
Baldfrog: Talking Bout Ginbey Walrus play on words
MrWalrus: Yep wada, did in the praccies, also through the mid for a bit
valkorum: Surely that is the first muppet of the season @m0nty
wadaramus: Dammit I did not do my homework…
wadaramus: Rookie correction #1 methinks.
Baldfrog: Wada he starred against us how did u not know?
RooBoyStu: Need a Cheezel icon for Sheezel
MrWalrus: Yes Baldy, like I said, different game or I don’t think I want to “kick the footy” with you:)
Dredd: Great call Stu
RooBoyStu: Have a good day all. Mr Brightside and Don Corleone today, good chances.
Baldfrog: Clarkson hasnt fixed norfs kicking skills
Cottees: Bald, Hawks struggles with kicking. Clarkson didn’t fix that lol
RooBoyStu: Larkey for Coleman!
BRAZZERS: stewart cleared of any damage
MrWalrus: LDU continuing beast mode, has a real Brownlow type of style about him
Baldfrog: thats good news Brazzaers how long is he out for u know?
mattmac24: G’day everyone! This could turn out to be a good game!
TheLegend6: Xerri done
MrWalrus: Xerri, did not look good.
navy_blues: hmmm wishing they played goldy now
mattmac24: Nevermind.. With Xerri gone, North are probably done
Terlob: Great start to the year, went Xerri this morning
Jolles: Nothing like losing Stewart & Xerri from one’s draft team first round.
TheLegend6: LDU is a star
MrWalrus: Hope it’s not too bad but might bump comben up nicely for owners
MrWalrus: LDU has become a midfield monster
Jaypa: Unbelievable quarter from Will Phillips, outscoring a teammate with the vest still on
navy_blues: just remember norf are only playing wc so dont get to excited as their sc point scoring ability
Cottees: LDU first 200 of the year? Hes looking insane
Yelse: so stewart will play next week?
zadolinnyj: Lads
Baldfrog: who will score more Davey or Camitini?
AlbySmedtz: @jolles I have the same excruciating pain
MrWalrus: Hope so Cottees, make up for Stewart plus will be fantastic to watch, he really is smooth
Raspel31: Well, this is really just an exercise in rookie watching. No prob with that.
MrWalrus: Davey maybe? Toss a coin really Bald
Baldfrog: Yeah I know thats why I asked incase someone has seen Caminti
Pavs: gone with Davey also Baldy
Baldfrog: Have Davey onfield atm Walrus
MrWalrus: Dunno Raspel, Norf fans have a little to be quietly excited about
Yelse: chesser needs to lift ffs
MrWalrus: I had him at f7 after comben
Raspel31: Caminti had an argument with his mum so form indifferent. People support Norf Mr Walrus?
Ooost: Sheezel 😀
Baldfrog: Rebecca oops I mean Rueben has gone quiet
MrWalrus: Rebecca as loud as ever
Baldfrog: Some soft frees being paid
Jaypa: being on the bench tends to do that for you baldy
Malaka: Sheezel’s making me hungry for some cheesy, crisp, puffy ring snacks.
TheLegend6: Get amongst it Gaff
Raspel31: Think I’m one of only 90% to sneakily grab Sheezel.
Baldfrog: You like puffy rings Malaka?
Cottees: Phillips getting points while on bench?
Malaka: Only if theey’re cheesy, Baldfrog.
Baldfrog: Haha
Raspel31: Malaka and puffy rings does not go well in a sentence.
Jaypa: what did West Coast pay Tim Kelly? Looks worth every cent…
MrWalrus: Looks like the Ziegull is back
Bulky: Never seen a player’s form drop off as badly as Kelly since he went to WC. Was an absolute gun at Geelong
Raspel31: Reuben Ginbey sounds like something you were punished for in school- but a few rookies shining.
LuvIt74: Those that didn’t start Sheezel will be getting him in fast. #IMPRESSIVE…
navy_blues: soft free
navy_blues: ok replay shows bit high lol
Jaypa: gee these Eagles look so bad, theyre making Norf look good
MrWalrus: I reckon the Roos look good regardless
Raspel31: Compared to what exactly MrWalrus?
Jaypa: we’ll see what they look like when they come up against a team playing what resembles footy
navy_blues: they look a million dollars today but what about when they arent playing wc and get beat by 7-8 goals lol
PAFC4eva: If wc look bad imagine losing to them in preseason
bestguykai: What game are you watching MrWalrus
Baldfrog: Walrus your potato is well deserved with statements like that
Baldfrog: PAFC got $2.25 for lions so hope yoiu are still bad
MrWalrus: I’m tipping the Roos to be the big improvers this year, lots of genuine young talent coming good
PAFC4eva: $2.25 juicey $1.80 0n sportsbet
MrWalrus: Then a fair list of quality veterans backing them
BigChief: Hahaha keep those spud comments coming MrWalrus.
LuvIt74: Roo’s eat spuds
Jaypa: you must be a Norf fan, because I don’t know what you mean by “quality veterans”
Baldfrog: Jaypa Walrus is a tigers fan cant u tell
LuvIt74: Looks like wooden spooners will be WCE and North will finish second last….
Raspel31: MrWalrus actually has a point- except it’s not a valid one.
MrWalrus: McDonald, Zibell, Greenwood and Cunnington all more than handy, lose Xerri, Goldy as backup is handy too
Baldfrog: Arn’t most of those guys mid 30’s now?
Baldfrog: Be off to geelong soon
Jaypa: mcdonald hasnt improved since his 3rd year, has been named captain purely because hes still around
Jaypa: ziebell floats around doing 5 tenths of flower all, only a matter of time before clarko sends him packing
MrWalrus: Larkey, Zurhaar, Simpkin and especially LDU all look like they’d be guns in any team
Jaypa: greenwood has fallen off since adelaide, cunnington not the same bull
Jaypa: and as for Goldy, CLarko already sent him packing
MrWalrus: McDonald has been an awesome player for years now, Ziegull does get cheap possi s but he’s hard too
Baldfrog: Cunnington has had a major health scare
KoopK: who names their kid Paul?
MrWalrus: I’m not suggesting top 4 but I can see Roos in that 8th-12th almost but not quite ladder range
Jaypa: funny you should mention theyd be guns in any team, because they will all play elsewhere when they are poached from Norf
Raspel31: You’re a fine chap MrWalrus-but, um, er, no!
MrWalrus: Are you watching? You can’t tell me they don’t look good? Those players I all just mentioned get involved and it’s a goa
MrWalrus: Also this Sheezel kid is something else
Ooost: Goater 😀
navy_blues: b4 you name sheezel a star lets see how he goes next few weeks only rnd 1
Jaypa: theyre playing witches hats Mr Spud
LuvIt74: MrWalrus send me whatever your on mate….
TheLegend6: Navy always been the most pessimistic bloke on this site haha
navy_blues: if freo thump norf next week some1 gonna have egg on their face lol
Malaka: Clarko, best coach ever, Norf for the 2023 flag!
Jaypa: what do you mean next week Navy, I thought this was the grand final
navy_blues: tassie could beat this wc team lol
wadaramus: Ginbey DE killing his SC. 8 tackles helping.
Raspel31: Beginning to believe Norf can go all the way this year.
MrWalrus: Geez Ryan is a freak
Jaypa: slow down there Raspel, the witches hats are coming back
Raspel31: Lol Jaypa.
Jaypa: he’s no Jaidyn Stephenson tho, is he Walrus?
MrWalrus: This is a genuinely entertaining game
zadolinnyj: Crows smashed eagles in last pre season game. Enough said
Raspel31: Still trying to extrapolate your point zado?
TheOnyas: Onya Gaffy
Baldfrog: Tom Cole is only 170-180k in SC maybe one to watch
Baldfrog: Raspel he’s saying Crows would $hit all over Essendon
Raspel31: Thank you Bald- all settled.
Baldfrog: NP glad I could clear that up for u
Raspel31: Meant a great deal Bald.
Baldfrog: Ashcroft another coming up worth watching
Baldfrog: M8 Im always here if u need me
zadolinnyj: Correct Baldfrog lol
Baldfrog: Settled Monty even sheezels mum had a cheez. Cheezel for Sheezelel box
Jaypa: nice that the AFL put this curtain raiser on between two almost football clubs
navy_blues: lol what was that ladder prediction walrus??
Baldfrog: Sorry my lappy’s keyboard spazzing
Ash777: allen and ginbey good chesser bad. wish I got sheeze;
Jaypa: tell you what, you combine the best of these two teams, and you’ve got a formidable side that finishes 10th
LuvIt74: Roo’s looking fantastic and will win the flag… MrWalrus your assessment on Roo’s in the 2nd half?
Baldfrog: I’d have Barrass at the crows
MrWalrus: Are you watching? Its a fairly good game
TheLegend6: LDU 3 votes regardless of outcome here
LuvIt74: @Ash it should be fine, plenty of trades so watch what he does next week and if he scores 60+ bring him in just before r
Baldfrog: Can’t be true but is melbourne getting summer today?
Blaircam: Sheezel killing it is almost making up for having Xerri – almost
Jaypa: LDU will be a great pickup in acouple of years for one of 17 clubs
Ash777: Jaypa you shouldn’t be talking seeing as your team have players leaving every season.
Raspel31: 2nd best game this year- amazing skills.
thommoae: Forecast 36 degrees in Sydney for Giants/Crows tomorrow – anyone know if AFL has heat contingencies?
MrWalrus: Did they say earlier Sheezel got 247SC or something in TAC cup
Baldfrog: dunno for mens game thommoae
BigChief: extra mins 1/4 and 3/4 breaks and water boys can come on at any time @thommoae
Jaypa: thats what happens when your team is made up of 18 midfielders Ash, only so many spots
Baldfrog: Cheers Chief even I didn’t know that
Bulky: Ginbey is a tackling machine.
thommoae: Cheers, Chief – but you gotta wonder how players’ recovery will be after such conditions. A-League shifts time slots.
Baldfrog: thommoae our players have been traing in mid 30’s all summer should be fine
BigChief: Great to see a youngster willing to tackle.
navy_blues: 12 tackles for ginbey
Baldfrog: Shuey ducky ducky
Jaypa: shuey loves a duck
SwaggyP: sheezel is a star already omg
MrWalrus: Classic shuey
m0nty: Quck goes Luke Shuey to draw a free on Tom Powell for a big goal.
Baldfrog: Hey it knocked port out of the finals all good to me
BigChief: Shuey doesn’t actually duck, he just drops to his knees.
Baldfrog: same thing Chief it’s cheating
MrWalrus: How good is this game
BigChief: Yeah I agree Baldy. No free imo.
Jaypa: if you lower your head to get high contact, you deserve the concussion
LuvIt74: Sheezel a ultra premo. 100+ every game this year… lol
Jaypa: Norf Premiers
GJayBee: Monty, love your work.
Ash777: It’s the duck waddle. keep your body low to the ground and waddle around for a high free.
BigChief: AFL need to start engraving the premiership cup now. Roos are home.
wadaramus: Good game, on to the next one, carn the Lions 🙂
travo: Flag-a-Roos
travo: just had to last trade to a rookie not player to get fo sheezels score
frenzy: I like this Jaypa bloke,a spades a spade

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