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Chat log from R1 of 2023: Geelong vs Collingwood

Chat log for Geelong vs Collingwood, R1 of 2023

J.Worrall: Carna Cats!
Baldfrog: Cmon Titch 50 possess for 110 plz
navy_blues: evening all
Baldfrog: Hey Navy
frenzy: chaps
exatekk: hey all 🙂
frenzy: the vest is going to upset the natives
SC_G0D: evening ladies
ReggieOz: Hi all, Good to see Cameron starting ruck
Cottees: Tuohy for Coleman!
navy_blues: who is on tuohy?? lol
Baldfrog: BT wont last the qtr at this rate
Jaypa: ah yes, Zach Tuohy, the small forward
Ash777: oowee Tuohy
Cottees: Mitchell kicking goals? This game doesn’t have forwards
Baldfrog: Titch a solid pick so far
beerent11: Evening. Cracking start. Just realised I have no players in this game in classic.
zadolinnyj: Evening gents
Baldfrog: Beer, Zad
beerent11: Bald
zadolinnyj: Bald
Baldfrog: Let’s hope they are consistent with ducking or it could turn ugly
TimT14: It won’t be consistent, it’ll change after a few rounds
zadolinnyj: They will showing the teams a video on defence at half time I think
Baldfrog: Sadly agree Tim
navy_blues: wait til ginnivan comes back lol
Jaypa: was a pretty clear duck I thought
zadolinnyj: AFL would rather not reward ducking as if sued later for concussion they can show they were trying to protect
ajconodie: Hill wasn’t even caught high even if he did duck.
zadolinnyj: Pendle killing danger
navy_blues: grrr stewart sore
SC_G0D: stewart gone
beerent11: Jezza!
zadolinnyj: Looks like calf to me
Baldfrog: 1 trade to do already lol didn’t take long
bullet08: would love to see how bruhn goes. could be a handy pick up
SC_G0D: glad you not a doc then nackers!
Jaypa: classic, yeo a late out so i get TStew, and he lasts less than a qtr
beerent11: Looks syndasimosisy for Stewart
zadolinnyj: Other replay showed I have no idea
SC_G0D: looks pretty soft, weak as piss if he doesnt get back on
zadolinnyj: Anyone take degoey
Baldfrog: Sc GOD how do u know it’s his knackers?
beerent11: Sc god establishing himself as a hard man
Social: old men getting cranky
beerent11: Reminds me a bit of brazzers
Baldfrog: Sounds a bit like Brazzers Beer
Baldfrog: Snap
beerent11: More than a bit baldman
Grimes Jr: weak stewart
original: grouse. started with stewart as did 33% of players
zadolinnyj: Where is our resident spud this year
Baldfrog: I’m one Original
navy_blues: he is around zado saw him put his team up on fb
zadolinnyj: C Guthrie bet possession unders I?m thinking
beerent11: Good signs for Bruhn owners
original: not a mark
BigChief: Evening all. Good game so far.
Jaypa: esava had just as much as cox did
BRAZZERS: sounds like a good bloke
Jaypa: goog to see the umps practiced centre bounces in the offseason..
ajconodie: Ratugolea starting to get found out here.
beerent11: 11 goal first quarter. Love it
Baldfrog: A bit of biff
navy_blues: didnt take long for tuohy to need new jumper
Jaypa: Tuohy has no clothes left
zadolinnyj: End iof year trip pain for in fines
ajconodie: Nice to see them getting stuck into Henry. There isn’t enough of the roughing up of ex-teammates these days.
BRAZZERS: any news on stewart?
BigChief: Aaand footy is officially back. Love it.
beerent11: Barely noticed naicos and he?s on track for 120
Baldfrog: Testing him at qtr time Brazzers
beerent11: No news yet nackers
bhg26: Onya Tanners
Wahab_18: Bruhny great start
Baldfrog: Spud free Wahab
ajconodie: Subbed out.
Wahab_18: How are we all
Baldfrog: Frees up some cash down back now I suppose
BRAZZERS: kebab! look forward to your insightful contribution to the chat this season mate!
BigChief: Is that official @aj?
Social: alright 2 best defenders down, here’s a challenge
beerent11: Pendles winning the old bugger battle
navy_blues: thats not hawkins kick hw wasnt closest
zadolinnyj: Great kick
beerent11: That is so good by tomahawk
navy_blues: shoulda been rohans
Social: nice to see o’connor getting more of a run at it
Que Cerra: I went Stewart over Doc 🙁
beerent11: Whatever will be will be
BigChief: How could you not take Doc @Que Cerra? You’re even a Blues fan.
navy_blues: sdk gone lol
Cottees: everyone getting injured 😮
navy_blues: not the turf??? lol
Que Cerra: Big regrets chief
Ash777: looks like Rat’s Job security just went up. Shame he’s not scoring well.
Jaypa: ball don’t lie
Social: all class Ollie
zadolinnyj: SDK shot from the grassy knoll
BigChief: Do the Cats have much in reserve to cover Stewart and SDK if they are out for weeks?
Social: might have to swing blitz back there, kolodash and neale are hurt too
Baldfrog: Think Titch has caught the tram back to hawforn
pcaman2003: Evening all. Glad I picked Doc over Stewart now. Usually have Stewy in my side
navy_blues: cox on fire
frenzy: Cox All American
TheLegend6: Hahah Henry that’s hilarious
BigChief: That deserves a Kermit for Henry.
BRAZZERS: ferals up and about lads!
beerent11: Better see a doctor navy
oc16: should have a pie symbol for cox
Social: sausage
Jaypa: Esava looks lost
pcaman2003: Crisp role? He’s awfully quiet.
ajconodie: Stengle syndesmosis
TheLegend6: Geez Daicos scared us all last week, what a player though
BRAZZERS: Jude Bolton very good at stating the obvious
navy_blues: running out of bandaids m0nty lol
bhg26: Thats every boundary commentator brazzes
beerent11: Daicos is ridiculous for a 2nd year player.
Bulky: Best game of the year thus far.
Social: Good call Bulky
Bulky: Call it as I see it Social.
beerent11: Why would they ever move naicos from half back. Sets up everything.
Jaypa: old hands in the back Hawkins
TheLegend6: Be quite a few Stewart to Daicos this week
Social: nice work chucky
pcaman2003: Good straight kicking by the Cats.
beerent11: Bt is starting to sound like Bruce
pcaman2003: beer! Both as bad as each other. Grating at best.
navy_blues: mitchell was just seen in hawthorn baldy lol
pcaman2003: navy. I don’t think we’ll miss him too much. Best days are over I believe.
Cottees: also pca. felt like mitchell didn’t suit under mitchell as coach anyways. so good trade
frenzy: Titchell struggled to get a game at SYD early on
pcaman2003: Absolutely Cottees! We moved him on at the right time in order to further the future of our new young guns.
beerent11: Bit harsh by you hawks, the bloke was all you had for a few years there. Was a pretty bloody good servant.
Cottees: yeah definitely was amazing for us and needed. but new coach, different team
beerent11: Fair enuff
bhg26: Yeah someone needs to get on naicos
TheLegend6: Broken arm oooowww
beerent11: Howe looks gone
pcaman2003: Thought about getting Rat form the Cats but glad I didn’t now.
navy_blues: howe gone
beerent11: Poor bugger
Cottees: I felt that knock ouch
TimT14: Howes arm was snapped
BRAZZERS: boy oh boy, poor bastard
beerent11: Only knows one way.
bhg26: Watched that howe contest again. Flower me
BigChief: Ouch. Howe out for quite a long time. Poor bugger
pcaman2003: A game full of niggles and injuries. Not good so early in the season. No one likes to see seriously injured players
beerent11: You know it?s bad when they won?t show a replay. Remember Nathan browns leg ?
MrWalrus: Hello
beerent11: Give that man a whistle
zadolinnyj: Hey Walrus
otis: Damnnnn
Social: that isnt funny
BigChief: Same as Vossy @beer
beerent11: Yeah shit that was bad too bc
bhg26: Tim Broomhead too
pcaman2003: Danger 8 clangers at 46% DE. My, how things have changed
BRAZZERS: hey spuddy
navy_blues: crisp very quiet
Social: Jason Snell oooh nah
zadolinnyj: Did not see the whistle @beer. Was thinking the same
bhg26: Im sure those pies fans are giving Ollie Henry some words of encouragement
Ash777: Ratugolea working into the game now
Social: hehe bhg they had their tongue down the back of his trousers last season… so funny
beerent11: Nah he had one zad. The bloke with him on the ambo cart was holding it for him.
pcaman2003: Naicos looking for a huge year ahead
Grimes Jr: how do you change password on this website
bhg26: When did collingwood fans become so feral? Thats unlike them
Ash777: so funny
yeah_nah: So feral.
Baldfrog: Just saw a collywobble sup with Teeth
Social: hehe
Nurfed: we prefer passionate, something you lot lack i reckno
zadolinnyj: How is that deliberate
BigChief: That is just your imagination @baldy 🙂
Baldfrog: Thought it was Chief
bhg26: Yeah, okay nurfed
Grimes Jr: going to be nice seeing collingwood start the year off with a loss
The Hawker: Bruhn’s tog is a worry
bhg26: BT’s loving his “Bobby Dazzler” call
Que Cerra: I may have had Stewart in cassic but at least I have Smith in draft
Social: I reckon he did the same at GWS hawker, some work on the tank needed
Jaypa: Hi Jedd
bhg26: BT says collingwood are back when they are still down 5
bhg26: And they were also a finals team last year
beerent11: Wonder if the Macedonian marvel has a SuperCoach team
Gotigres: I had Dawson for weeks then swapped him to Stewart a few days ago. That worked out as well as putting Rat on field.
Fromage: Someone tagging N.Daicos?
beerent11: I did the exact opposite gotigres.
TheLegend6: Bruhn TOG not great
Gotigres: Thanks beer. I feel so much better now
beerent11: Don?t mention it
Social: Bruhn’s not ready for midfield minutes yet
beerent11: Even a broken clock is right twice a day
Gotigres: Mitchell had a quiet 3rd qtr
Baldfrog: Beer your talents are wasted here
bhg26: Another draw?
navy_blues: another draw?
Cottees: bhg. if ya just jinx this. omfg lol
navy_blues: lol bhg u read my mind
bhg26: Gee i wouldnt say straight off to the hospital
Que Cerra: BT must be reading this chat
Baldfrog: Can BT read?
navy_blues: that was a decent 50m
bhg26: Ffs get Howe to the hospital!
Baldfrog: It’ll need to be amputated by the time he gets there
bhg26: lmao baldfrog
zadolinnyj: Bit of gang green Baldy after all this time
bhg26: Its a good spoil when you punch your teammate in the face
bhg26: And get none of the ball
ballbag: 😌 that stengles always makes me hungry for KFC 🤤
pcaman2003: The Daics boys are murdering the pussies.
Baldfrog: Cmon titch ton up m8
TheLegend6: Grind out a 70 Bruhn
beerent11: The cats straight kicking is costing them.
Cottees: Yeah titch looks much better in this role at collingwood
pcaman2003: Titch having a much better 2nd half
Baldfrog: Looks a bit slow to me cotees
Baldfrog: Last qtr anyway pcaman was 67 at 3 qtr time
Gotigres: Every year I say to myself don’t trade after round 1and every year I do trade. Stewart to Naicos probably this year
bhg26: Cant see collingwood losing from here
Baldfrog: Stewart doesn’t look good tigs
Ash777: Stewart looks like he’ll be out a few weeks anyways
navy_blues: young mcinnes been good since he came on
pcaman2003: Baldy. Improved for sure when it counts. bhg26. Hard to see the Pies losing it now. Cats have stopped.
beerent11: Game has changed gotigres. Gotta be aggressive with corrective trades early.
MrWalrus: Stewart trade hardly corrective
pcaman2003: Pendles never fails to impress.. A real champion who never gives in
Grimes Jr: never a legging free kick, McInnes fell over him
Grimes Jr: lol how no deliberate, classic magpie bias
BigChief: That’s not a mark to Cox
pcaman2003: Two fkn great games to start with. Can I say that?
FinlaySON: Was it Grimes before that said he loves seeing collingwood lose rd 1?
MrWalrus: Umps icing this
Baldfrog: Yep it was
Grimes Jr: side bum dropping ball
Social: Good effort pies, we don’t often lose games at home
TheLegend6: Everyone loves seeing collingwood lose any round
Nurfed: probably finlayson, good old collingwood forever boys!!
beerent11: Naicos 91% de
Grimes Jr: u dont normally win the first 3 tho, so glad pies have won
ballbag: no jelwood no cats
MrWalrus: Lol social, fair call
bhg26: Thats all she wrote
BRAZZERS: good to see bruhn sucked a few in
pcaman2003: beer. I hsad him before the start of round and changed him. Doh! Looks like I’ll get him back.
bhg26: Never understood people writing collingwood out of the 8
TheLegend6: Raise the bat Cameron
Jaypa: I think some blokes are underestimating what Geelong lost having TStew go down so early
MrWalrus: Yep, Stewart down really hurt the cats and my SC season.
bhg26: Now all of a sudden cats cant kick staight
Grimes Jr: terrible night, stewart and a pies win
Jaypa: Mine too Walrus, oh well, back on Daicos we jump
thommoae: Bruhn low priced; worth persevering. ‘Sucked in’? What were you expecting?
bhg26: Last year this would have been collingwoods most comfortable win
ballbag: @walrus you want some salt with that spud?
oc16: I was expecting more than 65% tog
Social: I don’t think there’s 86,595 people in Geelong… how is this possible?
beerent11: It?s the 1st round.
BigChief: Jaypa Cats were in front until the start of the last 1/4. Didn’t seem to worry them early not having Stewart.
MrWalrus: I’m good, want some pubes on ya ballbag? Classic childish behaviour from the blues mob already I see
bhg26: And classic childish behaviour between tiges and blues fans
MrWalrus: Losing a player early always hurts though chief
Harambe: Bruhn was moved from on-ball to wing in the 2nd half. Scott tried to fix what wasn’t broken.
Gebs: Terrible call for vulture symbols . Those blokes don’t deserve that
MrWalrus: What are you talking about bhg? Did I miss something?
BRAZZERS: more than a rubbish 58!
BRAZZERS: youre a spud for a reason champ, your opinion is irrelevant

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