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Chat log from R24 of 2023: Carlton vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Carlton vs Western Sydney, R24 of 2023

Fangman: It hurts, but go Carlton!
Fangman: It hurts, but go Carlton!
TimT14: A draw would be hilarious
bhg26: Wtf is Jellys score
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Zac Fisher just turned into a muppet, and not one of the good ones.
navy_blues: wd charlie
clay007: Who is the bald bloke for the blues?
navy_blues: cincotta
clay007: Freshly shaven Navy. He usually has hair. Blues look amazing.
beerent11: Gws won?t go away
navy_blues: gee fisher cant do nothin right
clay007: He has his foot out the door navy. Heading west.
BigChief: If Carlton lose Weitering they lose this game.
navy_blues: commentators going for gws lol
Beast_Mode: mil hanna come out of retirement
navy_blues: losing isnt biggest prob chief injuries are
original: Umpires going for gws too
BigChief: Some very soft frees paid already.
Getup: Chief umpires call already?
Beast_Mode: even umpiring imo
Getup: Would be interesting being a fly on the wall where ever the doggies are watching
runners47: Yes, Big Chief, soft as butter, some of them
original: Embarrassing dive
Beast_Mode: doggies lost to hawks and wce, they dont really deserve finals
runners47: Enough time getting into the game, Newman – time to rack up some points.
beerent11: Of course all the bad decisions are against the blues as well.
Getup: Still beast would be interesting seeing how they are reacting now just saying 🤔
Hazza09: Get involved Hewitt ffs
beerent11: Good luck thommoae if you?re lurking. Hope your boys get in.
Rebuild: Go orange team!
Getup: Same beer and rebuild
navy_blues: think gws deserve it more than woeful dogs
Danstar: whats so interesting? dogs want blues to win…
Doggie Doo: Is it time to cry
Danstar: they do navy./ but i reckon blues more scared to play dogs lol
Danstar: also dont forget. blue were woeful for a good 8 weeks
BigChief: Why is Newman not on Toby? He flogged him earlier this year.
navy_blues: play whoever
Danstar: Was gonna be hard to give blues much need to win afgter curnow scored his 2
Getup: Danstar the obvious mate top 8 on the line would be interesting to see daaahhh
Danstar: theyd be cheering for blues. will get on da beers if gws win
Getup: They might be drinking now danstarse
Danstar: Pretty obvious lol
Getup: Might have just ordered there 1st
Doggie Doo: Gws play Carlton 1st elimination final
Getup: Have faith in the blues doggie doo
Danstar: Carlton will play sydney not gws
BigChief: Doggie if GWS win Blues play Swans
Doggie Doo: Thanks for the mistake.
Beast_Mode: it depends, if they win by 4 or more goals they will go above stk
navy_blues: what you smokin danstar
original: Keefe keeps getting away with that bs
Danstar: Smoking in regards to?
navy_blues: u cant even beat wc come on here saying blues scared to play dogs lol
Danstar: Lol cos Carlton will choke against a team they should beat
navy_blues: lol and dogs didnt choke lmao be realistic
Beast_Mode: no choke will ever top the doggies chokejob against wce, ever
pcaman2003: Thought Briggs would go better than this. .
navy_blues: sub fisher plz
Danstar: Carlton last year was pretty good wasnt it lol
BigChief: Having a mare navy for sure.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Oh Zac Fisher, you’ve done it again.
frenzy: mr magoo – fisher
thesilentl: Not sure why weitering is going near Greene’s eyes…will get looked at
thommoae: Why ‘ a team they should beat’ Danstar? GWS have been really good of late.
Danstar: I?m saying dogs r someone Carlton should easily beat if they played in final
navy_blues: dogs dont deserve finals
thesilentl: Dogs will lose by 10 goals to the blues at the mcg….and I really hate saying anything nice about carlton
Doggie Doo: Dogs don’t deserve finals agree
thommoae: No certainty at this point. Not worth speculating yet.
thommoae: Carlton – are you listening? ‘Dogs don’t deserve Finals’. We are agreed 🙂
BigChief: Carlton wouldn’t want to play Swans week 1 of finals.
thommoae: We’ll be happy to play anyone, first week of Finals.
frenzy: hmm finals, I remember them Lol
Getup: Pretty sure offt this season anyone who makes the 8 can win been tight as a nuns all year
navy_blues: going for 10 in a row andstill ppl saying blues wouldnt want to play this mob or that mob we will play whoever
navy_blues: sure there is sides who dont wantto play us too
Ash777: go the blues
Ash777: sure the blues rather play dogs than giants again
BigChief: Ash Blues won’t play GWS
Danstar: Love blues confidence. Will onlyfans
Danstar: Worse when they lose first final 😛
navy_blues: we might fly wce over to play for us if we play dogs lmao
Danstar: Lol how many finals have you been to in the last 20 years ?
wadaramus: Lift Briggs!!
Ash777: ahh didn’t see that it puts swans into 8th
navy_blues: oh going back in history dan?? how many premierships u guys have?
Hepatitis: blues will lose first week lock
BigChief: How many flags have Dogs won Danstar? Less than my Roys who have not played since 1996.
Danstar: I don?t care about premierships when I wasn?t born or able to even enjoy a win
Danstar: I want to see my team win. Not watch games that weren?t even televised
Hughsy: I do
Danstar: Why bother watching now? Just go watch your old premierships
Beast_Mode: carlton must have give the umpires a few gobbies at half time
thesilentl: Another curnow goal from an umpiring howler, every week without fail
clay007: Red card to danstar! lol
Doggie Doo: GWS have blues measure
PigeonPies: what a kick from daniels
clay007: This is a great game. Who wins, nobody knows. Look at Melb vs Syd
thommoae: Curnow goal maybe a square up for Keefe’s copybook Rugby pass to Cogs?
LuvIt74: Whats the average looking to be this round
LuvIt74: must be quite high
thesilentl: Curnow is getting the prime dusty treatment, umpires struggle to see past how good they are with 50/50 calls
Doggie Doo: Lift Carlton
LuvIt74: Blues are losing on purpose
BigChief: Looks like Blues have put cue in the rack.
beerent11: Callan ward is killing em!
NickyD: I hear a big big sound. No not the Giants. It’s Dogs fans sobbing.
Ash777: never rely on the blues for anything
clay007: Funny Nicky D
Danstar: Only can rely on blues to lose like last year lol
Ash777: no sobbing dogs because they know they bought it on themselves
beerent11: Not over yet
Danstar: It?s ok pies out in straight sets too lol
circle52: I think if calcs right GWS need 3 more goals without blues scoring to get home final. Saints fans twirching.
frenzy: crom would be sobbing
thesilentl: Better than no sets @danstar
Tea_Bagger: Umps clear they want gws in the finals
BigChief: I see GWS beating Saints no matter where it’s played.
Ash777: saints turn to worry
thesilentl: Saints been in good forn though…all finals teams have been except the pies
beerent11: Maybe the blues can get Ben mckay to play instead of Harry. No one would know.
thommoae: Righto, Blues … no sense in risking injuries. Cue in the rack lads?
beerent11: Bullshit tea bagger. Just being out played.
Danstar: True @thesilent
RooBoyStu: Another Carlton choke coming, get on Sydney next, they’ll smash em
Beast_Mode: rooboy shave your head yet mate
navy_blues: just ike norf was gonna beat wc by 30 points lilboystu lmao
navy_blues: we know how that tip turned out
BigChief: McGovern has gifted GWS 4-5 so far. He is a poor kick
Ash777: Blues are not winning a final with that kind of kicking
a1trader: The will miss Acres if he can’t play
Beast_Mode: they beat wce tho
Beast_Mode: percentage now, could get above stk on the ladder
navy_blues: lol review is a joke newman touched it
navy_blues: at least not changing result
naicosfan: touched off the boot there, arc is a joke.
Beast_Mode: shouldnt play mckay in finals, liability
BigChief: AFL get rid of reviews until you get a better system. So many errors
bombrblitz: Haven’t commented here on FF for 3 years but I see RooBoyStu is still a deadset FLOG!
beerent11: That?s worth waiting for bombrblitz
a1trader: Acres gone from 82 to 91 since being subbed out
Beast_Mode: hopefully its another 3 years for his return
frenzy: gws and saints are equal on %
navy_blues: might not be a bad thing if fisher goes
Getup: Aced the tips this week 9 to bad I sucked most of the year 2600 in sc 🙃
soup: flog icon for bombrblitz?
Beast_Mode: 2866 with cogs
Getup: And sucked this year in sc 🙃
Getup: Bull shower beast that’s huuuuge!!!
BigChief: Let go of it Beast. 2866 yeah right.
pcaman2003: 2867 wihout Cogs.
NickyD: LY – Blues lose, Dogs in. TY – Blues lose, Dogs out
Brian00173: 2600 with a donut
Beast_Mode: serious mate, had 8 players 130 plus
clay007: Well done Beasr and PCA. Only got 2560. Thought that was good. Lat GF by 40
pcaman2003: Same here! 8 0ver 130+.. Will be quite a few scores like that
LuvIt74: I’m on 2739 currently
Getup: Had Bryan brian close enough to a donut 3
Getup: Nice beast and pca
Getup: Sorry luvit
LuvIt74: pca great score bloody hell
Getup: Good score as well
pcaman2003: But honestly I’m currently on 2620 and will lose by approx 115
clay007: Martin…great kick
thommoae: Thanks, Monty – been fun!
BigChief: Thanks for another good year m0nty.
pcaman2003: Thanks Monty for another fun year. See ya all. Hopefully back next year.. Stay safe!
Rebuild: Cheers Monty!
m0nty: thanks to everyone, see some of you in finals!
LuvIt74: I had 9 players score 130+
Getup: Thanks monty same pca
wadaramus: Top job m0nty 🙂
runners47: Thanks again M0nty

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