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Chat log from R24 of 2023: Sydney vs Melbourne

Chat log for Sydney vs Melbourne, R24 of 2023

BigChief: Clarke to tag Clarry or Petracca?
nbartos: no Woewodin is there lads? Need to confirm my loop
Cottees: bhg – decided to join and watch you in chat 😉
bhg26: Okay cottees i will behave
bhg26: *try to behave
Raspel31: Goal umps run off their feet.
Beast_Mode: mills on fire!
Manowar: k’mon C. Oliver
pcaman2003: I’m sitting with my popcorn and waiting for bhg to finally explode. Lol!
Raspel31: There’s a great deal of built up pressure there pcaman.
pcaman2003: If Gulden and Briggs score 350 between them, I may win my GF. Chances?
bhg26: Dont know if many say this but gulden is pretty good at footy
beerent11: Shows promise bhg
pcaman2003: bhg. Will certainly look at for next year.
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Raspel31: Quite comfortable with Tracca’s 2 as long as he gets another 128.
pcaman2003: Rasp. Good luck old chum.
soup: captained gulden out of desperation to get that GF win, go big son
Raspel31: Ditto pcaman.
pcaman2003: Good luck soup.Kick alps!
pcaman2003: Rasp. My GF is cooked unless Gulden and Briggs go massive. Opponent current proj is 2737
Raspel31: Wow pcaman- enorme. Bon Chance.
Badgerbadg: What a day for footy
Raspel31: Lloyd and Gulden- yeah- Tracca must hate me.
bhg26: Good advantage
pcaman2003: Tracca would cause me to kick the TV in by now, except opponent has him too.
Badgerbadg: Trac spending too much time in nonnas kitchen
Hazza09: Are you surprised with Trac pcaman?
Raspel31: There is certainly a lot of Tracca to go around.
pcaman2003: Hazza. I thought he’d do better than this rubbish.
bhg26: Trac does this every week
bhg26: We are looking like how we did early in the season, missing easy ones
pcaman2003: bhg. He does? Has an average of 119.
bhg26: I know pcaman, he just goes nuts
pcaman2003: bhg. I’m hoping Errol goes nuts and scores like Superman would.
bhg26: Wouldnt mind that either pcaman
Beast_Mode: mills taking the piss
Raspel31: Happy with Errol to go macadamias but want more than peanuts from Tracca.
navy_blues: how can mills be on 63 CD love him lol
bhg26: Well hes had 23 points this quarter rasp so hes on his way
bhg26: Clarke still thinks hes sub
pcaman2003: navy. CD have a secret clause about bonus and sympathy points. Look it up.
navy_blues: pca was my attempt ar dredd humour lol
bhg26: That Van Rooyen free is so fucking soft
bhg26: Actually nothing in it
pcaman2003: navy. I had an inkling that may be the case.:)
pcaman2003: Okay Errol. No more clangers bud.
bhg26: Skills are poor
beerent11: Couple of average forward lines here
bhg26: Fucks sake kick straight!
penguins00: Keep it up Mills
beerent11: Do they?
circle52: @BHG same kicking coach as Lions yesterday
Dredd: navy just showing how petty he is with his “attempt” how sad can one be
bhg26: When i grow up, i want to be like dredd. Just spread positivity wherever i go and treat everyone with kindness
Dredd: Shade gets thrown at me, I say 1 thing to call it out and im the bad guy.. yep no worries bhg
bhg26: Oh woe is me
pcaman2003: While eating my popcorn, the shit show is! Bring it on!
bhg26: What a kick
bhg26: Dont know if anyone has said it but errol gulden is pretty good at footy
pcaman2003: I wuv you Errol..xx
bhg26: Probably a week for chad. Could be saved since boweys head didnt hit the ground
bhg26: Parkers now done that with both hands this game
bhg26: Chad
RuffLeader: That’s the dodgiest 50 I’ve seen
Hazza09: Thanks Trac for delivering your worst score all year
RuffLeader: In fact, not dodgey, just wrong
soup: ohhhhhh errol
frenzy: no Salem, no demons
bhg26: Melksham stuffed
lana2146: Swans looking very dangerous for finals footy
lana2146: Could be a dark horse
bhg26: Still have the 4th quarter to go lana
lana2146: Last 6 weeks a good indicator bhg26
pluggerpig: weve only played about 5 4th quarters this season
bhg26: That is a ridiculous review
bhg26: Id be surprised if its that many plugger
Celeb13: Where has this been the rest of the season Mills
Hazza09: Mills doing this so we can pick him next year
pcaman2003: And, here comes Trac.
Beast_Mode: salam taking the piss with one kick, play him up forward or in the mid. try something different
navy_blues: goal umps paranoid
Beast_Mode: thats a goal maggots
bhg26: All that and we are only 4 points up
Badgerbadg: Go dees!!
Beast_Mode: swannies making up the numbers, if they wanted a flag shoulda won last year
pluggerpig: smart from swans – cant give up a comfortable lead if you don’t have one
bhg26: Sam Taylor out, Curnow for coleman
BigChief: Navy Taylor out for GWS.
pluggerpig: thats gws season done probably
navy_blues: ok still got to beat gws whoever in /out
pluggerpig: can already hear the “C….. Mills.. 3 votes” and petracca sad face
runners47: Off the pine, Oliver – you have a job to do…
frenzy: votes dont win the big dance plugger
bhg26: Already lost this
pluggerpig: tell us all how to win frenzy – you’d know 😀
Beast_Mode: swannies cooked
pluggerpig: nah swans got this.. wait for it.
pluggerpig: dees need to rest players, nothing to play for
a1trader: only 10 points, Swans will win
Beast_Mode: a1 on the turps
pcaman2003: Errols scoring potential is huge. Just reduce the clangers and improve DE.
navy_blues: need melb win for multi
Beast_Mode: how long should we wait plugger?
a1trader: Melbourne are a chance now
pluggerpig: any minute now
Beast_Mode: gutsy win dees
runners47: That’s better, Oliver – now to the ton and beyond…
pluggerpig: fritsch couldnt be more annoying.. that hair and now this
Manowar: Sydney shit, looks like St Kilda get the first finals bye
bhg26: For fucks sake
Manowar: dud Heeney, choked
pluggerpig: swans will still crush the saints.
Hazza09: He?s gulden butchered it today?
Hazza09: *Has
Beast_Mode: look at the stats and find out
Beast_Mode: 9 clangers at 57% so yes
bhg26: At least i can watch us next week in melbourne
Manowar: and the Loser is Sideney!
wadaramus: The loser is Adelaide.
navy_blues: carlton hanent even played yet manowar and your mouthing off
BigChief: Nothing new from Mouthowar @navy. That all he ever does.
Beast_Mode: channel 7 have already decided gws have no chance! lol
Manowar: my idiot oppo left Mills on the bench lol..cost them the GF win

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