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Chat log from R24 of 2023: Port Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Richmond, R24 of 2023

navy_blues: lol pushed but no call cmon umps
navy_blues: lol muppets
Dredd: Butters plus 6 for a kick? Really..
bhg26: Dont forget the mark dredd
Beast_Mode: navy, baggers have any interest today?
navy_blues: well i want to win but do we prefer gws or dogs dogs or gws ? id
Hazza09: I know Dredd, he?s the new CD lovechild
thommoae: Blimey. A soft 100 there.
thesilentl: I have no idea what constitutes a block anymore
navy_blues: just keep winning thats all we can try to do
navy_blues: we are in 5th regardless
Dredd: Why is Rioli at HF when he?s been HB all year.. against a team that?ll get more I50s.. the logic
Beast_Mode: yep, blues have nothing to play for, gws will be desperate
thesilentl: Might be tough to stay at full throttle @navy vs a team playing an elimination final against you
Raspel31: Win for The Doggies navy- need them for entertainment.
Beast_Mode: blues $1.84. gws $1.96 is interesting
navy_blues: no injuries is my 1st priority
Legix: Banks having a good first game
m0nty: free Willie
Cottees: navy – yeah reckon Carlton go easy for injury reasons. Though I think beating Giants would be smarter as Dogs worse
Dredd: Butters at 28 for doing what? Some cheapie touches at HB? Ffs this is crazy
navy_blues: u advertising m0nty?
Beast_Mode: its his 5th game champ
Raspel31: Free Willie- is this a gay porn site m0nty?
bhg26: Judging by your comments about butters dredd im assuming you are a proud butters owner?
Hazza09: Agree Dredd
Dredd: Nope and oppo went him C.. he?s done absolutely nothing worthy of 28 sc.. come on
thommoae: Lose for the Giants navy – better for the League AND entertainment value.
navy_blues: funny how dogs got in last year when blues lost now they want blues to win lol,
navy_blues: i dont think dogs deserve to be in finals to be honest
bhg26: Pretty standard scoring dredd
Dredd: Standard scoring he reckons.. 5 of his 8 are uncontested, 1 tackle and 2 marks.. worthy of 36? Lol
Dredd: Wow +3 just like that for time passing by?
shagga24: same here Dredd. Opp has him captain. Couple of G’s on the line!
Cottees: Dredd – mate you’re only salting cause op has him C lol
bhg26: Yep
navy_blues: no L for Tom Brown M0nty?
Dredd: It?s GF week Cottees.. 460 ahead with 3 extra played.. of course I am
Hazza09: Dredd butters went from 34 to 37 after giving a free kick away lol
Dredd: The man can do no wrong Hazza.. and now Rioli?s cooked.. falling apart fast
beerent11: So good to see dusty still doing the business.
Beast_Mode: no team in the top 4 is playing well heading into finals
navy_blues: port trying to play “safe” footy
Dredd: We will smash port if they came to the gabba playing like this.. saints were lucky we couldn?t kick yesterday..
navy_blues: port lose this they play coll if melb win
beerent11: As long as you have a big 3 qtr time lead dredd.
shagga24: haha= butters is going up from the pine
navy_blues: omg balta been watching daniher kick
Dredd: Didn?t concern us last week against the pies Beer
Beast_Mode: who ever plays brisbane at the mcg in the finals is bascially having a bye lol
Dredd: Played 2 finals games at the G overall.. 1-1 record. H&A means nothing
bhg26: Not exactly a large sample size dredd
navy_blues: brisbane overall record at mcg since 1987 is 84 games at 19-1-64 lol
Hazza09: Dredd how did Butters go from 41 to 44 without doing anything?
beerent11: Dusty might get 50
Dredd: I meant overall since we?ve been playing finals again Navy.. didn?t realise people still live in the past
navy_blues: ppl live in past Dredd just ask tigers supporters
beerent11: Butters getting robbed by CD.
bhg26: Agreed beer
FoopyTime: i would have thought carlton and esendon supporters live in the past more than tigs
Dredd: I?ve given up Hazza, he?s slowed down which is all that matters
navy_blues: pot stirring beer lol
bhg26: Again dredd this is very standard scoring lol
navy_blues: well foopy bi dont live in the past cos you will never get ahead lol,
circle52: afternoon all
bhg26: gday circle
circle52: Just catching up on all the dribble in here
Nicko006: Sub Rioli already he can hardly run..
circle52: navy Blues are the one team I dread meeting in the finals so hoping they stay on the other side of the draw till GF
Dredd: Agree Nick.. put me out of my misery.. 15 of 22 games over 80 and just needed that here 🙁
navy_blues: circle 1 week at a time not even thinking GF like other blues supporters yet
circle52: Same for Lions wishful thinking on both. We do not have a good record in finals at Gabba as well
navy_blues: least u have 2nd chance carlton lose season over
circle52: will be vary wary should you get past week 1,
Dredd: Think we?ve looked better and prepared better then all other years circle.. have faith
frenzy: carltons finals start today
circle52: Was hard watching at the game yesterday Dredd
circle52: Learnt a new rule if you do not give ball ro umps straight away at ball up it is a 50m penalty
navy_blues: why frenzy?
frenzy: they could lose two weeks in a row to GWS
Dredd: Only thing hard to watch was the goalkiciking.. we smashed the saints otherwise.. expected score was 104-52
navy_blues: they only need to lose once in finals
Beast_Mode: lol dwayne said farted
navy_blues: think it will be collv melb GF myself
Beast_Mode: agreed
Dredd: Dees go out in straight sets.. Blues to make prelim.. Pies Lions GF
circle52: Could you see Pies or Dees beating Lions at the Gabba in the prelim given we have beaten both at the Gabba this year
Dredd: They are just tryna stir the pot circle.. the usual suspects doing their thing
a1trader: If Richmond win this watch Melb lose too. Melb would prefer Pies in Melbourne than Lions in Brisbane
frenzy: Bris cant kick straight, theyll kick themselves
Dredd: 19.10 against the pies the week before? everyone takes 1 game like its the trend or usual HAHAHA.. fickle minds
navy_blues: im worried bout bris frwd line still dont rate them against top defenders think they will struggle
navy_blues: thats only my opinion and i know dredd will dispute this but time will tell
Beast_Mode: dunks not been the same since injury
Dredd: kick 2 100s and a 90 against the best 2 defences in the comp navy.. suggests your wrong
bhg26: Dont you dare say anything negative against the lions navy, no matter how true it is
Dredd: welcome to check yourself.. just the facts
Beast_Mode: butters going crazy this 1/4 lol
circle52: actually Navy I am different worried about our defence as peioe to this week we had leaked 100 points each week
navy_blues: im willing to admit im wrong no probs question is are you?
Dredd: add 2 more 100s against the Pies, 4th best defence.. thats 3 of the 4 best defences, 4 100s and a 90..
Dredd: well provide some facts to someting i say that makes me wrong then navy? smh
navy_blues: as i said only my opinion
Dredd: but your opinion is always anti brisbane so its is actually an opinion? or just hate?
Dredd: is it*
navy_blues: players will be back for all teams so we will see dont get so agro Dredd onl
circle52: On forwrads navy think the 2 talls has benefited us as it brings our crumbers in Cameron, McCarthy, Rayner and co.
navy_blues: only discussing things
circle52: Daniher probably in the best form of his career over the last couple of weeks
navy_blues: true circle
Dredd: ? not even mad hahahha. genuinely asking a question, again based on facts hahaha
thommoae: There’s something you don’t often see – JHF walking away from his own free kick.
bhg26: hahaha Dredd you dont have to take brisbane criticism so seriously hahaha
Cottees: I come back from my walk with my dog and Dredd still sooking about something 😉 lol
Dredd: oml can people not handle facts? incredibly fickle bunch of people that circle around here
Cottees: Sorry Dredd 😉 I love you lol
TheLegend6: Nuffies of Fan Footy
bhg26: Dredd you dont have to be so positive all the time
m0nty: I think it’s great that Brisbane have supporters. <3
navy_blues: Judge Dredd
circle52: You returned me to correct club support m0nty
Beast_Mode: brisbane top four 5 years in a row, but are 3 wins and 6 losses. thats a fact
circle52: Been a Lions supporter for 35 years
Dredd: finsihed 6th last year btw beast.. nice facts
Dredd: sorry “facts”
circle52: I have my opinion on that and still have the same reservations beast but hope for my health am wrong this year
navy_blues: lions are a chance thats a fact lol
Dredd: Tigs were famously 0-3 for 3 years in finals.. look what then happened a couple years later
Cottees: to be fair. any top 8 team is statistically a chance to win. Might be 0.0001% but still a chance
bhg26: Dredd you havent complained about butters in a while
beerent11: m0nty, I?ve never been able to get norf icon against my name. Anything you can do to help mate?
Dredd: whats the point bhg.. his scores are inflated big time, hed get 170 for the numbers Bont put up last night
Beast_Mode: yes but were never top 4 team
Hazza09: How is Butters on 118, what a joke
Beast_Mode: how good is it hazza!
beerent11: We?re going to miss dusty when he?s gone.
Dredd: Its pretty cooked Hazza..
bhg26: Its great owning him beast isnt it?
frenzy: Butters scores like Harry Andrews
Cottees: I hope Butters gets to 200 now lol
beerent11: 22 poss. 10 contested, 7 clearances, 91%de,5 score involvements,. Pretty good game.
Dredd: Yep keep going back down butters.. inflation is over
navy_blues: here is a fact if players score well why dont you have him? instead of crying maybe make better choices lmao
beerent11: 6 score involvements
bhg26: Like you said earlier beer, he should be on more
Dredd: nothing about not having him.. dont think i said anything about not having him.. oppo C is different
frenzy: no room navy, too many brissy men
Beast_Mode: lol big facts
kano: how the fuck is that not holding the ball
Dredd: So Bont has 6 more touches, 8 more tackles, high contested rate, more meters gained and similar in all other areas
Dredd: for only 10 more sc? and you think butters is unders his current score HAHAHA
bhg26: Yes i do dredd
Cottees: Butters going huuuuge lol
beerent11: Play dt
bhg26: More!
pcaman2003: Go Butters, go. You champ!
navy_blues: think dredd is a margarine type of guy
kano: in your mind Dredd, who is best on ?
frenzy: butter bing, butter boom
BigChief: Log in and 1st thing I see is Dredd and Hazza whinging about scoring yet again.
Beast_Mode: butters the goat
Beast_Mode: lmao
Cottees: BigChief – mate they’re been doing it the whole game hahah
bhg26: Knew i shouldnt have taken Bonts 146, thats what you get for being too conservative
pcaman2003: Wasn’t Butters on 48 at half time? Lol! Showing his class 2nd half.
BigChief: Cottees they do it EVERY game.
Cottees: To be fair. Half the chat complains every game haha
Dredd: You no expection Cottees
bhg26: I for one never complain cottees, just dont go over to the swans game
DaicosQB: Bont went at about 60% by foot Butters can hit a target
Cottees: bhg – mate should see me watching a Hawks game. Suprised haven’t broken my TV lol
Dredd: and Navy, your right. this chat does indeed give me margarines..
pcaman2003: Poo! I’m a projected loser today. 2744 to 2604. Bum!
navy_blues: wow im right?? better screenshot this lmao
navy_blues: papley out bhg
BigChief: Papley late out bhg.
bhg26: Yeah i know, didnt think he would get up anyway
bhg26: Plus no point risking him when we already have a spot in the finals

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