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Chat log from R24 of 2023: West Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for West Coast vs Adelaide, R24 of 2023

Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Luke Shuey for a sentimental high contact free in his farewell game, fittingly.
PowerBug: go crom
Nicko006: Soligo injured..?
pcaman2003: It’s called FOOTball Crouchy. Try it sometimes by using your feet.
runners47: Do something, Gaff…anything…
Beast_Mode: lol you taking the piss
clay007: Who are you talking to Beast?
RuffLeader: Jeez no one wants to take Harley Reid do they
mags: North doesn’t have a great record with number 1 picks
mags: Not sure what the Eagles problem is
navy_blues: go eagles
Ash777: Eagles problem is the team cant jell together with constant injuries
Hughsy: In Telly we trust
Gotigres: Wtf Dawson
frenzy: cos Jhf needed his mummy mags
pcaman2003: My goodness! Crouch got another kick. Quick! Break out the champagne. 🙂
Raspel31: Spurs are playing Bournemouth- still watching this dead rubber pcaman?
NickyD: Spurs vs Bournemouth? One could say that’s also a dead rubber
beerent11: Very good end of the season by telly.
TheLegend6: Ange ball
Raspel31: Go Spurs TheLegend.
Beast_Mode: soccer = garbageball

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