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Chat log from R24 of 2023: Geelong vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Geelong vs Western Bulldogs, R24 of 2023

Manowar: Cat should win this one
navy_blues: can dogs win?? undermanned gee at home
beerent11: Cats have their rezzies in. Massive favour for Footscray.
navy_blues: still big doubts on dogs id say
beerent11: If they can?t win this they definitely don?t deserve finals.
Gotigres: Luckily Mullin has come in for Yeo. I will look forward to the 20 odd points.
Raspel31: Only traded in Mullin this week Gotigres. Brilliant work.
Beast_Mode: thats what happens when you butcher your trades i guess
Gotigres: Don’t expect much from him Raspel
navy_blues: think stewart going to have a field day tonight
beerent11: Or a field night
clay007: English is showing everyone that he does not give a flower cos he heading to WA
Raspel31: Mullin jyst enjoing being in Australia.
clay007: Imagine if Stewart had an opponent!
clay007: Imagine if someone responded or acknowledged another persons comment on this forum, it would be awesome
runners47: Get interested in the game, Daniel
clay007: Daniel has struggled in recent weeks Runners
clay007: True to form runners, no response.
RuffLeader: What?s with the attention desperation tonight Clay?
runners47: Yes, clay – usually he leaves any run that he has until the last quarter. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with him in my GF
clay007: The forum has become boring ruff. Lets get chatting
beerent11: Two
clay007: That is a good point runners, this is gf time. I need English to outscore the bont. GF on the line
RuffLeader: Fair enough Clay, it seems as though quite a few have lost interest, probably to many missed out on GF
beerent11: Clay if you think this chat is not meeting your expectations, check out the other game?s chat.
navy_blues: be bori g next week clay with no footy
navy_blues: boring even
clay007: I just saw it beer, 2 people. You are right navy, boring next week.
Getup: Clay go pies
clay007: How is your gf looking ruff?
OffaStep: I second that, Getup.
OffaStep: Collingwood connect 4!
Raspel31: Come on Spurs!
clay007: Great final series looms Getup, but Go Pies!
Getup: Hoping tiges pull one out the bag and beat the powe
Getup: Heading to Melbourne clay from sa should be a cracker who ever we play
clay007: I agree getup
Getup: Where are the dog supporters lift!!
Getup: 1st week of the finals clay mrs goes for carlton so it’s been a while she can support
RuffLeader: Clay gonna be tight, very touch and go, a score of 120 or less for English should help me as opponent has him as C
RuffLeader: I VC’d RoMa which was clutch
clay007: That is funny getup, cos my wife also goes for the blues.
clay007: What is your proj score vs your oppo Ruff?
clay007: Great work ruff. I have english as vc and butters as C. My oppo is projected to beat me by 120
Getup: 🙄 rewind to this time last year clay happy day’s for one of us remember it clearly 😀
clay007: Remind me getup.
Getup: Top 4 someone missed the finals nav
Getup: Top 4 secure navy who missed the 8??
navy_blues: 8 sides
Getup: What’s everyone prij
clay007: Well the blues are in great form, will be interesting to see how they go.
Getup: What’s everyone’s proj this week.? I’m 2600 with bryan playing from hawks got 3 yay
navy_blues: getup lets talk this year how you go against blues?
navy_blues: you guys had the bye last night
Getup: We were playing away white shorts good win away navy
clay007: 2430 in sc Getup
RuffLeader: Clay oppo projected 2524, myself 2444, but that is without RoMa doubled
clay007: Ruff, great call on RoMa, I have him but did not have the courage. Well played, he was huge
navy_blues: wow dogs woke up
clay007: Hill was good last night navy
Getup: Blues in good form navey finals different game hopefully 1st week of finals we both get up or will be a long salty drive
Getup: And ginni
navy_blues: well im happy after that loss to ess which i went to things were looking grim
RuffLeader: Clay, only went RoMa because I forgot to VC Zerrett on Friday night
Getup: Home for me and the mrs and the kids meaning half t
clay007: It works well for you ruff
RuffLeader: So not so much a stroke of genius, more of a space cadet running a SC team haha
Getup: Torture navey 800km trip for no result go dog’s
Getup: Will you be going to the first final clay??
clay007: I hope so. I think it will be Melb
Getup: What’s everyone’s ranking this year sc I’m 30k worst season ever saying that 2nd year’s
navy_blues: u 400ks from melb getup?
Getup: Playing
Getup: Sorry navy 1600km round trip you know whay I meant first 800km excited
RuffLeader: Currently 12k ish Getup, my worst year since 2018
pcaman2003: Keep going VC Bont. And stay low English.
clay007: 9000 getup
navy_blues: wow that a decent drive lol im 4 hours from melb so dont get to many games
clay007: Where do you live navy?
navy_blues: just past horsham west vic
circle52: 16k Getup but will drop further this week with 2 donuts.
clay007: Im Mornington Peninsula Navy, also hard to get to many games
Getup: Nice clay where you located navy?? I’m down south sa 8-9hour drive done it twice this year excited for the finals get up
clay007: Location getup?
Getup: You pies
navy_blues: you would come past my door basically getup lol
Getup: Unfortunate circle in my league ranked 2nd pts finished 8th what the???
Getup: Seaford sa clay
clay007: I think it is great that the blues are in the finals. Crowds will be massive
Getup: Agree clay
clay007: Coastline…awesome getup. Does naicos play forst final?
clay007: first
Getup: Fingers crossed hopefully been very quiet on the news front,yeah bro coastline good spot 👌
Beast_Mode: no
Getup: Happy to have a beer with you navy on the wat over
clay007: Random point Beast
Getup: Way over
navy_blues: u coming for 1st final?
Getup: Yeah mate mrs for Carlton
Getup: You going to the game??
navy_blues: cool completely up to you
navy_blues: only have carlton beers tho lol
beerent11: Geez. Wouldn?t want to have the c on English in a granny.
Getup: Got libba vc beer into butters no granny tho🙄
Beast_Mode: thats hilarious
Getup: If you at the 1st Carlton game finals I’ll buy you 1 navy
beerent11: Got English as I didn?t bother looking at my team all week. No grandma here either.
circle52: VC on bont so hope do not have to look for a captain
navy_blues: depends getup i will talk to my boys they in geelong usually go with them
Doggie Doo: Dogs really can’t beat half a Cats team
rooboypete: Go Geelong… don’t want WBDG to make finals
navy_blues: wont be same game tho getup lol,
beerent11: Got a feeling you?ll be fine circle.
runners47: I’d back you, rooboypete – problem is, Dogs are in my ISFC top 8…
navy_blues: are u going to both games?
Getup: 1beer navy not a night out geez yeah both games mate
Getup: How did you end up beer rankings??
beerent11: Coopers sparkling ale, 1. Cheeky monkey pale ale, 2. Boston brewery squeeze xpa, 3.
Getup: From sa beer??
rooboypete: G’day Marcus. Didn’t know you were watching online.
rooboypete: runners47, Weagles might pinch North’s #1 draft pick
RuffLeader: Rhys Stanley looks like he is actively trying to get Dogs into finals
Zee94: Is bont getting 3 points lads?
RuffLeader: Zee if you meanvotes when you say points, then yes
Zee94: Yeah whoops!
RuffLeader: The way he’s got the footy tonight, he has got 3 points A LOT
Beast_Mode: funny if gws get up lol
runners47: Have been watching when I can most weekends, Pete. Don’t think the Weagles will do it now – Crows ahead
Urbs: Done and dusted for 2023! Until next time…

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