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Chat log from R24 of 2023: Brisbane vs St Kilda

Chat log for Brisbane vs St Kilda, R24 of 2023

Beast_Mode: the umpiring has been a disgrace in this game! lol
navy_blues: lmao daniher what a muppet
bhg26: Amazing start dunks
navy_blues: bris better switch on
Hazza09: Great start Dunkley ffs
soup: not being a marshall owner is brutal
navy_blues: neale on bench?
Dredd: Kicking poorly already hahaha.. here we go
Gotigres: Did Neale realise there is a round 24 this year
Cottees: Dredd – reckon you can win with just kicking behinds? lol
Beast_Mode: glad i dont have neale but for his owners must be frustrating especially lately
Dredd: I think our players might be thinking that Cottees
Dredd: 8 scores to 3 and scores are level hahahahaha
Hughsy: ffs Lift marshall
navy_blues: wow no htb
Beast_Mode: rubbish umpring
Hazza09: Absolute useless Dunkley, great way to lose my GF
clay007: He is tracking 100 Hazza!
thesilentl: I’m calling it now, these umps will come out in lions jersey after ht
navy_blues: mccluggaga quiet
navy_blues: lol silent
clay007: Can’t you hear him Navy? lol
Cottees: one behind at a time Brisbane! lol
clay007: Neale allergic to kicking
navy_blues: if bris lost this could go to 4th then play coll 1st week of finals
thesilentl: At the mcg not sure the pies mind that @navy_blues
Beast_Mode: rather see dees play pies, that will be a belter could go either way
clay007: I would rather pies play port, so we have some sort of home ground advantage
shagga24: steele killing it
Gotigres: I’m sick of the umpires calling ‘stand’
don key: close game!!
clay007: Good observation don! lol
wadaramus: Why the fuck are Dunkley and Neale not doing anything?
wadaramus: Get involved you fucking cheap hacks.
thommoae: Gotigres – not bad rel to NRL; the refs tell the players everything there, except when to cough.
clay007: This forum tonight is pretty boring. Like stagnant water breeding mossies.
Gotigres: Oh, thanks Thommoae
thommoae: Your poetic interlude will no doubt spread a few purifying rays of sparkle, clay.
wadaramus: Jack Steele you’re a disinterested wanker.
wadaramus: Cop that in your poetic grill.
Hazza09: Terrible Dunkley, been an absolute joke
Beast_Mode: mcclugg having a mare
clay007: I hope so Thommo
clay007: Daniher is playing the best footy of his career. Playing with spirit.
Raspel31: Crunched last week- killing it this week. So flow the sands of time. Till next week lads and ladies x
clay007: McCluggage doing well
Raspel31: Year.
clay007: Dunkley on 95, is that bad Hazza?
clay007: Hazza probabaly this Marshall and Neale are an absolute joke.
clay007: **Thinks not this
clay007: The lack of activity on this forum continues.
beerent11: Despite your best efforts clay
clay007: Where is everyone beer?
thommoae: Could be the lack of Sainters fans on the forum; we Giants fans scoff at that.
frenzy: here
beerent11: Beats me clay. Just dropped in for a look.
clay007: Probably right thommo, maybe lack of lions supporters also. Cmon Pies
beerent11: I?m out of all league finals so have a waning interest.
pcaman2003: Someone teach Fletcher to tackle. Laid 3 tackles last 6 rounds.
pluggerpig: ive legitimately never met a GWS fan in real life.. have met at least 3 sainters..
RuffLeader: Haven’t seen a Lions nor Saints fan all game
Gotigres: I’m lurking in the shadows clay
thommoae: Do you live in Qld, plugger?
pluggerpig: im only here for the swans home final chance
Beast_Mode: dunks one more possie pls
Manowar: Lions, Lyon who really cares?
navy_blues: swans shouldnt even have a home final chance plugger
clay007: I applaud you all for getting on. Well done.
pluggerpig: WA here
beerent11: Also, what the fuck are norf doing winning the last game of the season? What?s wrong with pick one?
pluggerpig: confident swans wouldve replied in the last 73 seconds navy 😉
navy_blues: lol no one will ever know unfortunately
Beast_Mode: who cares beer, only 3 1 picks have won a premiership anyway
thommoae: GWS is Greater Western not GI-NORMOUS Western, plugger. No wonder you’ve never met one!
navy_blues: plus no guarantee #1 pick wont do a JHF always play for the win

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