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Chat log from R24 of 2023: Hawthorn vs Fremantle

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Fremantle, R24 of 2023

soup: mag on serong or brayshaw?
bhg26: Ryan soup
Cottees: mag went to Ryan I believe
soup: wow didnt think that would actually happen, as long as he stays away from shlong ill be happy
soup: also go well vc sicily
navy_blues: ok hawks dont let me down
Hazza09: What?s Brayshaw doing
navy_blues: whar a miss
bhg26: Not much hazza
bhg26: Finn going to have to go to serong soon, hes killing them
Dredd: Serong trying to get himself tagged.. slow down a little
navy_blues: tag serong now otherwise might be to late
Rebuild: Maginness with donuts. Clearly doesn’t want the ball!
soup: feel free to stay on ryan mr clamp
bhg26: On serong now
bhg26: Ryan immediately get 2 marks and 2 kicks, beautiful
Dredd: Sam Mitchell.. grand final killer for a second year straight, Serong copping the tag now.. ffs
navy_blues: logical move
Tea_Bagger: No idea how Sicily is scoring? Iv seen 5 clangers
Beast_Mode: oppo got the vc on sicdog, damn I shoulda done the same
soup: i have vc on sicdog and im still holding my breath, can get shut down easily
Tea_Bagger: He will go 150+ today fellas
bhg26: Will day can you do us a favour and exist
soup: get on brayshaw next half maginness you cornflake
Tea_Bagger: Pretty sure CD dishes out all off hawthorn defenders scores to sic! Good VC option
soup: sounds like you should have picked him then teabagger
Dredd: I agree soup
Tea_Bagger: I also agree soup! Hopefully CD is consistent with sic in 2024
Beast_Mode: sic has had 8 intercept possessions, ppl just need to vent and sook
Beast_Mode: 2 intercept contested marks which are 8 points each
Tea_Bagger: He has had 5 clangers 2 which resulted in goals that?s -10
Beast_Mode: no he hasn’t its 4 clangers
Dredd: The ride was nice while it last Wagner.. too bad you couldnt go for one more solid score
Hazza09: Nice 4 point qtr Brayshaw
soup: hok fans asking for deliberate from a spoil… never change
soup: why the fuck is sicily in the forward pocket.. sam mitchell you amaze me
navy_blues: hawks back to normal form by the looks
Cottees: navy – we’re so consistent aren’t we lol
DANGERous: lift Luke Ryan
soup: 25 points in the second half sicily… half expected it but still painful
Dredd: Huge stuff Serong..
navy_blues: been playing great cottees and even backed hawks to win
soup: take sic 130 or roll the dice with libba bont or english tonight
lana2146: Thanks Serong and Brayshaw

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