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Chat log from R24 of 2023: North Melbourne vs Gold Coast

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Gold Coast, R24 of 2023

navy_blues: hi all
bhg26: Stupid sexy flanders i love you
Manowar: North tanking now!
navy_blues: norf keeping draft pick #! lol
Beast_Mode: norf have 2 wins, they not good enough ti have a choice to tank or not
sheezel420: harsh but fair beast lmao
Beast_Mode: lol
JohnHoward: slow down boys, lets keep a safe 14 point gap at all times please
navy_blues: lmao norf supporters wanting tank haha u should be going for the win or stay in the sheds
navy_blues: go norf i will cheer 4 ya
Hughsy: I figured I?d go for a roughy and put Anderson as Vc? very nice
soup: do it to his face simpkin ya gronk
navy_blues: go norf
Beast_Mode: wce: we’ll give norf the 1 pick, norf: hold my beer
TheFlagger: move larkey to full back
navy_blues: dimma says 80% of premiership team already at suns lmao yeah right the other 20% better be good
Manowar: Back to West Coast Harley…lol
Manowar: North are so shit they can not even tank properly!!!!
frenzy: nothing like Carltank anyhow
navy_blues: go norf keep going
Bwad: What are North doing? It’s literally 1 game, nobody will remember the 4 points by next month LOL
Dredd: You know your bad when you have Aidan Corr kick a goal against you.. lots of work for Dimma to do
navy_blues: breaking a 20 game losi g streak is fairly important too
navy_blues: dimma is thinking “omg what have i got myself in for” about now lmao
soup: is gold coast ever gonna be anything?
Beast_Mode: not really, tigers were so much worse and won 3 flags nackers
Dredd: Larkey has to make AA doesnt he? He’d be winning colemens at a top 4 club
DukeNewc: Thomas an amazing late season pickup, loved the scores as of late.
Dredd: 100% Duke, hes been very handy admist the chaos of premos going down like dominos
Dredd: Taz with 10 clearances and 8 tackles.. big stuff
lana2146: Agreed TT has got me to a GF and its looking good soo far
soup: needed sheezel and flanders for 30 and they both get 29
soup: you cant make this up
navy_blues: wd norf
bhg26: Anyone else tip norf?
Dredd: Good on North
FoopyTime: the most norf thing to do is win the game they never should have tried to win
Beast_Mode: congrats to sheez on the rs award
Raspel31: Indeed Beast- well deserved.
Beast_Mode: essendon have been tanking for 20 years then
FoopyTime: flag up cunt
FoopyTime: but yes we have been tanking for 20 yrs
Beast_Mode: lol truth hurts fruitloop
FoopyTime: naaa still love foopy even if we arnt at the top

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