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Chat log from EF of 2023: Essendon vs Collingwood

Chat log for Essendon vs Collingwood, EF of 2023

navy_blues: wow collingwood even get the bye this week too
Dondeal: navy_blues: I’m here all week. Try the veal!
navy_blues: lol well after last week…
pluggerpig: if bombers win by 200 and gws lose by 200 they might scrape into the finals
original: tipa is set to play 75% game time lol
navy_blues: to unfit for 75% prob 30%
Beast_Mode: ginni has his nose in everything tonight!
DrSeuss: SCGod with the C on Ginnivan tonight?
bhg26: Exhilarating start DCam
OffaStep: DCam? Didn’t realise he was playing tonight…
soup: ginnivan is like bobby hill if bobby hill was actually a good small forward
frenzy: 70 points not enough, damn
pluggerpig: hate to say it but i think essendon needs more drugs.
Ash777: rutten > b scott
TheLegend6: Bombers needing to win the next 3 quarters by 240 points
navy_blues: well hope rest of weekend isnt ike this
Hazza09: I looped Dcam with Maric, that?s how bad he is
Beast_Mode: adam simpson > beveridge
navy_blues: haha beast was gonna say same
frenzy: Lol beast
OffaStep: I don’t understand the form slump, Hazza. Is a strong contested mark and works hard around the ground when he’s up.
thommoae: Homer Simpson > Adam Simpson
navy_blues: at least ess just beat wc
soup: me too hazza, thought i was being paranoid but could save my final if he keeps this up
runners47: Redman should be racking up more points, considering how often the ball is coming his direction
biggerz: Where are the cones?
beerent11: Cones compete better than this biggerz
Beast_Mode: dcam will come good imo, a lot of bench time there
circle52: another dud Friday Night game.
circle52: and typical of my SC changed VC from Merrett to Marshall 2 mins before bounce.
DrSeuss: DCam and Cox don’t work that well together unless Cox has a big night forward. DCam not doing much around the ground
soup: marshall still very safe circle
OffaStep: They have shared duties (weighted to DCam) and seen him play well. His marking is the major surprise to me.
DrSeuss: Agree Offastep – they can share duties well when DCam gets major rucking and Cox is taking marks up forward.
DrSeuss: Seems like Cox and DCam both have lost their marking mojo recently
beerent11: Ricoh is quickly becoming captain obvious
DukeNewc: m0nty has a soft spot for tippa, no burger icon but a loveheart instead?
beerent11: *richo
Beast_Mode: dcam averages 98.8 in games played with Cox which is better than his overall average. I rest my case.
DukeNewc: Nevermind, icons are gone
DrSeuss: How about recently Beast?
navy_blues: htb elliot
DrSeuss: How is that not holding the ball?
Beast_Mode: he averages 79 in last 3 games, but collingwood have sucked as a team since then anyway.
original: thats terrible umpire
original: top team gets favourable calls. well known phenomenon
Beast_Mode: cox and dcam have played 15 games together thats a better sample size
navy_blues: omg what a flogging
Hazza09: Is Dcam concussed?
DrSeuss: Head hit the ground in a tackle Hazza – looks ok but will see what the Doc says
OffaStep: Agree he’ll come good and they can work well Beast. His form seems unrelated to team slump. Correlation isn’t causation
soup: dcam on the never again list
original: please. dcam will be a lock if ruck/fwd next yr
Hazza09: Agree Soup add him to the list
DukeNewc: Has been a weird year soup, inconsistent players and only very few certain locks.
DukeNewc: Even someone like Taranto has been abysmal of late, streak of under 100s
DANGERous: whenever ur ready D.Cam
duckky: Not to belittle the good cause, but by the angle of the sash belt, the players are all passengers.
duckky: They are sure acting that way
navy_blues: lol ginni
Beast_Mode: ginni with white line fever there
Tea_Bagger: Good to see a few of the Collingwood ressies talking trash
Beast_Mode: dcam must be out for the game
Beast_Mode: oh he’s back on never mind
soup: lucky i chucked the vc on ginni
navy_blues: blut best game ive seen ginni play
Hazza09: Anyone VC Merrett
thesilentl: At the ground, pies have just shut up shop, zero run at all
soup: might put maric on field instead of looping dcam
Beast_Mode: redman deserves to be in the hall of fame just for that tackle
Dondeal: Never seen a player with more natural flog about him than Ginnivan
EvilMonk: lmao did Ginni really just get a free?
Hazza09: Thinking the same Soup, is it a risk?
soup: dont you have jake stringer in your team dondeal?
beerent11: Yawn
pluggerpig: this game sucks.
soup: if he stays sub 50 im gonna risk it hazza, im projected to lose in both finals so will need every point i can get
Dondeal: I see your Stringer Soup and raise you Dangerfield
Hazza09: Maric good for 50 Soup
soup: fair enough dondeal, bloke drinks his own bathwater
navy_blues: ginni held onto cox lol
soup: seagull icon well deserved for merrett
pcaman2003: Merrett very low on CP’s. Playing safe footy these days?
Dondeal: They want him on outside pcaman. It’s fairly basic footy. Good kicks on the outside
original: cmon setterfield
navy_blues: no fgood being on the outside if cant win it on the inside
Beast_Mode: howe looks like a flog with that sleeve
Hazza09: Dcam goal @Soup on 58, still risking Maric?
soup: Yeah that complicates it. I don’t see Maric outscoring that so I’ll just take the 58 and run
Manowar: Druggies have ended their season on a high!
frenzy: 70 points in the hole, Lol
Dondeal: Sure Navy, that’s why Cripps only plays on the outside….

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