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Chat log from R23 of 2023: Fremantle vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Fremantle vs Port Adelaide, R23 of 2023

PAFC4eva: Okay pear lets build some momentum
Dredd: No Longmuir.. tag Butters ffs. why Rozee??
Dredd: And then Serong being tagged over Brayshaw.. hahaha what a laugh. I have Rozee and Serong, oppo has Butters and Brayshaw
PAFC4eva: Serong and rozee will do well dredd have them both
Gotigres: I only need 350 from Ryan and Houston. I know you can do it lads.
PAFC4eva: Is there a fire sale on rucks at end of season 🙁
soup: ken hinkley needs his contract terminated for having serong tagged over brayshaw
soup: and rozee tagged over butters hahaha what a joke
Dredd: Wagner on fire.. handy replacement for Daicos
PAFC4eva: Geez this butters kid is pretty good
Dredd: 12 touches with 40 sc.. the former Borough man delivering big time
beerent11: Pavlich being very critical of Liam Henry. Doing the right thing by his old club.
soup: he goes alright doesnt he PAFC, i reckon you should give him to us for ratagolea
pcaman2003: Butters and Ryan helping to put me in the GF next week.
PAFC4eva: I think we would proberly throw in a draft o
PAFC4eva: might even throw a draft pick in soup
frenzy: *proberlee
wadaramus: Problee.
clay007: properly
frenzy: wheres spell_check god when ur need him
exatekk: prolly
beerent11: Gee willie?s a good player
pcaman2003: beer. You missing Moore’s score creeping up nicely for you.?
beerent11: Just saw pca. Good to see
Dredd: Tag Butters now Longmuir..
wadaramus: Well, isn’t this a great game of footy.
pcaman2003: GF here I come. Got in with room to spare.
PAFC4eva: Yes it is wada nearly as good as last nights
beerent11: Baby Dangerfield
wadaramus: Timmy G is hoarse on 5AA, struggling to stay interested with this one PAFC!
wadaramus: Swear filter ruined my effort at stating Timmy G is having trouble talking.
PAFC4eva: Cant stand timmy that chin is something else and a flog
wadaramus: You can’t stand Timmy G, PAFC legend??
wadaramus: He is Port Adelaide royalty mate!!
PAFC4eva: great player but tried hitting on wife at club flog
wadaramus: OK, your word is good enough for me mate.
clay007: Who are you guys talking about?
wadaramus: Tim Ginever, local sport and radio identity.
pcaman2003: clay. Timmy G. You know? lol
clay007: Who is Timmy G?
clay007: Thanks Wada…never heard of him.
PAFC4eva: and womaniser
soup: better second half please shlong
clay007: Drew now tagging Brayshaw. That is disappointing.
wadaramus: OK, what’s a good half time topic, last nights umpiring ineptitude?
PAFC4eva: Ripped off wada but had plenty of chances
wadaramus: 1. The goal umpire failed to call for review.
wadaramus: 2. THe 4 field umpires failed to call for a review.
wadaramus: 3. The Review Board failed to call the play back.
wadaramus: Massive catastrophic total process failure.
wadaramus: Yes PAFC, their poor goal kicking has pissed me off all year.
bhg26: Yeah you don?t need to tell us wada pretty sure we unanimously agree it was a fuck up
circle52: Wada just a query inder rules are field umpires allowed to over rule goal umps.
beerent11: Righto. I need 462 points from rozee, Rioli, serong and Henry to win a draft gf.
wadaramus: AFL says, we’re sorry, let’s move on.
circle52: Thought I read in the discussion field umps could not call for the review,
wadaramus: Sue the fucking AFL, they failed in their duty to follow process.
beerent11: Got yours sewn up yet bhg?
wadaramus: Surely the filed umpire can come to the goal umpire and say, hey that was close, should we review it?
circle52: We have all been on the receiving end of dubious calls Wada and even though AFL admit nothing can be done.
Gotigres: Great half Houston. My season is finishing the way it started. Crap.
bhg26: Currently 180 points up beer so would like to think so
Hazza09: Tag Butters FFS
wadaramus: Dubious yes, blatantly wrong, well that’s why there is a massive stink on.
thommoae: Wada, GWS stiffed by that ‘dissent’ call against Cogs v Blues. Such a call has never been made since. Meh.
wadaramus: The dissent rule was completely subjective, this was completely clear cut.
thommoae: Granted – but a significant ‘common sense’ component in both?
wadaramus: Yes mate, I agree, common sense would have helped both situations!
wadaramus: Brayshaw you hack!!
circle52: May be controversial but to me seems all these dubious calls seem to go against inetrstate teams.
Hazza09: Ffs Ryan back on the bench
thommoae: As in ‘not Vics’, Circle?
beerent11: Haha, even mid conversation wada still gets in a Brayshaw you hack!
wadaramus: He deserved it beer, got to kick straight!
NewFreoFan: Shambles this game. Good intensity but skills all over the shop
NewFreoFan: Also, lift Brayshaw you hack
pcaman2003: I need Wagner to save himself for next .
wadaramus: Serong you fucking hack!
wadaramus: Kick straight win games!
beerent11: This is the sort of game where the players might not get to 3300 points.
navy_blues: cant half tell who lyon is going for
BRAZZERS: serong getting reamed by CD
Hazza09: Why the flower would you put Ryan at FF
bhg26: Think I?ve won the FF draft granny
beerent11: Congrats bhg.
NewFreoFan: So he can experience what it’s like to have a sack kicked inside 50 on his head Hazza
beerent11: The inaugural premiership
bhg26: All my players stood up when it mattered most beer, think this is my highest score of the season with 1700 and counting
pcaman2003: Good onya bhg. Well played sir.
frenzy: and over 1700 scored, well done bhg26
BRAZZERS: who’s bog?
beerent11: CD don?t lie brazzers
frenzy: thanks beer, can’t wait for next season
beerent11: No worries
bhg26: Cheers lads
beerent11: Will run a couple of leagues next year if we can fill them
dezlav: Surely it all over for Jaeger. Poor fella
bhg26: 2686 in classic too damn
pcaman2003: dezlav. He’s done well to play as much as he has with his knee history..
Getup: I’m keen beer
beerent11: Details in the preseason game chats getup

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